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Escape From Slavelandia

Special Guest Gerald Celente – American trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal.

I am still in the trend business of course.

  • Fiscal Year 2019 $960 billion

Gerald Celente website: Trends Journal The Gold Bull Run

Follow Gerald on YouTube here:

  • It’s one big club, and you’re not in it.
  • Slavelandia
  • 3 people in America – Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and George Soros they own this country.
  • I’ve been doing this for 40 years, the older I get the less tolerance I have.
  • I’m as old as Trump, I’ve been here for 72 years, I call it as I see it not how I want it to be.
  • How about South Africa?
  • Go around the world there is one disastrous set of freaks and fools running a country near you.
  • QUESTION: Boeing – can Boeing survive this new information that has come out.
  • I think they will get through this b/c they have no competition.
  • Silver always follows Gold – I believe it is going on the upswing. Silver is used in manufacturing too so keep that in mind. I don’t think it will sparkle like Gold but it will move up.
  • GOLD FORECAST – Gold had to move above 13.85/oz So there is a line that we have to look at. There are levels.
  • They don’t want a Gold Standard b/c then they will have a “Standard”. Right now their standard is to print money out of thin air and act like nothing is wrong.
  • Small Business – This is one thing China actually has going for it. Small businesses are keeping them afloat. We don’t have that entrepreneur spirit anymore.
  • I’m a Political Atheist – I don’t believe in this system at all.
  • President Trump – do away with NAFTA, go back to the old system.
  • We were taught to “hate those Commies”. We were taught to hide under our desks. Then all the sudden it became okay to do business w/ the biggest Communist country in the world….CHINA.
  • A self-sustaining economy – when we made things, we were making the middle class.
  • The Government took over the population and said you can only have ONE child. The manufacturing companies have moved from China already.
  • Condoleezza Rice – the ex-mushroom cloud
  • Good and Bad comes with all of these politicians.
  • We are a Country that has lost our will to fight. We don’t protest anymore. The protest that do happen are done by sissies that don’t really know why they are in the streets.
  • Bring the Troops home, put them to work rebuilding our rotted 3rd world infrastructure, give them skills in a trade. Lastly – Congress hasn’t declared a war. Congress should vote to go to war or get out of Congress. Also you can put these highly trained troops on the border. Get them out there patrolling that wall and see how many people attempt to cross illegally.
  • Slavelandia – Slave New World
  • We are workers on a Multi-National Plantation!
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