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If Suburbs Can Secede, Why Can’t States?

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – If you can accede to a plan of government, wouldn’t it make sense that if the plan becomes injurious, that you can secede? Based on what’s going on in Atlanta, with the suburbs seceding from their bankrupt cities, wouldn’t it make sense that the next step would be for a state to secede from it’s bankrupt National Government? Of course, that’s if they can “get away with it” because if a state tries to secede, peacefully, what do you think the answer from Washington will be? “Uh, you can’t do that… because we said so… and we kinda need your money.” Check out today’s Founders TV for more and sign up for a Founders Pass if you don’t already have one…

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  1. Chris

    Hey I have a question about scedeing. Now in the Constitution Article 4 Section 3 it talks about new State joining the union. What i want to know is could the New State that joined the Union leave? I mean the congress was made up of 13 states so they could just say that you can join but never leave but the 13 original colonies could leave any time. Then what about thos state’s where the land was bought by the U.S. Congress. They were Territory that became states so are they not still owed my the Congress?

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