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Declaration of independence didn't create a blob
TheCOMPLETE story of Franklin, Adams and Rutledge’s trip to see General Howe can be heard in Times That Try Men’s Souls, OWN IT on 2 CD set today

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, bringing you the latest from a world gone mad.  50 years of non-stop war promotion means the American sheople can be guilt tripped into almost any war for any reason, anywhere, provided their media heroes have propagandized the effort  with enough consistency and deceit. Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. Is football better than faith? Should we rejoice whenever a Muslim abandons his faith and raises a glass to Mammon and Manchester United? Such questions represent part of the conundrum at the very heart of multiculturalism. Do we genuinely respect the minority cultures and religions in our midst and actively encourage their flourishing or do we expect minorities to adopt and adapt to the culture that is hosting them? This was addressed with characteristic adroitness by Chesterton when he discussed “the great American experiment” of multiculturalism, “the experiment of a democracy of diverse races which has been compared to a melting-pot.” – Joseph Pearce, Imaginative Conservative

What if the Apple Watch, which can sort of predict your movements, is hacked into or scoped by say, the NSA, how “cool” of an idea is it now for a wristwatch to tell google servers you were about to buy a hamburger and have the King call you to offer a coupon for his? (don’t snicker, this is coming). If this quest for AI continues, men will rue the day they turned life over to being managed by machines and the Terminator will become a very real survival game (that’s not a game)

The age of Diocletian & Julian 2 (that’s not an action movie) is upon us and few are prepared. The Godless Constitution and it’s creations are slowly but methodically purging believers from all state related functions as California gives IVCF University the heave ho (the “C” stands for Christian”) from the state subsidy system because they don’t comply with edicts on…you guessed it, homosexuality.

While you’re hanging around the office water cooler playing air guitar or attending “meetings” that resemble the “Wheel of Fortune” set, remember to worship LGBITA and worship LGBITAQ often (the list expanded while I was writing)

The U.S. now leads the planet in hours worked per week, per day and per weekend while the standard of living and happiness continue to decline, notice a trend?

Fat Bastard Nation “rolls” on as at least 20% of all American Sheople are OBESE and that number is up from the last survey on the matter

The anti-God, anti-Jefferson, Dear Leader Chairman MaObama tells Congress he doesn’t need their approval to chase ISIS “to the gates of hell” and back and of course, NO ONE in Congress dare upset the military industry in full swing of its best profit year since… “Profit? what is this military profit you speak of?”

For years I have been peppered with demands that I “solve” the problem of millions of Muslims living in the U.S. and becoming radicalized. This then, according to the narrative, requires us to kill these Muslims in the Middle-East before they can buy plane tickets and get here, legally. My argument against this imbecility is to conduct a real discussion on how to bring about the end of the “melting pot” policy and get serious about immigration AND the hierarchy of our governments i.e. if States are Christian states, they would accept no edict to import Muslim hordes into their population, knowing jihad, dhimmitude or worse can result. This writer tacitly agrees and he is a Priest.

Notre Dame joins the military worship at its sporting events (this instance was a football game between Michigan & ND), eschewing any mention much less worship of Christ or the gospels or the Saints in favor of lauding the U.S. Navy as “a force for good” and playing the “Battle Hymn of The Republic” over say a chorus of “Ave Maria” which, if reverently performed, would have dropped the secular “wolverines” into a fear like that struck into Muslims at LePanto

Hmmm, maybe THIS EXPLAINS the drop in FFFilms CD/DVD sales: people don’t think they should have to pay for discs or what’s on them anymore, they might have to attend a concert or donate to an “artists” charity but the days of commerce in music are dead? If this is correct, then what will the world’s vile, tatt’d up miscreants do for cash when the iTunes royalties die?

INSANITY: A union of 48 states, 311 million people owning 675 MILLION firearms believes a band of  mercenary Jihadis will invade and conquer. This supports the well documented on-air presentation that the DeceptiCONS and their war-hawk ally Leftists never quit conditioning sheople for: War, War, War, Kill, Kill, Kill to the point of mental conditioning. This poll bears out the sick, twisted, demonic fruit of those labors

The deceit of the NFL and its complicity in trying to protect its “image” and the career of Ray Rice is now known to the world. NFL yes men like Chris Mortensen and Peter King reported back in July on “…the other [from inside the elevator’s camera] videotape the NFL and some Ravens officials have seen”.

