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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Mike Church Presents: The Founders Pass Video Tour-Support Your Online [r]epublican

 Mandeville, LA – The website does not accept very many banner ads, NO popup ads and now autoplay video commercials (don’t you HATE those!?). We just keep the great, Founding Fathers/[r]epublican hits coming including the all new “Project ’76 Webisodes”. PLEASE consider subscribing to this site and supporting our efforts to expand the site’s reach. WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT this site cannot survive without You! Please take the tour and become convinced that being a Founders Pass Member is great for YOU and you[r]s.

Welcome [r]epublican Citizens! Enjoy The Founders Pass™ Tour:

Here at we introduce your best resource for self governance, restoration of [r]epublican virtues and liberty… PROUDLY PRESENTS

The Founders Pass

Exclusive Video & Audio Content, Discounts, & Clarity For Members Only now Less Than $0.17 A Day

Every Membership Includes:

Founders TV Includes HD Video MP3 Audio Transcript

If you don’t get the radio show on Sirius/XM then Founders TV is for you. Mike’s full take on the days news, special guests and 30 minute long monologues explaining the whys of today hottest topics. Unlike anything on radio or TV today.

Project ’76Includes MP3 Audio Source Material Commentary

The concept of Project ’76™ is very simple, take speeches, debates and public acts from the Project ’76™ timeline of 1765-1865 and dramatize them for audio delivery via mp3 digital downloads. Think of it as iTunes™ for American History buffs.”

Founding Fathers HistoryIncludes HD Video MP3 Audio

This Day in Founding Founders History – Where we bring you important dates in the lives and history of the Founding Generation.

The Church Doctrine Includes HD Video MP3 Audio Transcript

What can you say in two minutes that isn’t already said by the media? Find out in Mike’s daily Church Doctrine commentaries. Unfiltered & unvarnished take on today’s hottest topics with the Founders in plain view

The Pile of Prep

For 20 years Mike has researched and presented the news events of the day on his radio show. Now he shares that research with you along with biting commentary on every story.

Special Q&A Chat Sessions

Pick Mike’s Brain On Self-Governance In Regular Schedules Live Chat Sessions. Agree or Disagree – It’s Up To You.

Mike Church Band Parody Collection

“Weird Al” calls the Mike Church Show Band for advice! The best cover sing Mike’s spot on lyrical interpretations, the MCS is the most original act in music today and parody songs have never sounded better.

Forever Store Discount

The web’s most unique and original place to shop for Liberty and Founding Father themed EVERYTHING just got better for Founders Pass members with an always on 15% discount on all purchases.


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