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Gentleman’s Bootcamp-Reviving Christian Chivalry For The Sake of America

Gentlemen_This_is_Strength, christianPungo, VA – On Saturday evening past concerned Christian citizens met at the home of James & Lisa Cohen for Gentleman’s Bootcamp I. Father Byrne of St Benedict’s Catholic Church got us started with a prayer from St Ignatius of Loyola:

Dearest Lord, 
teach me to be generous;
teach me to serve You as You deserve;
to give and not to count the cost,
to fight and not to heed the wounds,
to toil and not to seek for rest,
to labour and not to ask for reward
save that of knowing I am doing Your Will.

From there I spoke and introduced our goal: to make publicly known that the Christian Gentleman of North America must respond to the crisis of a corrupt, immoral and irreverent civilization that has given life to this evil triumvirate manifesting itself in all our institutions including our government, education, civil, entertainment and most sorrowfully, our human family. It will no longer do that Christian Gentlemen gather to bitterly complain of our situation then do nothing beyond political activism to address it.

I gave a brief history of the story of the term Gentleman arising from the Christian Knights of chivalrous times. Here is a recap that will show just how dedicated to this cause as THE cause of the Gentleman c. 1290.

To fear God and maintain His Church
To serve the liege lord in valour and faith
To protect the weak and defenceless
To give succour to widows and orphans
To refrain from the wanton giving of offence
To live by honour and for glory
To despise pecuniary reward
To fight for the welfare of all
To obey those placed in authority
To guard the honour of fellow knights
To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit
To keep faith
At all times to speak the truth
To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun
To respect the honour of women
Never to refuse a challenge from an equal
Never to turn the back upon a foe

I have highlighted in bold those parts of the Knights Code we spoke on last night with special emphasis on:

To keep faith

I discussed virtue being the end of all our deliberations with the most cherished of the virtues being: humility. I talked briefly about Gentleman being the voice in a crowded room that refused to partake of vulgarity and the dis-honor of women. I discussed how to improve our respect for all by the quality of our dress at all times and spoke a bit about modesty. If you want to learn more on that subject and I strongly commend us all to, please consider this video feature as a good starting place:

You may also benefit from this audio sermon from an FSSP priest (consider searching for the terms “Modesty” and “Dress”) for more on the subject. In explaining the issue of modesty in dress, we can begin to see the advantage of the gentleman-like behavior in our dress as a non-stop crusade because it is the first thing the Gentleman does each and everyday of his life: dressing. I discussed the humility of manners next, that manners are essentially Gentleman acknowledging the human dignity of all whom we encounter. In other words “I acknowledge your existence as a precious child of God and will honor you (Him) with tenderness and respect (reverence) in our discourse.”

I concluded my talk with some quotations from famous writers and men of letters including Ecter’s eulogy of Sir Lancelot.

“Ah Lancelot, thou are head of all Christians knights, and now I dare say, Sir Lancelot, the liest, of thy deeds was never matched of earthly knights. And thou were the courteous knight that ever held shield. And thou were the truest friend to thy lover that ever bestrad horse. And thou were the truest lover of a sinful man that ever loved a Queen. And thou were the kindest man that ever struck with sword. And thou were the goodliest person that ever came among press of knights. And thou was the meekest man and the gentlest that ever ate in hall among ladies. And thou were the sternest knight to they mortal foe that ever put spear in the rest.”

And this gem from John Walter Waylund of Virginia of 1899.

“The True Gentleman is the man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety, and whose self control is equal to all emergencies; who does not make the poor man conscious of his poverty, the obscure man of his obscurity, or any man of his inferiority or deformity; who is himself humbled if necessity compels him to humble another; who does not flatter wealth, cringe before power, or boast of his own possessions or achievements; who speaks with frankness but always with sincerity and sympathy; whose deed follows his word; who thinks of the rights and feelings of others rather than his own; and who appears well in any company, a man with whom honor is sacred and virtue safe.”

I then handed the floor to Greg Carpenter. Greg is former military and former NSA too! Greg limited his talk on restoring a PUBLIC Gentlemanly virtue to 5 bullet points.

1. Loyalty to God.

2. Sacred Honor

3. Respect

4. Integrity

5. Moral Courage

Greg then read excerpts to us from Dr. Cleon Skousen’s book, “The Naked Communist”, describing their long term goals and their perspective of the “Playing Field” and how Communists planned to level ours and bring these United States, and our families, to our knees.

15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

Greg surmised that the virtuous man must look to God for the answers because the attack comes from all around and the challenges are many. There are many vectors of attack, but the answers you seek are all in your Bible.

Click for a sharper image.
Click for a sharper image.

We concluded our evening itinerary with an inspiration address from Dr. Michael George. One part of Michael’s presentation was the recounting of the Christian Prayer Proclamation of 1776 (click graphic for a full-size image):

Dr. George continued his talk with a very interesting story from his book, My Story of America. The parallels that were shared from the story of Sonya (who grew up as a member of the Hitler youth) and modern day America were very eerily similar. From there he proceeded to challenge the audience with the same challenge John Hancock delivered in 1776.

“In times of impending calamity and distress; when the liberties of America are imminently endangered by the secret machinations and open assaults of an insidious and vindictive administration” Does this not sound familiar?

“It becomes the indispensable duty of these hitherto free and happy colonies with true penitence of heart, and the most reverent devotion, publicly to acknowledge the over ruling providence of God; to confess and deplore our offences against him.”

When a nation is in trouble there is but one thing to do and that is to go to God. Not only did John Hancock and all of the Continental Congress believe in it, but they issued a proclamation to the entire nation calling for a day of fasting and prayer.

“We do earnestly recommend, that Friday, the Seventeenth day of May next, be observed by the said colonies as a day of humiliation, fasting, and prayer; that we may, with united hearts, confess and bewail our manifold sins and transgressions, and, by a sincere repentance and amendment of life, appease his righteous displeasure, and, through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ, obtain his pardon and forgiveness; ”

This truth can be found in the Library of Congress and this document sets the stage for the Declaration of Independence.  Dr. George concluded the evening by delivering (from memory) the powerful speech by John Adams on July 1, 1776 calling for his brethren to stand for a free country. Independence Now and Independence Forever .

The folks gathered had been challenged and everyone was renewed with a spirit of purpose and resolve to publicly proclaim the message that Faith + Freedom = Liberty!

Greg Carpenter is coauthor of Reverse Deception: Organized Cyber Threat Counter Exploitation a users guide for cyber self autonomy. He served a span of several years at the National Security Agency / Central Security Service as a detailed military officer. Greg holds a MS from Seton Hall University and a BS from Colorado Christian University and is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), National Security Agency Military Performer of the Year in 2007.

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