Maybe the magnanimous prosecutor of Atlantic City can find it in his heart, as he did for Raven’s player Ray Rice, to go easy on this single mom who purchased a gun in PA for her defense, then took carried the concealed weapon, a felony in NJ into NJ? Do you now see the danger of preaching the absurdity and historically false narrative of the NRA et al (DeceptiCONS) universal second amendment, in effect before Man and from here to the Ice World of Hoth and back.

The almighty Pound (subbed for dollar) is being used as the latest reason why Scotland must now secede from Mordor on the Thames as the vote is now obviously swinging the way of Independence

What's wrong with this picture? Check out Mike Church's [r]epublican Thought of The Day for the answer
What’s wrong with this picture? Check out Mike Church’s [r]epublican Thought of The Day for the answer

GREAT NEWS: Homosexuals can now get “married” in a REAL Satanist Church instead of the one’s faking their “Christianity” as Satanists open new Satanic “church” in Detroit. Please note the “rites” the Satanists plan to preach “…include offering same-sex wedding ceremonies and advocating for women’s rights — in particular, opposing on religious grounds the informed consent laws requiring that women receiving abortions be given certain information. She also is working on plans to volunteer at local animal shelters…” So it is now official that abortion and same-sex marriage are the work of The Devil according to his “church” here in America.

VIDEO: Cardinal Dolan, NYC, is being called out by the Church Militant for his latest outrage against the faithful. Catholic faithful must be careful in their glee for this type of rebuke though because the enemy will use it to his demonic advantage as well turning many against Holy Mother Church for what amounts to a well earned, yet misunderstood unofficial denouncement

Speaking of fake Church’s, Cardinal George warns of one called the American Government & its disciples, American citizens who put their faith flags above their God. Since all public institutions, no matter who owns or operates them, will be agents of the government and conform their activities to the demands of the official religion, the practice of medicine and law will become more difficult for faithful Catholics. It already means in some States that those who run businesses must conform their activities to the official religion or be fined, as Christians and Jews are fined for their religion in countries governed by Sharia law.

Matt Walsh: The Osteens are heretics and the American Sheople love them for it. If you haven’t watched or read the transcript of the Osteen’s blasphemy which makes Sara Palin’s “baptism of fire” sound like a Papal Encyclycal, we are told, among other heresies “…when you worship Him, you’re not doing it for God, really, you’re doing it for yourself…”.

The President of the Southern Baptist Seminary can easily spot the Osteen’s heresy and then unfortunately compounds the Osteen-ism “Everyday is Friday” with the equally disastrous heresy of solo fide (by faith alone) which is beautifully explained here

VIDEO II: The YES SCOTLAND video ad from yesterday’s show, watch and replace “Scotland” with “Texas”, “Louisiana” or “Montana” and you may be inspired to act in reclaiming YOUR country’s future from the pagan priests of Mordor on the Potomac

Hollywood chooses to leave out the Redemption part of the story of a WWII soldier’s “Redemption” movie directed by Angelina Jolie. Why this is a surprise to anyone is a mystery to me. Why this is going to be watched by millions of “Christians” is a  tragedy

An American ex-pat (lucky her) now living in Scotland, wants the world to know that the Scottish Independence vote is not a vote against anything it is a vote FOR the idea of self-government and a giant affront to the bullies of Downing street

POLL: Scots are trending to the “Yes” side of the Independence question

Dear Leader reiterates claim that he has authority to attack/bomb/mobilize military forces against ISIS but the history of this claim and the truth of the matter says otherwise. If Congress doesn’t act to stop this, the “federal” part of the federal government is dead

FLASHBACK: All those conversations we have been having on the show and here of late about modesty in our dress and the eschewing of soft-core-porn TV, movie and magazine etc. media gets a boost by Benjamin Netenyahu, who in 2002, advocated the U.S. hijacking Iranian TV stations to air American. prime-time network shows like 90210 to Islamic audiences to “subvert” their morals. Oh but don’t worry, Americans were subverted and made pagans a long time ago, there isn’t much soul left in your average American to rot

The GayStepao LOSES one!? – New Orleans based Federal judge delivers potential nolo contendre argument to SCOTUS’s Justice Kennedy while UPHOLDING the Louisiana ban on same sex marriage. Judge feldman quotes earlier SCOTUS rhetoric on the sanctity of voter initiatives to uphold, LA’s popular law. “…just like the Supreme Court very recently held, this Court agrees “that does not justify removing certain court-determined issues from the voters’ reach. Democracy does not presume that some subjects are either too divisive or too profound for public debate.”

