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Hate Mail: Mike, You Don’t Deserve The “Blanket of Freedom” I Provide, STFU

Mandeville, LA – I freely and with great sorrow confess that post 9-11 through the Iraq “Surge” I was a DeceptiCON. Big-war, big-military promoting loudmouth. I can’t tell you the number of times I got to yell and demean (I apologize, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxime culpa) at non-interventionists who in turn called me a “chickenhawk.” Fast forward to today and as I advocate, through history and Christian/Catholic teaching, non-intervention EVERYWHERE it is possible, I am now crowned the exact opposite. The following letter writer is basically telling me that I don’t deserve his “blanket of freedom” because I never served in the military. This is the same prideful insult hurled by police whenever any of us question excessive use of force and the swelling Hydra that is the police state: “have you ever served as a cop?” With all due respect you cannot have it both ways as 1. a selfless patriot who only does what they do in the military for the sake of Country (our wars are not Just & not for God) then is ready to tell his fellow citizens who do not condone his actions that they need to “STFU”:

1. I never, EVER said or will say anything derogatory about the individuals enlisted in the armies of the United States who follow what they believe to be “Just orders”, NEVER.

2. I take it as my patriotic duty as a citizen and more importantly a citizen of The City of God, to ALWAYS question the use of deadly force, illegal invasions, corrupt schemes for the enrichment (usury) of a few at the expense of many. Consequently, I accept that there will be those who will heretically reject non-intervention and just war and heap attack on me for that, thank you brothers and sisters.

3. I stand ready as I know my brothers in Christ are, to beat some plows into swords if our COUNTRY is attacked/invaded but am likewise always kindling the fire of the smelting furnace to beat the sword back into a plow.

I will pray for all those in our war actions and will joyously accept the likes of the following, bearing in mind the above. Please consider THIS piece of mail from this morning:

“Comments: Comment on this morning’s show:
I don’t like Obama nor most of Congress however, I am a conservative. I agree that the politics of the muslim world is absolutely horrendous. But, we need to kill all of them before they try to kill all of us. If you see danger you can either run, hide like a coward and hope it doesn’t hurt you or you fight to stop the current and all future attacks. Have you ever served in the armed forces? Have you ever been in a fight? Just because the bullies or bad guys might retaliate, shouldn’t deter one from standing their ground and protecting themselves, their family, their culture or their nation. Its called being a man – for certain all of “radical islam” needs to be eliminated from the face of the earth and perhaps, and perhaps islam itself. Australia has it right – we’ve been sheepish for far too long. You can disagree with the politics of this war but, you ought to consider the importance of supporting those who have put themselves in harm’s way so that you can sit behind your microphone as a commentator under the blanket of freedom and protection they provide for all of us.” – Bill C

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Host of the Mike Church Show on The Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel & Founder of the Veritas Radio Network. Formerly, of Sirius/XM's Patriot channel 125. The show began in March of 2003 exclusively on Sirius and remains "the longest running radio talk show in satellite radio history".

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11 Responses
  1. R.E. Burton Jr

    What’s so darn hard about Stay here, and Mind Your own Business ? Ohhh Shnikes!!! I sound like my Dad!
    But, no, seriously, what’s so hard with that concept?
    Maybe someone can explain to me EXACTLY what “FREEDOMS” have we been sending our boy’s off to die for over the last 60 years?
    And, when did we go from that childhood rhyme of “Sticks and Stones may Break My Bones, but words will never Hurt Me” ?(of course this was before Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and whatever alphabet shit stirrers you wanna call)
    Whatever happened to the concept that Charity started at home and worked out from there?
    And, the one I know I should’ve put first,Do Unto Others as You Would Have Done Unto You!
    But, I said all that to say, “What if Mexican Drug Cartels sent Fighter Cessenas ( I Know, just go with me here ok?) to Bomb the Illegal meth labs, Marijuana operations, and pill trade? Without OUR permission?
    What if we actually forced our elected officials to PERFORM THEIR DUTIES and NOT PLAY POLITICS like their doing RIGHT NOW!
    What if we had a Congress and Senate that would reign in the powers of a POTUS thats out of control ?
    What if we had a populace that knew they could? Afterall the source of Liberty is a general knowledge among it’s people. ( I know I messed that up, but I did pull a double, and honestly drank one too)
    The best Foreign policy I see, is one that, for lack of better word’s, is I can’t see it from here! (especially considering our ever so growing debt!!!!!) And if you require our forces, we require monetary compensation.
    I guess we are a pro choice nation, as if we were a true pro life nation, we wouldn’t be fighting to fill body bags in an unjust war!

