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I’ll Take “Fake Conservatives” For $1000, Alex. What Are DeceptiCons, NeoCons, and Jacobins?

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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the IRS, Tea Party tyranny plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125.  “The word ’empire’ does not yet have the right ring in American ears, so the new Jacobins try not to appear too grasping. But even when feigning modesty the will to dominate has difficulty keeping up appearances – as when Ben Wattenberg said, no, no, no, we Americans do not want to ‘conquer the world.’ We only wish to ensure that ‘the world is hospitable to our values.’ The arguments for bold American assertiveness are familiar: We live in a dangerous world full of odious political regimes. Terrorism is a serious threat to America and its allies. America must, as the world’s only superpower, play a leading role in the world. But why keep repeating the obvious? Yes, the world is dangerous; it always was, more or less. Like other countries, America must be prepared to defend itself and its legitimate interests – of course – and as a superpower she will indeed have to carry a heavier burden than other countries. It does not follow that America must impose its will on the rest of the world.” – Claes Ryn, previewing  “The New Jacobins”, 05 May, 2004

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Claes Ryn has been warning of the spread of “neoconservatism” since Bill Bennett was chosen over M.E. Bradford for the NEH post in Reagan’s first term and he is more right and more needed as a intellectual and pragmatic resource than ever before. Here he is in 2004 sounding the [r]epublican clarion

“Hello Sword, I am am IRS Chief” – Obama coaxes IRS chief to fall on his sword for sins underlings committed before he was IRS chief, but Miller WAS a career IRS’ spook so who will run the “agency” now, greenhorns? What can possibly go wrong?

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Obama isn’t Nixon, matter of fact he is the exact OPPOSITE of Nixon but try selling that to the Tea Party, ABO crowd who want BenGhazi heads rolling

If at first you don’t secede… The House will try again to repeal ObamaCare while the option of just letting the beast starve to death seems to have all but faded

The IRS appears to have targeted up to 500 “conservative” groups with their non-profit interrogations but gave “liberal groups” a pass-how does Rachel Maddow explain all this?

If Tea Party groups were placed in a state of “purgatory” while awaiting IRS approval, someone should ask the question of whether this had any effect on the stated goals of the groups or is it just partisan brinksmanship

Dear Leader’s turn as “Dear Leader” is coming to a crashing, unimpressive end

DeceptiCONNED: GOP’ers don’t much care for an actual scandal about the very real growth of the menacing Leviathan state, not when they have Anyone But Obama delusion on the brain, this does not bode well for “conservative” futures if this is “conservatism’s last gasp

Tim Carney hits about as close to home on what the REAL problem with Libya and Benghazi was for Obama and the United States “Both the availability of weapons and the rising presence of al Qaeda revealed that Libya was not safe. They revealed that Obama’s invasion of Libya was no clean matter of getting rid of Moammar Gadhafi and going home. Americans were still on the ground doing dirty work, in a terrorist-ridden land destabilized by our decapitation of the old government and aiding a civil war.”

And if you think that ObamaCare is going to be the Hellion-government-beast that ends it all for our fair little, formerly constitutional “republic”, read THIS which will reiterate my point that the ACA is going nowhere because it is out of scale and “insurance” won’t improve your life either

Good grief, can we wait until 2014 before handicapping 2016 and proclaiming it to be -once again-Hillary’s “slam dunk”!? or Rand & Marco’s “race for the rookie vote”?

If THIS is Marco Rubio’s idea of an immigration “solution” then the “Gang of eight” must be headed for a date with the corner, a stool and a dunce cap

The Great Gatsby movie is all about the government’s control of the alcohol trade and how the 18th Amendment rigged that in favor of the State

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