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Free Phone Friday Prep-Despite “Conservative” Bailout, Cruz Still Ineligible

Order Your hardback copy of Life of George Washington, out of print since 1920 but available now from Mike Church & Founding Father Films publishing
Order Your hardback copy of Life of George Washington, out of print since 1920 but available now from Mike Church & Founding Father Films publishing

Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

Sapientia et Veritas – “[David] Bowie revealed nothing about his illness. He never spoke of it; his loved ones never spoke of it. He became ill and died utterly in private, among those he knew. No media, no fans, no strangers were invited to share his pain or engage in mawkish pre-emptive mourning.Some people justify all this in Oprahite lingo, claiming it helps individuals ease their mental burden or raise awareness about some disease. We have forgotten what is lost when everything becomes public: the intense world of real, un-performed emotions that is the private sphere. If everything we do is watched, then nothing we do is real — really real, un-acted, unscripted, and instead just felt, among those who know us and love us. In resisting this omnipresent pressure to confess to physical or mental weakness, Bowie did something heroic. He reminded us of the sanctity of private life.” -Brendan O’Neill, The Spectator

The Militia Amendment Does Not Say ANYTHING About Tedly CruzRight’s Eligibility – Breitbart News finds “scholars” that claim that the Second Amendment makes Ted Cruz a “natural born citizen” because it requires him to join the TX militia and oh, his mother was born a U.S. citizen. This further perversion of the natural born citizen clause now drags the 11 states that ratified the second amendment into their deceit. Is there a scintialla of evidence that those who ratified the 2nd Amendment attempted to define “natural born citizen”!? Where!?

Buchanan: The GOP War-Hawk Candidates Want Obama To Wage A War That Congress Has Yet To Declare – Patrick j Buchanan makes the point I have been making here, with Pat’s writing as a guide, that CONGRESS has an equal if not larger role in waging war against “enemies” like ISIS, than the President does. Yet the GOP war-hawk caucus insist that this is Obama’s baby a pirori. And these are the leaders who are going to restore federalism and revive the original Constitution!?

INTERESTING [r]epublican [r]eading: WaPo fetes Buchanan on the future of the GOP and finds it lies inside Trump Tower.

FLASHBACK: The High and Low-lights of last night’s GOP Debate, note that Tedly CruzRight is awarded for NOT answering the “birther” question and how “deftly” he explained his wife’s affiliation with the diabolical Goldmann Sachs (and the CFR!) that netted him a cool million dollar “loan”, previously undisclosed. SMH

DeceptiCONNED: The fake “conservative’s” ridiculous and bloodthirsty hissy fits over the Iran Navy’s “act of aggression”, explained in 32 words: “But then something strange happened. Wednesday morning, after only 16 hours, Iran released the sailors back to the United States, along with their boats. And we didn’t even have to bomb anybody.”

HUMILITY of Heart & DeathDavidBowie is gracefully remembered for avoiding the Judgement Pornosphere™ and dying in private and going all Brittany Maynard on the world and inviting us to share in his “death with dignity” conceit.  THAT is a profound act of Humility in an age when celebrity and public disclosure of all that should be cherished and private is a requisite for “success”.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN ‘MURICAH – Minding “your own beeswax” was something the debutante ladies did when seated in a parlor too close to the fireplace. Today, we plead for ‘Murican politicians to “mind our own business” ala JQA in foreign affairs and all we hear are horror stories of what will occur on Hoth or at the Stargate if ‘Murican leadership” recedes. But as Bonnie Kristian argues, minding our own business is actually what made America “exceptional”!

LIBS ON THE RUNDaniel McCarthy tells us that Obama inherited a nightmare, created by Bush/Clinton/Bush et al and instead of leading with a new politics of redirected “liberalism” he chose the path of technocrat dictator and expanded executive power beyond what actual kings can wield. “Obama is the unhappy technocrat who landed in the role of a world-historic figure. His defenders want to believe he really would have delivered hope and change, had he not been frustrated by an opposition party that rudely dared to oppose him.”

How Obama Taught Us To Love The Red Sox vs Yankees, And Became The Yanks Star Pitcher – From the time he began campaigning in late 2007 until this day, Dear Leader Chairman MaObama has promoted the public view that there were only two views on every issue: his view and the wrong view. How many times did we suffer through the falsity of Obama saying “all the experts agree with me” without ever identifying an “expert” or allowing that there was not a single one that didn’t sing from his hymnal. This is the essence of what I call Nominalism and the cure is not more partisanship it is better, clearer thinking through Philosophia Perennis! (hey if Obama can claim there is but ONE way, why can’t I?)

