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For Once Scalia Gets It Right: Most Yewts Should NOT Go To College

Mandeville, LA – SCOTUS Justice Scalia only READ to the court half the truth about “college” because it is not just some minorities that don’t belong at the University of Texas, most of the exalted “whites” don’t belong there either and haven’t for decades.

“There are those who contend that it does not benefit African-Americans to get them into the University of Texas, where they do not do well — as opposed to having them go to a less advanced school, a slower-track school where they do well,” Scalia said from the bench. “One of the briefs pointed out that most of the black scientists in this country don’t come from schools like the University of Texas. They come from lesser schools where they do not feel that they’re being pushed ahead in classes that are too fast for them.”

I have been talking about the never-ending campaign to convince every ‘Murican child (and thus the child’s parent) that their darlings are not completed rubes if they don’t trudge off to “college” and get their “degrees”. Judge Schmaels (Ted Knight) famously told “Danny Noonan” in Caddyshack “The world needs ditch diggers too.”  Schmaels might be thought arrogant but he cannot be thougt wrong and if he isn’t wrong, how is the county of Springfield served by employing ditch diggers with degrees? Jesse Saffron explored this question back in June and reached the correct conclusion: university should be a meritocracy with the highest admissions standards so that an ACTUAL elite go there, for their benefit and societies as well.

With all things that part of what we flippantly term “western civilization” the “University” was created nearly exclusively by the Catholic Church. This is a historical fact and helps us get a grip on the purpose of the University.

The papacy played a central if not exclusive role in the establishment and encouragement of the universities. Naturally, the granting of a charter to a university was one indication of this papal role. Some 81 universities had been established by the time of the Reformation. Of these 33 possessed a papal charter, 15 a royal or imperial one, 20 possessed both, and 13 had none. In addition, it was the accepted view that a university could not award degrees without the approbation of pope, king, or emperor.

Justice Scalia could have gone much further in his statement, and his own son, is a prime example of what University was principally created for.

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