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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of why the 3rd Amendment should NOT be incorporated plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. A certain politician boasted, that by the science of construction, he could interpret a fragment [single line] of any man’s writing, upon any subject, into treason, and so take away his life. God forbid that this science should attain already in America so wicked a degree of perfection, as to annihilate that spirit, which alone could [can] sustain our political life.”  – John Taylor in an Argument Respecting The Carriage Tax

The biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history is happening in Detroit, the model city for modern welfare state governance. This is the crowning achievement of LBJ’s war on poverty, unruly “civil service unions” and the theory that poverty is an economic condition to be treated with wealth transfers. What do you say to the generations who have had their dignity and necessary self-reliance skills denied them, now?

The DeceptiCONS and Libtards have been piling on Jack Hunter aka The Southern Avenger for 2 weeks now in what I call “neo-abolition”, now Randy Barnett of Article V Amendment convention fame joins the fray as does Yours Truly here

Here is some of the dirt on the Rand Paul v Dick Cheney et al feud, nota bene DeceptiCONS say Cheney brings fresh new blood to their vampiric bloodline, (emphasis mine) making her candidacy sound like the plotl-ine for the next installment of the Blade serial

What is this “federalism you speak of” asked Peter King, once upon a time (ok, I translated that from a fit of glee he had over Boston under martial law) is toying with the idea of going where only Rudy Giuliani has gone before, running for President

Project _76_Logo_IconListen to the Preview of “Militias Are Good & They’re Good For You Too” your front row seat to the events that led to the need for and passage of the Second Amendment as they’ve NEVER been told before! Want More Project ’76 Webisodes? Take the Founders Pass Video Tour

Patrick Henry “My great objection to this government is, that it does not leave us the means of defending our rights, or of waging war against tyrants. It is urged by some gentlemen, that this new plan will bring us an acquisition of strength — an army, and the militia of the states.” Henry continued “This is an idea extremely ridiculous: gentlemen cannot possibly be serious!

93 Catholic college Presidents tell Catholic House members to pass immigration reform because “Catholic teaching values the human dignity and worth of all immigrants, regardless of legal status.” And that “They’re keeping the Catholic Church fresh and the churches full. More and more they’re the backbone of parish life.” So because, legal, naturalized citizens are turning agnostic and can’t find much faith in the faith (see Novus Ordo Mass) the Church wants to restock with illegals!? Good grief

VIDEO: John F Kennedy’s speech on separation of Church & State as a voluntary act he would undertake as President and would not allow his church (Catholic) to demand his approbation or disapprobation because it was there wish

Obama brags that ObamCare exchanges are already lowering premiums in 10 states but that is to be expected since the payouts have yet to begin. Once implemented, watch the rates rise or the subsidy required to keep them at par rise

Minnesota rejects teaching reform that actually works, The Teach for America Project because the “teachers” are but grad students who have not taken the required, union required course in “diversity” and “Identities” training

Jeff Jacoby helps flesh out the case against water-boarding that I was asked about on this morning’s show

Then there is the story of George Washington refusing to deny quarter to British troops, refusing executions for British prisoners in retaliation and refusing inhumane treatment of prisoners regardless of their actions

Now the IRS investigator General cannot say whether or not “Progressive” groups were targeted at the same rate “conservative” groups were because he claims there is no definition for “progressive” to base that finding on

VIDEO: I ask the question, why is LSU keeping thugs like Jeremy Hill on their football team, representing the State of LA?

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