Obama Heralds ‘Murcahs Nephilim, Proclaims Divine Power of The State – Listen (if you dare) to the final 10 minutes of President Obama’s State of the Union address and you should wonder if you are listening/watching a former member of God’s Guard, now fallen, but now ascendent to claim that the United States, as a country, has cured HIV, Climate Change, Malaria, will soon stamp out Cancer, ended Hunger, poverty, failed nation states…blah blah blah. At the height of Christendom, one would struggle to find an accounting of the Ture, Triune God’s accomplishments on The Continent that could even compete with Obama. Is Obama the Anti-Christ spoken of in The Apocalypse?

Muricah, Land of The Free, Home of The Nephilim? – Listening to President Obama, Americans sounded less like children of God, mortal man and more like fallen angels with supernatural powers who must have mated with WASPS to produce this race of super-humans responsible for the ‘Murican miracles we were regaled with last night. What is a Nephilim? Read on

Trumpzilla & Tedly CruzRight at The SOTUDear Leader took swipes at Tedly CruzRight: “carpet bombing” his way to mid-east stability the Trumpzilla for “insulting Muslims”.

187,000 People Watched The SOTU… Address of Senator Rand Paul in 2015 How many “Conservatives” Will Watch This year’s? – This is a stern rebuke to the War Mongering blood lusters at Fox and in the GOP Establishment for not inviting Senator Paul to tomorrow night’s GOP Debate. Paul continues to be the only GOP candidate that advocates humility in government and blasts the “over-militarized” American “foreign policy”. Watch…

DeceptiCONNED: Making Deals With Leviathan For Federal Cash Is A Deal With The Devil –  Stanley Kurtz wants you to know that there is nothing but tyranny and usurpation to be gained by accepting Obama’s HUD money grants that will continue the process of destroying what little community connections that we have remaining.

Pluralism In Originalism is a Constitution Heresy But here You Go – The error that pervades and perverts philosophical thinking today is the subjectivism is the equal of objectivism and in most instances, its superior. This is the gravest error that we live among. Now comes “constitution scholars” trying to promote the same thing when it comes to Originalism: that the innovator who breathes new meaning into the Constitution is the equal, nay superior of the Originalist defender. One is thinking OBJECTIVE-the Originalist and is content with the Amendment process to “breathe new life” while the other is SUBJECTIVE and seeks to apply the “intent” of the Framer/ratifier to today’s corrupt thinking.

Our Man In Mordor Jordan Bloom’s Pile of Prep

This is hitting the mainstream press

Really great Ben Schwarz piece:

TheDC: Published Issa this week

This is interesting too

There’s lots of Trump stuff but we talked about that both times previous so probably worth skipping. This is good too

A neat little anecdote

DeceptiCONNED: Hey “Conservatives”! English Common Law Doesn’t Help Cruz Either – For two weeks now the Constitution shredding “conservative-constitutionalists” backing Tedly Cruzright have been yelping about “English Common Law”, at the time of the Constitution’s ratification, providing that one could be a “natural born citizen” by virtue of either parent being a “citizen”. Bu there’s a huge problem with this: it isn’t true #Veritas. The two universal guides for learning English Common law at the time were Blackstone’s Commentaries on The Laws of England and Coke Upon Littleton. Blackstone could not be more clear when he says that paternity is the sole guide to determining allegiance AND the birth had to be inside the dominion of the King. “Yet the children of the king’s embassadors born abroad were always held to be natural subjects: for as the father, though in a foreign country, owes not even a local allegiance to the prince to whom he is sent; so, with regard to the son also, he was held (by a kind of postliminium) to be born under the king of England’s allegiance, represented by his father, the embassador.”

If You’re An Constitution Originalist, Then Ted Cruz Is Ineligible For the Presidency –  Professor Thomas Lee proposes the legal terms at issue in divining the meaning of “natural born citizen” and legally concludes that the jus soli and jus sanguinis legal distinctions, which were universally used at the time of the Constitution’s ratification define “natural born citizen” and show, without a doubt, that Cruz and Rubio are not “natural born citizens” and “conservatives” should honor that jewel of Constitutional law and vote against both of them.

