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Interview with Sue Ellen Browder 

subvertedMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Sue Ellen Browder is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  I feel like I’ve known this woman for my entire life.  The book is called Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Unfortunately, men aren’t gentlemen any longer.  There’s very little virtue out there, especially amongst young men.  You have willing accomplices all over the place.  Then the young men are only too willing to commit the further moral atrocity and mortal sin of going, “You want to have an abortion?  Yeah, I’ll split the cost with you.  No biggie.  Hey, after it’s done, how many days before you’re all healed up and we can get back at it?”

Sue Ellen Browder:  That’s right, Mike.  You’ve got it.

Mike:  How sad.

Browder:  It’s very sad.

Mike:  How tragic.

Browder:  At the same time I was doing this, the reason I saw – because I was married with a child.  I had a beautiful marriage.  This book that I’ve written called Subverted tells how the sexual revolution and the women’s movement got joined together behind the scenes when one man, really two men, convinced Betty Friedan to insert abortion and sex education and contraception into the women’s movement.  That was number eight.  That was the right number eight that the National Organization for Women inserted.  The night they inserted abortion into the women’s movement, Betty Friedan sprung it on most people in that room.  It was in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. on November 18, 1967.  There were only about 100 people in that room that night.  The abortion thing created an uproar.  Everybody was fighting over it.  They fought till almost midnight.  Only 57 people – this is what we’re dealing with today now.  Only 57 people in that Chinese Room in the Mayflower Hotel voted to insert abortion in the women’s movement.

Mike:  Wow.

Browder:  One-third of these women in that room walked out and later resigned over the abortion vote.

Mike:  You said 1967, right?

Browder:  Yes.

Mike:  So we’re at nearly the genesis moment of all this.  This is at the very, very beginning of all these things that will ultimately become, what is known today as the sexual revolution.  Even though it may have been thought about by some people, no one had really acted upon it yet.  Woodstock was – I guess that was before.

Browder:  It was right around the same time.

Mike:  Woodstock was in ’67, too, wasn’t it?

Browder:  That was before Woodstock.  I don’t remember what year Woodstock was, maybe ’69.

Mike:  Of course, ’67 in San Francisco was the “summer of love.”

Browder:  Right.  You had that going on on the campuses.  You have to remember, there was a very young – America was very young at that time.  We had the baby boomers just coming of age.  You had a huge young population that were very interested in this so-called sexual revolution.

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Mike:  You know what’s even more amazing about that – Sue Ellen Browder is the author of Subverted.  We have the Amazon link to the book on the site today at  I’ve been browsing through.  It’s a good read.  I want to talk about the conversion part in just a moment, that’s if I have time before you have to go double date Billy.

Browder:  No, not until 11:00.  I’m fine with Billy.

Mike:  Is that 11:00 Central or 11:00 Eastern?

Browder:  That’s 11:00 Pacific.  I’ve got plenty of time.

Mike:  Just think about what was going on in 1967.  As we mentioned, this is the summer of love in San Francisco.  You think about the cataclysmic events that had to occur for the devil to begin his final conquest of the reticent Christianity and Catholicism that remained in the United States.  That event that you just described, which I had never heard of – I never heard anyone characterize that as the genesis moment.

Browder:  Nobody has heard of it.  As I say, it took me four years to investigate this stuff.  I’m a reporter.  I’ve been a reporter for 40 years.

Mike:  Do you think then at the time that the two guys that went in there to confront Betty Friedan, that that was their intent?

Browder:  They didn’t go into that room.  What they did was – yes, it was their intent.  One of them was Larry Lader, who was the founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League, which is now called NARAL Pro-Choice America.  The other one was Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who you may have heard of.

Mike:  Who’s converted.

Browder:  He was a Jewish abortionist.  He took responsibility for 70,000 abortions before he saw a baby on a fetal monitor and became pro-life.  He wrote a book.  This is all from – everything in this book that I’ve written is from eyewitness accounts.  That’s why it took me so long.  I had to track all this down.  A lot of these books are out of print.  Bless Amazon because you can buy out-of-print books for a penny on Amazon sometimes.  You couldn’t find these books anywhere.  A lot of this information is being lost.