Political cartoonist says we are living in a “firestorm of ignorance”, a phrase I can whole-heartedly, yet sadly, endorse as having seen up close, and very personal

Putin agrees to 7 points on a “cease fire” with Ukraine. Oh, and what a shock! The deal is immediately savaged as “a ploy” by the “bully Putin” to throw mighty western powers off their heavenly appointed duty of playing hall-monitor to Russia.

The disciples of the so called prophet take their video threats to Vladimir Putin, promising to use Russian MIGs to airstrike Putin & install the Caliphate in Russia. Note that ISIS sees Russia as an equal enemy to the U.S., doesn’t that sound like something countries would/could unite over?

See if you can spot the heresy in this piece about the immorality (I think) of TV sex, here’s a hint, don’t look too long at The Box.

Illegal alien boosters threaten Obama & the Dumbocrat Party with…wait for it…VOTES being withheld if they do not deliver on Executive Order amnesty. Via REUERS “If he doesn’t follow through on his promise to take action by the end of the summer, it will make it harder for the people who are knocking on doors in the Latino community to mobilize voters,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of the America’s Voice advocacy group.”

Gentlemen_This_is_StrengthSean Hannity interviews Phil Robertson, where Robertson quotes the Bible then goes on to pronounce “convert them or kill them” for ISIS. I wonder what the God who inspired the book of St James or Timothy would think of that?

The family of journalist Steven Sotloff challenges the “leader” of ISIS to a debate over the “peaceful teachings of the Koran”. The Sotloff’s also say that Steven was martyred for God, pray for his & beloved James Foley’s souls
Hollywood “stars” take the war to ISIS … via Twitter with HellBoy threatening “you will be crushed“. As I have noted before, previous generations of Christendom have triumphed over the jihad by asking for the divine intervention of the Holy Mary, Mother of God.. Remember the battle of LePanto?

Is Social Media the evil that critics make it out to be or is the real evil, Modern Man’s refusal to congregate among those he will share the ultimate “common interest” with? I choose the latter and suggest that blaming Facebook and twitter gives those inorganic activities far too much credit

Is Obama’s “Red Economy” sinking or rising on a “Mavericks wave”? Well, according to Gallup, the euphoria felt in “the markets” and with corporatists the globe over is NOT shared by the hoi polloi who are thankful they can still find enough change between their seat cushions to buy Dominoes Pizza once a month

Scotland – Secede or Die: Voter registration is now proceeding at a record pace as Scots yearn to get their vote/voices heard on the Sept 18th referendum on Independence from the U.K.

Bruce FEin was on our Article V Convention panelArticle V debate held in VA concludes not to conclude anything. Recall the Article V Amendment Convention  symposium held at the XM studios in April 2010, you can READ the entire proceedings transcript here

Remember the Giffords? The couple from upstate New York, framed by radical lesbians for “discrimination” because they would not commit mortal isn and host a “gay wedding” IN their own home? Well they have decided to get out of the hosting wedding ceremony business as a result but I wonder how long it will be before some more radicals decide to compel them to reopen their ceremony business on the grounds that accommodating “receptions” for “gays” requires accommodating the event that PRECEDES the reception. Don’t laugh, these people, do not rest until people like the Giffords have been shamed into renouncing their faith or financial ruin (in their chosen field)

DeceptiCONS Rejoice: 54% of Americans now say the U.S. isn’t “doing enough to solve the world’s problems” meaning its time to give another go to bombing and assassinations and occupations and sanctions and threats of… you get the picture

[r]emnants unite: If Christian Men are serious about “taking our country/culture back” then the first step is to acknowledge that nothing less than divine supernatural power is needed to subdue the evil supernatural power currently ruling the affairs of most men. Failure to take this first step will only send the life raft further down the river, towards the falls, unmanned an useless. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput dares say in public and in print what needs saying and contemplating. “[To rebuild the culture of Christendom] Because we seek Jesus, we will never be fully at home in a world that rejected and killed him. The Letter to the Hebrews reminds us that ‘here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.’ ” (Heb 13:14) Drop this on the heads of those willing to pledge life and death to a “shining city on a hill” and you will see that this task is more war than battle and the combatants may surprise you.