When The Trump Empire Moves Into Your Neighborhood – It is now becoming clear that Donald Trump is not going to fade away and make way for the “real candidates” to take the stage and save the GOP from Hillary. How fitting that this is brought about chiefly by the campaign to transfer business wealth and power via government fiat. Men like Trump have learned how to navigate this perversion of the republican system we once operated under. Now, the “government should operate like a business” crowd is getting what they want and it only makes sense that a gregarious and successful businessman would tame its highest office with those skills.

Bill Kaufmann – Forgotten Conservative William Randolph Hearst Is a good example of why many American patriots are forgetting yesterday’s fake “conservatives” for the bombast of Donald Trump.

The Bureaucracy of The NFL Mimics The Leviathan – More proof that when federalism becomes subjected to centralizing authorities it ultimately yields to the central authority and then becomes monotonous. The saga of the Cincinnati Bengals losing to the Steelers by referee fiat is evidence of this.

An Article V Convention For Dummies – Texas governor Greg Abbott proposes that an Article V Amendment Convention should be called for by 34 states and the result should be to debate nine amendments designed to “bring back the Constitution”. While I laud the effort for an Article V convention, 5 of Abbott’s 9 amendments are already contained in the Constitution but aren’t being acknowledged and thus obeyed.

State of the Disunion 2016 Edition – Dear Leaders final State of The Union Address promises more beligerent Executive orders and more Obama bravado. If ONLY the correct definition of “natural born citizen” were around when Obama ran in 2008….sigh

James Madison: TEDdy & the CRUZers Is NOT Eligible For Presidency – The question of the day/week/month has been whether or not the Constitution’s Framers had read Emmerich de Vattel’s Law of Nations book prior to the Federal Convention and thus had knowledge of his definition of Natural Born Citizen. We can now settle that argument by reading James Madison’s notes from the Convention where he quotes Law of Nations. “A law violating a constitution established by the people themselves, would be considered by the Judges as null & void. 2. The doctrine laid down by the law of Nations in the case of treaties is that a breach of any one article by any of the parties, frees the other parties from their engagements.”

The War Crimes in YemenDaniel Larison continues his heroic documentation and reporting on the U.S. backed war against Yemen being waged by the U.S. backed Saudi Arabians. The UN is now leveling charges of “war-crimes” after “cluster bombs” were used on civilian neighborhoods in Saad. Folks, ANY view of Just War would condemn the participation in these atrocities yet the Republicans in Congress and the aborter in chief in the White House say nothing which translates to “this is O.K.”. Do we really think God will “Bless the USA” while it continues this?

113 More Reasons To Pray For Legal Abortion To End – If the Muslim killers of San Bernardino had survived their orthodoxy inspired carnage, would any media outlet herald their “tell all” story of how they perpetrated their crime? No? Well why then does herald the story of 113 women who boast that their careers were boosted because they had abortions? Folks, if there is anything more revolting than killing babies it is telling the story of the execution without remorse. Pray….

This Woman Did Not Abort For Her Career – While pondering the evil required to kill your child then brag about it so others will kill their children, consider that there are greater numbers of women who choose to bring the miracle of life into the world and not punish the child for their sinful acts.

FLASHBACKD C McAllister told me her story of how she nearly aborted her child but chose not to and has thanked God for ever day she’s been blessed to spend with xher.

El Chapo Heralds Return of El Diablo – Sean Penn finds “drug lord El Chapo” and conducts an interview with him for Rolling Stone. Read the NY Times account and note the absence of dread in the story and consider that at one time, Mexico had shed its human sacrificial customs, converted to Catholicism and converted tens of millions of barbarians who are returning to their pagan ways.

Today’s GOP Would Not Nominate Ronald Reagan – Donald Devine, a Reagan biographer, compares the 1980 & 84 campaigns to the ones Republicans are running today and concludes that The Gipper would be considered a “moderate” by today’s “conservative” standards especially when it comes to…. wait for it, “foreign policy, with Reagan most closely aligned with, wait for it again… Senator Rand Paul.

Rand Paul: Maybe Ted Cruz Should Run For PM … of Canada? – If you believe that the U.S. Constitution means what those that ratified said it means then you should take seriously the question of whether Senator Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen as the FOUNDERS UNDERSTOOD it. Senator Rand Paul was asked whether he thought Cruz was eligible and quipped that he could run to be “Prime minister of Canada”.

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