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Hate Mail! Mike, Abandon Your Hate For America & Stand With Republicans on Benghazi

Monroe_doctrine_project_76Mandeville, LA – The fake patriotism that comes in the form of blind adherence to nationalism and abject hatred for President Obama has gotten me in hot water this week with Sirius/XM Patriot listeners. When I have the audacity to question the original sin of Obama’s unilateral acts of war against Libya (Benghazi was a RESULT of this), I am told “that doesn’t matter…this administration LIED!” You see, questioning our omnipotent powers is unheard of in DeceptiCON circles, as Daniel Larison points out.

“If one assumes that the U.S. has the power to prevent undesirable things from happening anywhere in the world, then it must be the fault of the president for “refusing” to prevent them. According to this view, U.S. power doesn’t have limits, or at least no limits that matter, and if something happens while the U.S. is on “the sidelines” the U.S. is nonetheless responsible for what happened because it could easily stop it. If one assumes that the exercise of U.S. power is almost always constructive and never makes other conflicts worse, restraint might appear to be timidity and prudence could seem to be a failure of nerve, but this requires ignoring some significant episodes in U.S. history.”

But don’t tell these things to the true believers of American Good, spread to countries in need, at the end of our missiles, guns and bayonets. The frenzy to proclaim the BinGhazi “coverup” as the greatest scandal in American history and thus President Obama our most heinous villain are both comical AND incorrect. Witness the “coverup” administered by the Bush administration against Iraqi Christians seeking some of our “exceptionalism.” From Andrew Doran – Executive Secretariat of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO at the U.S. Department of State.

“In February 2008, Archbishop Paulos Rahho’s vehicle was attacked after he finished praying the Stations of the Cross in Mosul. His driver and bodyguards were killed. Rahho, wounded but alive, was put into the trunk of the assassins’ car and taken from the scene. He managed to pull out his cell phone and call his church to tell them not to pay his ransom, saying he “believed that this money would not be paid for good works and would be used for killing and more evil actions.” His body was found in a shallow grave two weeks later.

During this campaign of systematic violence, the U.S. military provided no protection to the already vulnerable Christian community. In some instances, the clergy went to local American military units to beg to for protection. None was given.”

But, Mike, Mike, where’s the “coverup”!? The coverup was the refusal to acknowledge our complicity in the thousands of Christian lives lost in our invasion and upending of Saddam’s regime:

“Rosie Malek-Yonan, an Assyrian Christian who testified before Congress, would call the Bush administration a “silent accomplice” to “incipient genocide.” Anglican Canon Andrew White of Baghdad’s Ecumenical Congregation captured the reality with blunt precision: “All of my leadership were taken and killed—all dead.”

Those Iraqi Christians who fled to America would fare little better in seeking asylum. Many Chaldeans and Assyrians were detained, until their cases were heard, in what an attorney familiar with Chaldean-asylum cases describes as “prisons,” adding that she “never worked on a case where a Chaldean was granted asylum, but I heard that it happened.” Throughout these deportation proceedings, the administration and the State Department steadfastly refused to recognize the conditions—which the U.S. had helped to bring about—as “persecution.” In consequence, most were deported.”

Now for today’s hatemail and my response.

Mike, there’s still time for you to repent and get on the right side of this thing.  I tried to tell you earlier this week when you were to the left of Joe Scarborough that you’d gone off the Libertarian rails on this.  Blaming America for having an embassy there in the first place is ridiculous.  Talk of retaliation and whether or not the President is authorized to do so is amusing but pointless, we already know there is to be no follow up from this administration – after all ‘the terrorists have been beaten”.

From your stance I dont think you took the time to listen to this week’s testimony.  There are several potential smoking guns here and I hope you wont wait until we have the stained blue dress in hand to join the fray, and please stop referring to this as just a ‘Republican show’.  Impeachment is not the only potential outcome here, as unobtainable as you believe it to be.

Think about it this weekend and add this to your pile of prep for Monday:

yours truly, an XM Patriot channel junkie

Harry from Rochester, NY

My response.

Dear Harry,

There will be no repentance because there has been no sin. First of all, I never said there should be no embassy in Binghazi, matter of fact, I actually prefer embassies to military installations.

Secondly, what you think is “amusing” is historically correct. Have you read the Monroe Doctrine lately? Washington’s farewell? Senator George Frisbe Hoars “Subjugation of the Philippines”? What’s amusing is how the process is inconvenient to those with political axes to grind.

Here’s a Free Preview of Project ’76’s “Monroe Doctrine” Webisode-Download the full  Webisode here.

Third, I never used the term “Republican show”, “GOP witch hunt” “GOP show trial”, yes I used those terms because that’s what it principally is, the sideshow is “the search for the truth”.

Our foreign policy is arrogant, dangerous and unprecedented, those brave enough to take stands against it will be vindicated by history. I do not seek your absolution, but pray your bellicosity is tempered before more lives and trillions are wasted.


Mike Church

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