Professional hand-wringers who moonlight as concerned doctors studying “nutrition” conclude that the poor are getting more fat and eating worse food now than they did BEFORE SNAP and Michelle Obama edicts spread across “school lunch programs” for example but the rich are eating fabulously. Perhaps this is because the “poor” are also told they must consume everything that is NOT food in sight in order to attain happiness (pick any “reality” tv show for evidence of this raison de’tre)

I am heartened to see the theft of Jennifer Lawrence et al’s photos be categorized as THEFT and not a “leak”. Still, the question remains, what kind of depraved male population provides such a desperate market for what amounts to the tools of adultery. Again, because the Church has been so lacking in its unified condemnation of internet sin and all that it entails, men really can claim ignorance of [God’s] law.

Right on cue: TV and internet media spring into action to now extend the life of the Jennifer Lawrence et al story by having Apple confirm that iCloud was NOT at fault but that creases in individual security were. Hmmm, I wonder who would have an incentive to perpetrate such a “crime”?

St Bernadette of Lourdes, 120 years deceased

Then cue the next B roll “opinion piece” where we learn that what I predicted on today’s show has already been fulfilled:  “We live in a culture with a peculiar relationship to female celebrity. In much the same way that misogyny tells men that women are there for male consumption, the public and media tell us that famous women are public property.” This leaves no-room for the discussion of the mortal sins of vanity and pride that are at the root of the nude “selfie”. At the risk of being called all manner of squishy names I wonder if the nude selfies will remain as popular as the infallible body of St Bernadette of Lourdes, 120 years deceased now (but looking very beautiful and alive)

Vlad the Impaler or Vlad the Saint in the making? Patrick J Buchanan wonders if the thoughtless denunciation of Putin’s admonitions against the pagan, Western world were just propaganda or actul statements of faith?

SECEDE or DIE: Scotland approaches historic vote on Independence as polls show the gap between “Yes” and “No” closing to a mere six points! 53-47

NOMOCRACY: Lincoln & The American Union, The Fourth Great Religion religion

Why how very polite yet still, constitutionally perverted of Obama to “notify” Congress he had “chosen” to initiate bombing runs over Iraq for “humanitarian purposes” which I assume now means we can have President’s wield our military for earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts and AIDS epidemics

Democrats attack Senator Rand Paul for his “attack on America” op-ed as if cautioning war mongers in both parties against choosing sides in the Syrian-ISIS struggle is anything other than an intervention of the kind (the stupid kind) urged by McCain & company last year AGAINST Assad and WITH ISIS

Guess who else is emerging as a U.S. “ally” against ISIS? Yeah, that country McCain, Santorum & every other DeceptiCON alive have wanted to go to war with the last 15 years: Iran

Black Mass update: OK City’s “Mass” is still opposed by many with petitions now bearing 70,000 signatures against the “service” however, just WHERE is the Church Militant on this? if this blasphemy is to take place there should be an army of Catholics outside the “service” praying to Our Lady & St Michael to bring the event to a close

Not satisfied with defining “marriages” and “civil unions”, “transgendered” and other “emerging sexualities” the State of CA now wades into defining exactly what is and what is not “consensual sex” which is funny considering backers of this insanity were the same hippie pagans demanding that “government stay out of my bedroom” all those years ago.

Many readers and listeners have communicated their abject fear of ISIS coming to the U.S., using the horror of mass executions of 150 people in one day as justification for their fear. “These are people, some Christians that are being killed, Mitter Church, we have to bomb them” you cry! While I pray daily for an end to these demons inspired by the so-called “prophet” I also pray for and fear the mass executions that happen EVERY DAY IN THE UNITED STATES AT ABORTION MILLS. The statistics say that 1.07 MILLION Americans were executed, without trials, at abortion clinics in 2011. If you want to stop mass executions, the evil, macabre lurking inside too many Americans hearts, carried out by butchers at abortion clinics is a great place to start.