  2. J Glanden

    Soon “radical altruism” will be exterminated. Sounds like a Dr. Who episode–the Dialects. I’m not sure whether it’s the blanket of protection or the one of my demise! If I’m cold, I’ll find my own blanket thank you very little billy c! I’m tired of the arrogance that is afforded the ignorant. And the idea of killing for the sake of stopping the killers?! I will defend that which is mine and those that I love when they must be defended. I don’t ask others to put themselves in harm’s way, I ask thoughtful introspection. Not so easily to succumb to evil ways. Rather live and let live….leave the sabers for another day! Yours truly, Lindsey Graham (NOT!!)

  3. Dave

    As a LTC going on my 24th year in the Army, I thank President Obama heartily for giving me a truly unique historical perspective. Thanks to him, I am able to actually experience what the Soldiers serving under Nero, Caligula and Hitler must have felt. I also am torn by the fact that I am expected to unquestioningly support that which I now consider to be both unlawful and immoral. We have invaded a sovereign nation (Syria), albeit with what now appears to be at least the tacit approval of its legitimate government – at least for now. But i fear that our actions now are little more than a smoke screen for another misbegotten attempt to impose our will on a region that neither appreciates nor desires our interference. Actions that will only solidify and legitimize the words of the extremists, and sway the hearts of those common Islamic adherents in the street to accept the extreme rhetoric. A lose – lose proposition for all except General Dynamics, Raytheon et al. Thank you, Mike, for speaking from a position of faith and history and liberty.

  4. Steve

    Bill C is incorrect. Freedom is not provided by the Military. It ought to be protected, to a degree, by a small, professional Army, in concert with the protection provided by an armed, involved, self-governing people (the militia). The professional army protects our freedoms from incursions from without, and the citizen militia protects our freedoms from within. Sadly, over decades upon decades of government abuse of authority and general apathy amongst the citizenry, our Military has been wielded by Mordor D.C. to execute measures outside of the scope and limitations of Just War Theory.

  5. Stmykearchangel

    As veteran who served in the 82nd Abn in the eighties and a former war, war,war guy since I have had to say a few mea culpa’s myself. We have to remember that we are Catholics 1st and Americans 2nd.

  6. John Nixon

    “kill all of them before they try to kill all of us”…Where else in our society do we take this approach? This pre-emptive approach is like trying to pull a weed before it has broken the surface. Sure you can spray Round-Up everywhere, but then what do you have?

    Do we in the suburbs send our local police into the inner city “to fight them where they are”, because some theorize that most crime in our quiet little burg may come from those in the cities??? Or do we charge our police with patrolling OUR streets; and protect OUR homes where they are?

  7. Brian

    I’m a vet of the first gulf war…
    I assure you this guy doesn’t speak for all veterans.

    I’m all for standing our ground but how that translates to hurling cruise missiles into every corner of the world sounds more like aggression than defense.

    Who is a bigger threat to the world? Guess that depends which side of the pond you were born.

  8. mark

    When does the fighting end? You can’t kill an idea. That idea is that they hate the USA and what we have done to their homelands over the years. You create more hatred by going in an killing these people. I don’t know what the answer is but just keep killing them won’t solve the problem.

  9. J. Willkerson

    Long ago I concluded “modern conservatism” was really warmed over 60’s statism (of the likes of H. Humphrey, Scoop Jackson, et al). The comments confirm this as the jingoism of the ‘60s Democrats that lead us to a wasteful adventure in Southeast Asia are now adopted by the Republicans. By rejecting the constraints to war as given by the Constitution and the demands by St. Augustine’s just war theory those endorsing the present aggression admit to the weakness of their arguments.

  10. Robert

    I think Bill C has watched A Few Good Men one too many times. It appears he fancies himself a Col Jessup: “…. blanket of freedom” blah blah blah. I am US Army veteran. I have served in “Operation Enduring Freedom” under the guise of the “Global War On Terror”. I can tell you as a veteran, I haven’t done squat to provide anyone with a “blanket of freedom”. The only thing done was for the the Joe standing next to me so that he, and I could come home. That’s it! The rest of the rhetoric is pure hogwash!

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