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Hurricane Barry-Live Reports From Madisonville, Louisiana

Hurricane Barry-Live Reports – update 3:52pm cst

Madisonville, LA – Hurricane Barry was supposed to dump 14-18 inches of rain on the NOLA area – I live in a small suburb town called Madisonville – and very likely breach some of the Corps of Engineers vaunted levee system that “protects” the city while simultaneously and methodically destroying it a few inches every spring. The results of the Corps’ 3 year long campaign to spare ethanol farmers small floods by diverting tens of trillions of gallons of water through the Bonnet Carré Spillway and into Lake Pontchartrain. The Corps of Engineers is getting a stay of execution because Barry, comparatively speaking, is a NothingBurger compared to rains of 2016, Katrina etc-an event of either magnitude would permanently sink the city and the Corps wretched scheme.

Madisonville, our beloved little town is perched on the banks of the Tchefuncte River to our east and Lake Pontchartrain to our south. Thus far at 3:35 p.m. CST, we have had less than 1/2 inch of rain yet we are flooding, why? This water is Corps of Engineers diverted water pushed inland by strong winds from the S-SW.

Listen to my commentary yesterday from The Mike Church Show and read this story from a 2018 edition of The Atlantic for the gory details of the Corps’ diabolical campaign to make all of Southeast Louisiana a set for Kevin Costner’s Waterworl II, The Big Easy.

New Orleans Is Sinking & Why The Levees Must Die

From a 2018 Atlantic story “How Humans Sank New Orleans” we learn.

Subsidence continued even as more and more people moved into subsiding areas. While the vast majority of New Orleans’s 300,000 residents lived above sea level in the early 1900s, only 48 percent remained above the water in 1960, when the city’s population peaked at 627,525. That year, 321,000 residents lived on former swamp, over which time they dropped into a series of topographical bowls four to seven feet below sea level.

I have a LOT to say about the fact my home city will become Atlantis, tune in to The Mike Church Show to listen!


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