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John Taylor Explains Our Corruptions; Mike Explains Why Living in the U.S. Is NOT Living Free

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Taylor continues to insist that if you let just a little tyranny into the process so that you can control it, you are ultimately controlled by it.  Just imagine if he could witness what we see today, and imagine what his thought would be.  “You boys have to do what with what?”  Don’t kid yourselves with the idea that you are free because you’re not, none of us are, not as long as that hulking menace that sits on the banks of that river in the ten-mile square that Patrick Henry talked about is there making rules, laws and regulations, taxing, redistributing our wealth at will. Check out the rest in today’s transcript…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Mike Church here with you asking you to take daily doses of the founding fathers red pill for eight weeks solid.  Reclaim your critical thinking skills, unplug the matrix cable from the back of your head, and become a member of the self-governing people of these United States of America.  Of course, you can’t govern yourself when you have this major hulk of a legislature sitting on the banks of the Potomac River pretending that it gets to govern you.  It’s impossible to have self-government.  It just does not occur.  That’s why all this jabberwocky about fiscal cliffs and NDAAs and all the other tyrannies that they visit on our heads is just that.  It’s a bunch of jabberwocky.

I really feel for people that still have faith in the federal legislature, if you can even call it a federal legislature.  It’s basically a national democratic legislature.  It takes power that were supposed to be reserved to the people in the states and says: We thought about it and you guys are too stupid to do that, so we’re going to do it for you.  It does it with impunity.  The amount of people that buy into this and believe that this is the way things ought to be present a grave danger to any future liberties that you may hope to exercise.

This is why the concept of republicanism is the only hope.  It is the real weapon that we have against all this tyranny.  This is not something that’s new.  It shouldn’t be a newsflash.  This was well known to almost every generation of Americans all the way up to the end of the 19th century.  Then, of course, Lincoln had a lot to do and the radical Republicans had a lot to do with squashing and quashing that spirit, what I call the spirit of ’76.  Since the spirit of ’76 is on the wane in so many of our fellow citizens, what is the good winter soldier patriot to do?

Most of us have legislative sessions coming up in 2013.  I know ours here in Louisiana starts in March.  I know Texas has a big one coming up. Start girding your loins.  Find out who your representative is.  Start having local meetings.  Get on this guy’s case.  Start making waves.  We demand that you protect us from this beast.  We demand that you pass laws that stop these encroachments.  We demand that you also consider alternatives.  Yes, that does meant the use of the “s” word.  The reason you want to use that is to make the point abundantly clear that you guys are out of line.  You’re not operating under the law.  You’re not operating under the compact that creates your legislature to start with, speaking of those in Mordor on the Potomac River.

Maybe we should have learned a lesson.  There’s a lot of recriminations being printed now about how the Tea Party failed and the Tea Party is dragging the GOP down and this, that and the other.  I’ve always been of the opinion that vast majorities of Tea Party people were basically just Republican cheerleaders.  That has borne itself out in legislation in the way people act and talk about things.  I think that my protestations against being fixated and focusing on all these federal issues going all the way back to 2008 and 2009 has now been proven correct.  Isn’t it amazing now to watch people scrambling to try to coerce their legislatures and governors into protecting them from the Affordable Care Act?  We told you over and over again that the federal courts were not going to do this, that you were going to lose.  You put your faith in those courts.  You are going to sip sorrow, as Patrick Henry said in the Virginia Ratifying Convention.

I have a little pearl of wisdom here for you from John Taylor of Caroline.  By the way, I missed John Taylor’s birthday yesterday.  I had it marked on the wrong day in my calendar.  I’m just going to pretend it’s today.  Happy Birthday to the greatest [r]epublican of the founding era, John Taylor of Caroline.  In his book Tyranny Unmasked, we find this passage.  You can forward this around to your friends and family or keep it and learn to quote it.  It really describes what’s going on here today.


How can government be pushed further than into the very mouths of individuals? What other power can despotism need, after it has obtained a complete control over all the physical interests of the individuals who compose a nation? [Mike: I could just stop right there. I don’t have to read any more. That’s powerful stuff.] It boasts in the United States, that it leaves the mind free. The criminal extended on the rack still retains the freedom of his mind. Though confined in a dungeon upon bread and water, he may be of what religion he pleases. So bodies, impoverished, and sometimes starved by being encircled with the magical chains of exclusive privileges, may boast under the hardship of deprivations, that their minds are still free; that they can adore, though they cannot enjoy, those republican principles, which teach that governments ought to be instituted to secure the right of providing for our own wants, according to our own will, and not according to the will of the government; because such a power in the government, however it may leave the mind speculatively free, is a real despotism over both mind and body, since they are indissoluble except by death.

