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“ISIS Doesn’t HAVE Any Bases For Us To Bomb!” Says U.K. MP Galloway

Mandeville, LA  – During the debate in the British House of Commons today over whether the Brits will fall for the Obama led crusade to overthrow Syria’s Bashar al Assad under the guise of “destroying” ISIS, MP Galloway unloads on a female MP and her “asinine intervention.” Professor As’ad AbuKhalil observes that this is really a multiu-tiered proxy war that is NOT about humanitarianism or ISIS but IS about, in part, the US v Russia.
The Russian-American war: this war is reminiscent of the Cold War. The conflict between the Russian government and the American government has never reached this level since the demise of the Soviet Union. The conflict over Ukraine and Syria, among other places, has pushed both sides to resort to the tricks and methods of the Cold War, including proxy wars.”

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