Don’t look now but the name “Mohammed” has become the most common new name among new borns in Norway and lest anyone think the Islam takeover of Europe without invading with an army has stalled, Muhammd also rules the nurseries of the U.K. too

Matt Walsh wants to know why nekkid pictures of “celebrities” like Jennifer Lawrence, which are also STOLEN, are such an attraction? Are there NO RULES of morality that apply any longer to online content?

Maybe the people pre-occupied with internet nudity could assist in trying to REBUILD the Christian, western culture instead of pushing it over the cliff?

Federal judge tells UT to go have sex with itself and start printing marriage licenses for MULTIPLE wives/husbands because polygamy is back and it is legal baby! I’m not really excited about this so much as I have run out of superlatives to describe the demonic rot taking hold in every institution of life, fostered and then made legal, scratch that, REQUIRED, by Leviathan

I was accosted by several polygamists and now polyamorysts when I posted my reaction to the UT ruling and then challenged to prove “why is polyamory wrong?” To answer that requires 1. That you believe in 1 Holy Mother Church and 2. That you believe her canon is sacred. and infallible if you meet 1 & 2 then 3. is that you want to honor the teaching and pursue a state of grace by discovering the real reason for marriage to begin with, find that answer, among other places, here

I wonder what Owen would say about this VERY protective mother and blogger who found out her seven year old son had been searching for and watching porno on his iPad AFTER she installed porn filters on the device? The kid knew he had seen things he wasn’t supposed to and confessed to his mother, this prompted the very lengthy discussion she has now had with him and is still having with him. Of course the “kids are always going to see this stuff so we may as well prepare them for it” crowd will I’m certain, pile on the mom and call her every synonym there is for hypocrite but that will not change the raw fact that this will keep happening, and not only does it poison the kids minds, what is it doing to minds and SOULS of the performers?

In the last 3 months we’ve covered one woman’s filming of her abortion then bragging about it like it was a “hook up” at Starbucks now we have NPR (nat’l Communist radio) airing a glowing puff piece on 3rd trimester abortionists titled “After Tiller”. If there was film of third trimester horses being aborted there would be outrage but in the U.S. these days, outrage is posting your disapproval on Facebook then going to Starbucks for “brunch”

Michael Scheuer: If the intervention in the Middle East continues AND if the imbecile war-hawks get their way to gin up a new war in Syria/Iraq, IS will only get bigger and stronger and another American defeat will be close at hand.

I have been saying for nearly 2 years that Libya’s problems including BenGhazi were the result of “Mrs Clinton & Obama’s original sin” of deciding to help assassinate Ghadaffi. I even had Michael Scheuer on the show to beef up the argument. It is gratifying to see that since Senator Rand Paul “broke” this point of view on Sunday, now the bandwagon is filling up, which is a wonderful thing to see because Hillary must be stopped.

This is another great read by Joseph Pearce, this time taking on the Darwinists in ‘What is Man?” I received an email from a listener today, informing me that I must stop saying “our goal is to get to heaven” (I actually say as Fathers our goal is to get wives and children to heaven then work on our own tickets) because “all that is needed is to live a good life…and angels will swoop down and bring you to heaven upon your death.” While I appreciate the suggestion to live it up and Sin while stopping at a few soup kitchens that is not how Christians, true to Holy Mother Church are taught. In this piece Pearce sums up what must be done. “Another understanding of man, related to the Greek anthropos, is that of homo viator, the travelling man or the man on the journey of life, the man whose purpose is to get Home by taking the adventure that life throws at him. The archetypal homo viator in western culture is perhaps Odysseus but, in Christian terms, the archetype is the mediaeval Everyman, who gets to heaven through his good works and the help of the Christian sacraments. For the Christian, every man is homo viator, whose sole purpose (and soul’s purpose) is to travel through the adventure of life with the goal of getting to heaven, his ultimate and only true home, facing many perils and temptations along the way.”