Sue Ellen BrowderBernard Nathanson and Larry Lader convinced Betty before that meeting.  They weren’t in that meeting.  They convinced her before that meeting that women needed to have abortion inserted into the women’s movement to be free.  And how did they do that?  They had that old slogan: No woman can be free unless she has control of her own body.  That can mean anything.  I can control my own body means I can ski down a mountain slope.  It means I can diet.  It means I can walk down the street.  It means anything.  That’s what a propaganda slogan does.  It doesn’t have a meaning.  Then you can put any meaning on it you want to.  Larry Lader, who was the founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League, now NARAL Pro-Choice America, said choice meant abortion.  He said control of your own body meant abortion.  He rammed that through.  People to this day believe it.

Mike:  Not only do they believe that and the choice mantra, but what you said about the control, [mocking] “Women need to control their own bodies.  We have to be in control of our own destiny,” whatever that means.  I have news for you.  If you are of the Christian faith, you ought to know that you’re not in control of your own destiny.  We’re all subjected –

Browder:  Yes and no.  You get your choices but that . . .

Mike:  You don’t really have choice on the destiny.  You may have choice on the options of where the destiny ends.  We’re all destined to live – the soul – I can talk to you about this because you’re converted now.  The soul will live eternally, we know that.  Since the soul – that’s our destiny.  When someone says, [mocking] “I control my own.”  No, you can’t control it.  God already made your destiny, dummy.  Your destiny is your soul is going to outlive that corporeal shell, that corrupt, sexed-up, soft core porn-addled shell that you currently occupy.  If you don’t convert and you don’t stop doing that, then your eternal soul is not going to like where it’s going to land.  The part of the destiny is the soul is going to live forever.  I suppose you and I will concur that our freewill affords us the opportunity to work towards one destination or the other, right?


Browder:  Right.

Mike:  You and I are like literary buddies now.

Browder:  Of course we are.

Mike:  We’ve got the terminology going.  Sue Ellen Browder is on the Dude Maker Hotline with us.  I feel like I’ve known this woman for my entire life.  The book is called Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s MovementWe’ve done a lot of chatter here about how this began with the foundational meeting in 1967.  You haven’t explained how you – what did you have to do with it?  You said you were working for Cosmo.  Does that mean someone that was editing copy down in the basement or was in the mailroom, that they helped subvert, too, or did you actually take a role?

Browder:  Yeah.  We were all working on it together.  I devoted my times and talents to this selling of the sexual revolution attached to the women’s movement.  On some levels I knew what I was doing, because I knew I was making up these stories and lying.  On other levels, I didn’t know what I was doing because I didn’t know that the sexual revolution and the women’s movement had been falsely joined together behind the scenes.  Yes, because I was doing this, I was part – how do you sell – I want to tell you about how you sell pianos.

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You sell pianos – there was a guy who wrote a book called Propaganda in the 1920s, Edward Bernays.  He was very pro-propaganda.  He thought propaganda was a great thing.  He said: How do you sell pianos?  You sell them by selling middle America on the music room.  You put music rooms in House Beautiful and Architectural Digest.  Once middle Americans are sold on the idea: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a music room in my house?  Now you put in a stereo or whatever.  In those days, the next thing you would think of was: I must have a piano.  How do you sell fancy clothes, makeup, hairstyles, abortion, contraception?  All of this you sell the CosmoGirl lifestyle.

Mike:  What a scam.

Browder:  That connects them all together.  Once she’s sold on this CosmoGirl lifestyle: I’m going to go to Paris.  I’ll meet the man of my life.  We’re going to tumble into bed.  It’s going to be wonderful.  Once you sell her on that CosmoGirl lifestyle, she has to have the fancy clothes.  She has to have the travel.  She has to have the abortion and the contraception.  She has to have it all once she believes that lifestyle is for her.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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