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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Is_Davis_A_Traitor_front_coverMandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the IRS, Tea Party tyranny plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125.  “General 〈Washington〉 was accordingly unanimously elected by ballot,6 and conducted to the chair by Mr. R. Morris and Mr. Rutlidge; from which in a very emphatic manner he thanked the Convention for the honor they had conferred on him, reminded them of the novelty of the scene of business in which he was to act, lamented his want of 〈better qualifications〉,7 and claimed the indulgence of the House towards the involuntary errors which his inexperience might occasion.“, 25 May, 1787, Records of The Federal Convention

Read a FREE Chapter of “Is Davis A Traitor” Edited with commentary by Mike Church – This book is THE greatest work on the Constitution  and the right of secession ever written

“Hello big boy….” – Boy Scouts open their arms wide to the Gay Scouts of America after national council vote

Rod Dreher predicts the outcome of this and I think he is largely correct

The story of the IRS now targeting families who adopt babies is just too much over the top BUT instead of complaining about the bias against conservatives, why aren’t conservatives complaining of the bias against ALL productivity regardless of ideology? THIS is why “conservatives” today don’t deserve the success I don’t believe they are laboring mightily to convince people they’re for

IRS hack who plead the fifth now refuses to go softly into that good night after being relieved of her “duty”

DeceptiCONNED: If “conservatives” in the GOP House think it’s a good idea to tie student loan rates to the T-bill rate, why not just abolish the loan program and let the actual market for available capital set the rate? (see auto/home loans before Fannie, Freddie and the Capital One Vikings)

Bridge in WA State collapses, of course we have boatloads of federal money to abort babies and fight wars around the known universe but bridges…nyeh!

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