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Even Federalism Is Bigger In Texas-Dwayne Stovall Talks About the Border

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Mandeville, LA – Does Texas have the Constitution, as originally ratified, on their side if they choose to police their own border? Choose to admit or remove “alien friends” as THEY see fit? Is there a Federalism awakening in Texas being led by gentlemen like Dwayne Stovall and his “Keep Texas Free” coalition.

Exclusive Transcript – Let’s talk to our old buddy, former candidate for the United States Senate, Dwayne Stovall, who is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Dwayne, Sir Stovall, how are you, brother?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Mike:  Let’s talk to our old buddy, former candidate for the United States Senate, Dwayne Stovall, who is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  Dwayne, Sir Stovall, how are you, brother?

Dwayne Stovall:  Good morning, King Dude.  You have your token Texan on the line.

Mike:  Let’s just set this straight here.  You are not a token Texan.  You’re a tremendous token Texan.

Stovall:  I’m guilty of that.

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Mike:  What is this group that you are heading up now, Free Texas First, Texas Freedom?  What’s it called?

Stovall:  It’s Keep Texas Free Initiative.  It’s not a non-profit.  I don’t play those games with the IRS.  I think it’s all baloney.  This is Keep Texas Free LLC.  We’re traveling the state smacking people over the head with incorporation and some things that have to do with what we learned during the campaign in the U.S. Senate race last year, about how money is raised and the basic premise for beltway politics at the federal level, which is making money.  It really doesn’t have anything to do with anything.  This border issue, I’m listening to you and Eric talking.  The idea that we can’t afford to send 100,000 people home in chartered planes versus what it costs Texas in the number of about $8 billion a year to deal with illegal aliens is kind of a false narrative.  It costs us so much less just to pick them up and take them home than it does to keep them here.  There’s no comparison.

Mike:  When I was explaining that the federal charter, the Constitution, did not confer upon the imperial congress the right to tell any state whom they may or may not admit as an alien friend, that makes perfect sense to you, doesn’t it?

Stovall:  Yes.  According to the founding documents and the founding meaning, yes.

Mike:  Of course, today we’re at loggerheads with that.  The exact opposite is what is thought to be correct.  That is basically by an apathy that has settled in, and as Kevin Gutzman likes to say, by inertia.  No one wants to now take the initiative to reverse the process.  We’re operating under a bit of an existential threat, as Texas is, don’t you think?

Stovall:  Yesterday you got into the subject matter of impeachment and what is actually required of the impeachment process.  It’s not necessarily breaking a law or stealing a pencil at the office, it’s your representation of the people and your performance of your duties of that elected office.  I would put forth, and this is totally politically incorrect, but I would put forth the entire Congress was derelict in duty when they passed a legislation saying we were going to deal with this, that we were going to basically accept and take all comers, and if you were under a specific age, you were going to get special treatment with no, I hate to say it, with no support of the states and with no one in the states even realizing this has been going on.  This has been going on for a decade.  This has been orchestrated.  To say it’s not is, you know.

Mike:  What he’s talking about is there was an act in 2000 signed by President Clinton.  Then there was a reauthorization or interpretation of the act that was passed by the Pelosi Congress and then signed by President Bush, who had actually been pushing for it.  As I said yesterday, if you were trying to design a law where the first wave of invasion were juveniles from countries that were composed of alien friends that we were not at war with but needed to somehow gain a foothold into the United States, then the 2008 act would be it.  It has magnificently executed its job, has it not?

Stovall:  Absolutely.  It’s all intrinsic to each other.  The arguments for amnesty and “reform,” that’s all — to me, anything you do to justify leaving illegally-entried persons in the states, anything you justify that with, you have given de facto amnesty with voting rights.  If your child, due to that 1982 abomination with Plyler v. Doe, the Supreme Court saying: Oh, no, if you’re dropped here, you can vote here, regardless of where your parents came from.  That birthright citizenship has destroyed the republic, too.  But the idea is, if you say: You’re here and we’re going to take care of you now and it’s all good.  Your children are not versed in a republic.  They’re not versed in republicanism, federalism, liberty.  They don’t understand how to keep it.  They’re going to vote according to mother and father.  You can say they don’t get to vote.  Yeah, well, their kids do.  Guess what?  Their kids will know even less than our kids do about federalism.

Mike:  That’s not a lot, brother.

Stovall:  Exactly.  There’s a study, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it before.  It was called the Unaccompanied Alien Children Project.  Have you ever seen that?

Mike:  I’ve seen a synopsis of it or a summary.

Stovall:  The idea that they’ve been studying this scenario for years and planning for it, that should upset everybody.  This has been very well thought out.  I think we’re just seeing the results of a domino effect that started a decade ago.  It’s just finally taken root around Guatemala, Honduras, and these other countries that are saying: Yeah, it really does work.  Just go.

Mike:  All you gotta do is go.  Just show up.  Before we run out of time, I have two more questions for you.  First is just to put a coda on this discussion.  As you travel around the state, does the argument that I presented, that this is a Texas problem to deal with, make sense to Texans?  If so, what do they propose to do about it?  The second question is, the next hour of the show Kevin Gutzman will be on the program with us with Alice Linahan.  There is to be testimony on 18 July this year somewhere in Austin about the introduction of these new history standards.

Stovall:  Yes, I’ll be there.

Mike:  Great.  You can start the ball rolling.  Answer my first question and then let’s talk about the Common Core hearing. [/private]

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Stovall:  Goodness.  I’m going specifically because Alice is going.  It’s on Friday.  She hasn’t given me the details exactly where the location is, but I’m going to be there.  You also know I sit on a school board on one of the school districts here in Texas.  We’re dealing with everything from curriculum that has to do with absolutely the most ludicrous way to teach math you could possibly think of at the earliest levels, math that doesn’t even include math facts.  It doesn’t teach kids math facts.  It’s amazing.  All the way through to the history aspects, which I think Alice is getting into Friday.  That’s why Kevin is going to be involved in that.

That’s all back to this nationalization that you and I talk about all the time.  That’s what Keep Texas Free is.  I’m in Flower Mound, Texas tonight.  If anybody is around the Dallas area, they can be there at 6:00.  Google it and you’ll find it.  I’ll be in Bryan and College Station on Thursday.  What I’m doing and what I’ve heard all over the state has a lot to do with what you said yesterday.  It’s how to get the ball rolling to establish it’s the state’s right.  You have to get the ball rolling by having your legislature meet.  They have to establish the groundwork.  Right now we’re doing nothing.  We’re walking around — Rick Perry is doing whatever he can do to get a photo op and say the right thing and sign this petition and all that kind of stuff.  You have to meet.  You have to initiate an act.  You have to say: We are under invasion.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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