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Firearms Freedom Acts Ring Second Amendment Defense In States

Get your signed-numbered copy of Mike Church's newest feature "Spirit of '76-Story continues"
Get your signed-numbered copy of Mike Church’s newest feature “Spirit of ’76-Story continues”

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of reaction & coverage of Firearms Freedom Acts defending Second Amendment in KS & LA and other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Gage had found the target for his next mission and a satisfactory way of getting there. It would be Concord by the LExington Road. Now his intelligence efforts began to center on the town itself. He had secret agents there, Loyalists who had never been identified…” – David Hackett Fisher, Paul Revere’s Ride

Tom Woods reminds us that “not everyone welcomes non-intervention” after his trek to speak with the Iowa Republican Party

Louisiana pass “Firearms Freedom Act” that will bring the number of similar acts to either 8 or 9  but it will not matter unless the Bayou State is willing to stand up to the Federal Leviathan and defy their threats of funds withheld and federal judges edicts enforced…

Meanwhile KS Governor Brownback signs their similar act into law

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It would be very ENCOURAGING if these acts were to carry out the responsibilities of the States as the 2nd Amendment ACTUALLY was designed to support

Andy McCarthy tries to explain the timeline of how CNN et al (Latin for “and the others) could have so fantastically blown the “arrest” of the Boston Marathon perps yesterday has a list of 21 things you never knew about U.S. Presidents and uses for # 13!

SHAME: The Bush/Cheney Torture regime is now not just an accusation but the result of a years longs study on the subject 

VIDEO: Jackie Robinson explains WHY he would not be supporting Barry Goldwater in 1962 election

…and What Rand Paul might be able to learn from the entire episode

Do good people really outnumber the bad and even if they do does that give a license to every dubious ramble from the “not bad”  to be taken seriously because the author is “good”?

Mark Sanford adds “serial trespasser” to his resume of non-violent, non-crimes or should this story be filed under “This is what happens when MARRIAGE is nothing more than a contract that divides property”?

Why are REPUBLICANS leading the effort to expand the Surveillance State by promoting this CISPA bill!?

SSM crowd dances in rainbow colored endzone and prepares to assault its next barrier to “sexual freedom” – polygamy – then it will be onto polyamory and then… also note the gay males ADMISSION that promiscuity is part of their “culture” as I had alerted you to with the audio from Masha Gessen and now this… “But “why only two?” isn’t a ridiculous question. It’s easy enough to show that gay marriage does not empirically lead to pressure to legalise polygamy; that hasn’t happened anywhere that gay marriage is legal. But this is different from explaining why opening up the boundaries of the 20th-century understanding of marriage shouldn’t raise the possibility of legalising polygamy.”

Mirabile dictu! (speak of miracles) Ron Paul launches his “Institute for Peace & Prosperity” which is covered by the NRO and in a respectful, non-dismissive manner!?  Maybe [r]epublicans really ARE winning the intellectual battles after all!?

Libtard Media try to fan the flames of discontent (gotta sell one more story!) between Ron & Rand Paul over their alleged “split” on foreign policy

VIDEO: Dear Leader wags his finger and scolds those who opposed the “Manchin-Toomey-Feinstein” amalgam bill, who, he claims, “willfully lied…to the american People”

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