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Hate Mail! Stop Dissing Fans With “Abolish Article I-VII of Constitution” Calls!

For more on James Madison & The Constitution's writing, pick up your copy of The Spirit of 76 right here!
For more on James Madison & The Constitution’s writing, pick up your copy of The Spirit of 76 right here!

Mandeville, LA  – There are times when I am running the Mike Church Show on SiriusXM that I just know I did something that was going to generate Hate Mail. Today was one of those days. “Rick from Illinois” called today’s show and floated the idea for an Article V Convention, which is all good. Then the conversation went South as his proposal for the convention was to “abolish Articles I-VII of the Constitution and just use the Bill of Rights”. This is a ridiculous “what if” floated by some of the John Birch Society members who always, gallantly, oppose Article V. After explaining that there is NO constitution without those articles (they ARE the Constitution as ratified) “Rick” continued to demand I answer the question of how this could come about. After 2 attempts to explain that seceding would accomplish the same thing AND get rid of the BOR I realized I was being “Birched”, that there never was an answer being sought, only a weak attempt to torpedo the idea of a convention. “Nick W.” took “Rick” seriously and proceeded to pen the following. My response follows.

Name: Nick W.

Comments: Hey Mike,

You savaged that poor fan who asked about the possibility of the states meeting to repeal the constitution. You asked him “why” he would even consider such a proposition. And, you offered a “better” solution – secede. His question was theoretical in nature and not as silly as you made it out to be. On the other hand, your suggestion would lead to another civil war. Do you think that the federal government would allow any state to withdraw without using violence resulting in bloodshed? What in the hell is wrong with considering another way? It’s hard? So what! Was the original constitution or declaration easy?

(sic)Keep up th egreat work!

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Dear Nick,
“Savaged”? Really? His question was theoretical? So is “could an atom on the head of a pin be a universe and so then could we be the atom on the head of a pin?” My “suggestion” will lead to a civil war, really? Do you have a crystal ball, a soothsayer in the back in a mud hut? “Considering another way?” as in abolishing the first 7 articles of the Constitution which IS the Constitution. There is no “bill of rights” without the Constitution to attach them to which was part two of his “theoretical question”. I simply applied logic to his query – do the same thing by seceding from the union thereby abolishing the fist 7 articles and get a bonus of 27 Amendments.

Theoretically yours,

Amphyction (look it up)

p.s. I knew as soon as I hung up with that guy, you would complain so I already had a hate mail story ready to go, thanks for filling my need for content on that.

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2 Responses
  1. JohnCH_13

    The government is hardly constitutional at the moment. In fact, couldn’t one argue that we are already IN a government minus the first seven articles? I mean, outside of the 3 branches and bicameral legislature nothing else is adhered too, and they are also whittling away at the BOR in the process, which would happen even without those articles, it is the natural course of government after all.

  2. BrianBridges

    I can see the war of northern aggression being a consequence of any secession attempts simply by what history shows us, although I see the army being that of blue helmets.

    Repealing the 7 articles is a silly notion in my humble opinion but everyone has their own and that right to exercise it.

    I missed the conversation so I can’t comment on your “savagery” but their are a million ways to tell the same story.

    Oh well, there’s my wooden nickle’s worth.

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