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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “In other words, if you don’t agree with the state that you should participate in and should affirm a mental disease that’s going to ruin not only the souls but in many cases the actual lives – suicide rates for this condition are high.  This is madness.  These people are basically encouraging these children to set themselves up to kill themselves.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  State of Illinois here is – this is a trial balloon, folks.  I’ll tell you what this is.  It’s: Let’s see if the idiots, let’s see if the pliable morons that call themselves parents and citizens in Illinois, let’s see if they’ll actually take this.  And if they do, like the idiots did, like the apostates did in Massachusetts, imagine what we can do with it.  We can get this in front of the Supreme Court.  All we need is one useful idiot to sue to stop it, then we get it in front of the court and we make it national policy.  Diabolical.  This is a diabolical plot for the souls of children.  If you don’t see that, I don’t know what to tell you.  This is in today’s Pile of Prep.  Under the subheading “Tolerance Is So ‘90s,” she writes:


In addition to requiring volunteers and staff to abide by the department’s “LGBTQ-affirming” policies, DCFS “will not contract with private agencies” unless the contractor’s policies are “at least as extensive” as DCFS policies, including provisions that the contractor’s employees may face termination for violating LGBTQ policies . . .

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

[end reading]

Mike:  In other words, if you don’t agree with the state that you should participate in and should affirm a mental disease that’s going to ruin not only the souls but in many cases the actual lives – suicide rates for this condition are high.  This is madness.  These people are basically encouraging these children to set themselves up to kill themselves.  We didn’t get them in the womb with Planned Parenthood, but by Moloch, we’re going to get them now.  By Baal, we’re going to get them now.  You can get fired from your gig if you’re doing business with the State of Illinois if they find out you don’t agree with their embrace of mental disorders.

Christopher:  Randy M sent a great video.  I was listening to it and finding a good spot where I could play it.  Father Mike Schmitz explains the reality versus perception.  You want to hear a bit?

Mike:  Let me finish this.  Hold that thought.


Even placement decisions—including placement with “kin or fictive kin”—are subject to an ideological test that measures the caregivers’ “attitudes and beliefs” about sexual orientation and gender identity, and assesses whether they are sufficiently “LGBTQ-affirming.”

[end reading]

Mike:  In other words, if there’s a case where a child has to be placed into foster care and there is a next of kin that can be the foster parent, if the foster parent is not sufficiently homosexual-friendly, not sufficiently dressing up in drag, is not sufficiently all getting sexed up with members of the same sex, you can’t get the kids.  Even though they’re your brother’s children, you’re not allowed, Christian, apostate from the civil religion.

I need to finish the point I was making earlier about the mistake that was made back in the day, the ground that was surrendered.  We’ve separated the term from the act.  There is an act that is associated with male homosexuality, sodomy.  It’s a disgusting, disfiguring, unhealthy, resulting-in-disease act.  That’s a biological, an epidemiological fact.  There is an act that is associated with the other form of sex behavior, sexual choice as they call it.  Again, it is degrading.  It is not physically acceptable, natural.  The male version of it is lethal, absolutely lethal.  Encouraging a male child to pursue this life is encouraging them – you might as well say: Smoke more.  No one would say yes to that, especially in 2017.  Give the kid a cigarette?  No way.  You’ll go to jail for that.  Give him permission to go have sodomy with the other kid down the street.  Yeah!  We might even film it so we can watch it later on.  Here’s the state’s policy:


[quoted material]

If a child or youth is known to be LGBTQ, the caseworker is responsible for determining prior to placement, the caregiver’s attitudes and beliefs regarding sexual orientation, gender identity/gender expression. In no instance should LGBTQ children/youth be placed with a non-affirming caregiver who is opposed to sexual orientations that differ from the caregiver’s own. Nor should LGBTQ children and youth be placed with caregivers who are unwilling/unable to support children and youth whose gender identity or gender expression differs from traditional expectation…If a caregiver is found to be non-affirming or is otherwise in violation of the nondiscrimination requirements in Appendix K, the youth’s DCFS caseworker must take immediate action to intervene and take appropriate corrective action and contact the LGBTQ Coordinator.