Tyranny is wonderfully ingenious in the art of inventing specious phrases to spread over its nefarious designs. “Divine right, kings can do no wrong, parliamentary supremacy, the holy alliance,” are instances of it in Europe. “Common defence, general welfare, federal supremacy and political economy,” are impressed into the same service here. When the delusion of one phrase is past, another is adopted to work out the same ends as its predecessor. Political economy is represented as a complicated system of deprivations and compensations, or of getting and giving back money. In the multitude of transactions implied by this notion of political economy, will none of it stick to the fingers through which it passes? Will the privileged bands of brokers get nothing by this economical traffick? Will the officers necessary to enforce this species of political economy, require no salaries? An economy exposed to endless frauds, and incomputable expenses. The pretence “that though it inflicts deprivations, it bestows compensations,” is one of those gross impositions upon the credulity of mankind, believed upon no better grounds than the stories of ghosts and apparitions. In the history of the world, there is no instance of a political economy bottomed upon exclusive privileges, having made any compensation for the deprivations it inflicts.

[end reading]

Mike:  Man, if I could write like that, good grief.  That says it all right there.  What he’s writing about was a tariff that was being proposed by the Congress in 1814.  Of course, as you just heard, Taylor was having none of it.  He was not going to go softly into that good night, and he was not going to countenance what some people were saying, [mocking] “Oh, come on, you’ve got to take from some to give to others and it’s good for everybody.”  As you just heard, as he demonstrates, no, it’s only good for the people who are exchanging the moneys.

That’s why, ladies and gentlemen, when you hear all of these protestations and all of these vainglorious explanations and promises from fixes to AMT patches and tax code fixes and patches to spending bills and fiscal cliffs and falling off of them and the deprivations that people are going to have to suffer, just keep in mind that there are still trillions of dollars, your dollars, that are being traded.  They’re all being traded, exchanging in between parties, exchanging from one pocket to the next, in between individuals, in between corporations, in between lobbyists and all the people that are involved in this web.  They are doing it all at your expense, and of course there is a grift.  Of course they get a cut.

We’re fixated on the 47 percent that don’t pay any taxes.  That’s a good fixation.  As I always say, I want to be in the 47 percent.  I do not cast scorn upon the 47 percent that pay no taxes.  I don’t want to pay any tax on my wage because I believe it to be immoral, and so should you.  You should aspire to be in that 47 percent.  It should be 100 percent that pay no tax on their wage.  We’re convinced, [mocking] “We have to have the CIA.  We’ve got to invade the world.  Mr. Church, we have to do all these things to protect us.”  Malarkey, absolutely malarkey.  This is a scam, the greatest, largest, most profitable scam in the history of the planet.  It’s happening with our sanction and with our, I guess you could say blessing.  We sit here idle and just wonder how we could get our share.  Just leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone.

Separation provides a severance from this.  It’s the only thing that provides a severance from this.  Otherwise, we shall all live under the tyranny unmasked that Taylor was writing about.  You know the sad part about this, Taylor was writing about a miniscule.  We’re talking maybe tens of millions of dollars of protective tariffs, not trillions.  He was lamenting, someone that was there that served in Patrick Henry’s army — yes, Patrick Henry had an army in Virginia and he was the colonel of the Virginia Militia at one time — someone that served in Henry’s army, served in the United States Senate, was there with Jefferson when Louisiana was purchased, made the case for Jefferson’s purchase, a founder and a friend of the framers whose counsel was sought by all the wise men of the day, John Taylor of Caroline.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.  Read biographies of James Monroe.  You’ll see letter after letter after letter of Monroe writing to Taylor asking him: Dude, what do I do about this?  John, they want me to do this, what is your opinion of this?

Taylor continues to insist that if you let just a little tyranny into the process so that you can control it, you are ultimately controlled by it.  Just imagine if he could witness what we see today, and imagine what his thought would be.  [mocking] “You boys have to do what with what?”  Don’t kid yourselves with the idea that you are free because you’re not, none of us are, not as long as that hulking menace that sits on the banks of that river in the ten-mile square that Patrick Henry talked about is there making rules, laws and regulations, taxing, redistributing our wealth at will.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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