Catholic Gentlemen, you are needed on the battlefield in 10, 9, 8… There are some things every Knight of Our Lord’s chivalry can do in the most secular workplaces to drop faith markers in a  gracious manner. Here are just a few (I do the prayer at every meal one regardless of the company)

And one more on how we as Remnant Church Militant must go “weapons hot” into battle against the secular tsunami

Joe Friday (TV’s “Dragnet”) could never have imagined the dragnet the NSA has bee pulling behind its super-spy-skiff the last 12 years. A new report reveals the agency has been mining meta data it was never authorized to gather AND the agency inside the NSA that was supposed to monitor this illicit deception didn’t even know it was going on until 2010

Buchanan: If there’s anyone who needs to recuse themselves from the Ferguson shooting inquest it is not St Louis DA Robert McCulloch it is the AG of the US, Eric Holder who has no jurisdiction in municipal matters (IF we are following the Constitution as ratified and amended)

How to separate the New Age pagan from their beliefs into the beliefs of the one, true Church may be easier than many think but first, the converters must believe and ACT like they believe

DeceptiCONS are about to hand ISIS the “holy war” it desperately needs to fund its perverted “Islamic” campaign against most anyone, Christians and Shia Muslims included

Never-Ending War follies: Remember when Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Kelly Ayotte et al wanted to ARM and EQUIP those “rebels” that were going to eradicate the evil Bashar al Assad from his legitimate office in Syria? Well, turns out, our “allies” were ISIS, the Mohameddans who have killed all those Christians in Iraq and non-conforming Muslims in Iraq & Syria and now have captured and control their SECOND military base in Syria.

I am not clear how and Egyptian feminist’s “pooping” on the ISIS flag, totally nude and being photographed is supposed to stop the Jihadis from beheading and marauding but AMERICAN feminists seem to be in support of vulgarity for the sake of —– and there’s the rub.

Are you [r]epublican enough to take the #FoundingFatherChallenge? Here’s the video to stoke the effort

The case for forcing the U.S. Dollar back on the gold standard is building. Many voices that remain in the politics fight (there are fewer and fewer) rightly see the gold standard (or some version of it) as the ONE THING that can kill many Leviathan birds with one, golden, stone. It can also be one way to “restore Reagan’s soul”

After the evil and inhuman beheading of journalist James Foley, President Obama should call Congress into session and immediately obtain both offensive and defensive war powers to be used against ISIS as President’s Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Madison and Monroe did for similar circumstances to protect American commerce and life in foreign affairs where ISIS may be operating (subject to current treaties). View the actual congressional record of the debate over Congress having sole possession of both defensive AND offensive war powers from 1801 in today’s “Prep Better” section for Founders Pass members. Not a member!? Join and support keeping this site open for just .17¢ per day.

PREP BETTER: Download the original text file of Ronald Reagan’s E.O. 12333 in this week’s Prep Better section for Founders Pass Members. Not a member? Signup today for .17¢ per day.

If you have taken my [r]epublican Challenge #1 (for Fathers) then you probably have a good handle on what to do when confronted with situations that can easily lead into violent, parental, episodes. This FL dad confronted one such episode and dealt with it heroically (yay) only to use the event to a gain a shameful advantage.

An oldie but goodie from Joe Sobran on the Right of Secession as the ultimate and final check against an oppressive Central Government, namely the one in the style of the (sic) United State of America

Read Patrick Henry American Statesman Today-Revived from an 1887 out of print classic, Edited by Mike Church
Read Patrick Henry American Statesman Today-Revived from an 1887 out of print classic, Edited by Mike Church

How would Patrick Henry handle our problems of ObamaCare & never-ending wars? Read a FREE chapter preview of Mike Church’s “Patrick Henry-American Statesman” for the Liberty or Death Patriot’s life-story

When the price of bacon goes parabolic, brought on by conditions the Federal Leviathan says cannot exist so long as they are on the job, it may get the attention of the apathetic hoi polloi

Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

Mike Church’s Founders Pass announces anytime, no limits discount program. Take 17% off purchases off most Founders Tradin Post purchases with your Founders Pass.

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Did you know that in 1865, 7,000 Confederation citizens sailed to Brazil and set up a community there and are STILL there today? Hmmmm, maybe there IS still a place to seek refuge from Obama’s Leviathan

Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Et Libertas set pectus purim et fermium gestate; alias res obnoxiosae note in obscura latent.” Liberty is having a pure and dauntless heart; all else is slavery and hidden darkness

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