[end quoted material]

Here Comes the LGBTQ Czar to Oversee Kids’ Sexuality

To get everyone on the same trans-pushing page, the new enhanced policies mandate training in “LGBTQ competency” . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  How are you competent in something that is not natural, that by its definition and nature is disordered?  So you’re saying you’re competent in getting things wrong?  How many of you ever watch the television show with Larry David on HBO, Curb Your Enthusiasm?  There was an episode in there where Larry went to go visit his father, I think, at a retirement home.  He was having a conversation with the dad about how it was going in the home, and if he’d made any friends.  He said: I have made a few, but my best friend is Yoshi (or whatever his name was).  He was from Japan.  Like me, he fought in World War II, too.  The Larry David asks the dad, he goes: He fought in World War II like you, huh?  That’s great, pops.  What did he do?  The dad tells Larry David: He was a kamikaze pilot.  Larry David says: Well, he’s alive.  He’s still here.  The dad goes: Yeah.  So you’re telling me that he was a failure?  About this time the guy comes up.  Then the dad introduces him or something.  Then Larry David says: The guy is a total fraud.  He can’t run around calling himself a kamikaze pilot.  He survived.  He’s not a kamikaze pilot at all.  He’s a fake.  Ultimately, through a series of comedic – it was very funny.  Through a series of comedic events, the kamikaze pilot in the old folks’ home goes hari-kari and kills himself.  It was so funny.  That’s an example of: How do you make something that’s wrong right?  A kamikaze pilot dies.  You can’t make something that’s wrong right.


To get everyone on the same trans-pushing page, the new enhanced policies mandate training in “LGBTQ competency” for staff, providers, and foster parents, regardless of whether they currently serve LGBTQ kids . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  Remember a couple weeks ago we had the talk about PSR training, safe environment training that is all the rage in some Catholic churches and parishes all around the United States?  In other words, the dogmatic teaching on certain things matters not.  Let’s surrender the overseeing and judgment of parents, let’s surrender that to the civil authority and to the State, ‘cause they always get everything right and the Church always gets everything wrong.  The roles are totally reversed.  Of course, now, some of this PSR madness now finds parents that are Catholics actually having to take the training if they want to be with their kids when they’re training to, for example, serve at the altar or be in the choir.  In other words, it’s the Church saying, or that particular ordinary saying: We don’t trust you.  You don’t trust us?  We’re not the ones that let all the pervert sodomites in to get ordained to do all the diddling with the children that was done.  That wasn’t the laity that did that; that was you guys.  Don’t get me started.  Back to the policy:


[quoted material]

. . . Therefore, any person who is involved with DCFS children/youth will complete mandatory training in LGBTQ competency. Specifically, LGBTQ training will be part of the retraining Child Welfare license . . .

[end quoted material]

[end reading]


Mike:  In other words, if you’ve got a license in the State of Illinois to work with foster kids, you now have to go get trained and have your brain reprogrammed so that you can assist them in committing suicide, in committing buggery, in committing acts of sodomy. What a wonderful, wonderful government we have. What awesome people. But they do this all for tenderness, right?  It’s all about: I’m tolerant.  No, you’re not.  If you were tolerant, you’d be tolerant of God because God made that child a boy.  You’d be tolerant of seeking help for the child not assisting it.

Folks, I don’t know any other way to put this.  We now have internationally-famous people like Ariana Grande and Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus and P. Diddy and Beyonce and every other Hades-forsaken entertainer out there assisting children in losing their virginity, committing acts of sodomy, changing their sex, becoming sluts and tramps, doing anything other than what vocationally a Christian world once so beautifully and magnificently told them and defended what it told them that they should do.  If we’re not living in the age of the apostate, then I’d like for someone to show me when the age of the apostate was and what it looked like.  Now we have the power of the State being brought to bear against God.

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Again, let’s go back to point two: Church is always right.  She is infallible in her teaching.  Her teaching is never incorrect, ever.  I have to ask the question: Is there any ordinary, any bishop in all of Illinois that is privy to this madness and said – Catholic charities still do foster placements.  They still do lots of work with children.  They still perform all manner of charitable acts.  You mean to tell me that someone that volunteered for an organization that’s run by a parish in order to assist kids that are in need or families that are in need in their parish and their children now has to go be trained so that they can help the children become mortal sinners?  If this isn’t madness, please tell me what is.  Absolute, sheer, lunatic madness.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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