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John Taylor of Caroline-American Statesman, FREE Chapter Preview

Click here to enjoy a FREE chapter from Mike Church’s John Taylor  – American Statesman Book.


Mandeville, LA – Mike Church & Founding Father Films Publishing present John Taylor of Caroline-AmericanStatesman, now available in cloth bound, hardback, autographed by co-author editor, Mike Church.

After nearly 7 months of editing and assembling this collection of Taylor’s works is now available. Featuring over 100 pages of never before published works by Taylor and another 100+ pages of once published works by Taylor’s late 19th century biographers, this collection gives the reader the entire scope of Taylor’s life and his works including his should-be-famous speeches.

Defending James Madison’ “Virginian Resolves of 1798” (on Nullification), Taylor was the spokesman for the effort and his speeches have never been published in a collection of his works.

Saving the day for the Jefferson Presidency by winning the debate in the U.S. Senate over the constitutionality of the Louisiana Purchase. This speech is a must read for any [r]epublican and is a masterwork of Constitutional/ [r]epublican thought.

The book is available in 3 formats.

1. A hardback edition with Mike Church designed dust cover.

2. In a very LIMITED EDITION, hand-made, coarse cloth covered, 1866 styled edition printed on acid free, replica, 18th century stock, hand stitched and bound and then 24 k gold debossed on the cover and spine. This is book making the way it used to be done, each book is a unique, beautiful replica of the work and will remain a treasured collectible for decades.

3. A Digital eBook edition complete with front and back cover graphics.

Click here to enjoy a FREE chapter from Mike Church’s John Taylor  – American Statesman Book.


This edition is the first modern release of Taylor’s 1809 “Spirit of ’76” pamphlet, a complete explanation of the government the Founders thought the American Revolution won them.  This edition also includes footnotes and a handy index and was formatted using modern publishing techniques.

In John Taylor of Caroline-American Statesman, readers will be fascinated to learn:

Most people think the Louisiana Purchase was unconstitutional. Thanks to Taylor’s Senate speech defending the treaty on Constitutional grounds, that urban legend can be dispelled.

Taylor was the first to argue against Congress’s new, “constitutional” taxing power before the Supreme Court in the “Argument against the Carriage Tax.”

Taylor rejected his lifelong friend, James Monroe’s friendship once Monroe was elected President so he could “remain in the opposition” and much more.

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Times_that_Try_web_posterShop for Patrick Henry American Statesman editions including a coarse cloth, handmade, 1887 replica of Tyler’s original here.


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