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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – If you believe that America’s best days are behind them and that your children are going to suffer debt slavery, that they’re going to have to pay back what we’re spending today, maybe you should consider an alternative course. Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  “Americans more downbeat now than at any time since Carter, poll says.”  Perhaps women serving in combat roles will lift our spirits, right?


As President Obama begins his second term, he is facing an increasingly pessimistic public who believes that America’s best days are behind them. [Mike: If you believe that America’s best days are behind them and that your children are going to suffer debt slavery, that they’re going to have to pay back what we’re spending today, maybe you should consider an alternative course of…there I go again.  Scratch that, I didn’t mean that.]

According to a recently released Gallup poll, 39 percent of Americans rated the current climate of the country as positive. That’s about the same as it was in 2010 — and has been the lowest recorded by Gallup since President Jimmy Carter’s term in 1979. Taken together with the 2010 reading, that’s just above where the country was at the end of the Carter term — when inflation was high and the economy was reeling.

Now, with unemployment slightly below 8 percent and economic growth continuing at a meager pace, [Mike: There is no economic growth. There’s growth in currency. The currency is expanding, meaning there are more dollars out there. The Fed is trying to – why am I even talking about this?] The survey also found that most Americans’ attitudes toward the status of the country are connected to their political views. Republicans believe that when there is a GOP president in power, things are better. The same rings true of Democrats.

[end reading]

Mike: So in other words, you Republicans, those that are aligned and believe that parties are your salvation, that you must have parties because parties save us from the other party, you need the Democrats to exist so you have something to hate, so you have something to oppose, so you have something to demonize, so you have something to vilify. You Democrats need Republicans so you have something to hate, something to oppose, and something to vilify. Isn’t this just a wonderful scale? Isn’t this just a wonderful system that has been devised for us by our almighty, all-knowing, all-seeing federal overlords?

You would think they almost planned it out this way, that as long as we have two parties and they’re at each other’s throats all the time, and as long as enough people are not educated enough to really grasp what it is that’s taking place right in front of their very eyes, what history says about it, and what history says you ought to do about it, as long as those conditions exist, Soledad O’Brien will be as loved as Sean Hannity will. Rachel Maddow will be as loved as Bill O’Reilly is. Each say that the other has no place in the business. Each say the other one is wacked out of their gourd. Yet, at the end of the day, neither side will change, neither opinion will change. The discourse in between the two will be reduced to name calling and situational tactics as opposed to the real issues that are in play, just like this women in combat thing.

All day long, I have heard people protesting mightily about performance issues, about women being strong enough, physically able to do this, about PMS versus PTSD. If you care to listen to the first hour of the program on Sirius XM On Demand, you may learn that I said even though I believe many of those things to be true, and I think you could not find a numerical formula that would require you to have women in your combat forces, that shouldn’t be the issue at hand here.  The issue at hand here is that we have traditional roles.  Are we ever going to draw the line in the sand and say: Okay, no more emasculation of men. No more masculinization of women. Families and children matter.  The biological, traditional, institutional order of things matters.  No more orphanage-by-military policy, none.

In other words, this job training and this jobs program the military has become is now going to inspire some manner of further societal evolution.  Must the societal evolution continue?  Is there no one that will say that some things are just better left undone, that some things are better left as they are, that maybe there are dogs that are sleeping and you ought to let them lie?  Maybe, just maybe our daughters, our mothers, our wives, and our sisters are worthy of our defense.  Regardless of whether or not there’s one-tenth of one percent of them that could make a combat brigade, that we shouldn’t want any of them in the combat brigade.  Maybe?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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