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Exclusive Sneak Peeks Of “What Lincoln Killed”

Special!! The World Premiere of an EXCLUSIVE Audio Sneak Peek of “What Lincoln Killed-EPISODE I”! 

Jefferson Approves of Northern States Seceding:
Jefferson, Taylor, and Madison Explain Nullification:
The Timothy Pickering Story:

To put this feature’s theme in one sentence it is: the Founders meet Mel Brooks.

Recording Studio Production Photos From “What lincoln Killed-EPISODE 1”
Recording Studio Production Photos From “What lincoln Killed-EPISODE 1”
Recording Studio Production Photos From “What lincoln Killed-EPISODE 1”
Recording Studio Production Photos From “What lincoln Killed-EPISODE 1”

Thanks for the TREMENDOUS REACTION to this effort!

Become an Executive Producer today of the new Founding Father Films Audio Series ‘What Lincoln Killed’ Friends, I thank you for visiting this page as often as you do and for your support of the radio show and FFFilms efforts. Here is your chance to have a bit of fun while teaching the rest of America real history. How? By joining me as an Executive Producer of this exciting new audio adventure that takes the listener on an educational journey! We are seeking financial support for this new labor of love “What Lincoln Killed”. The investment is but $100 and you will have your name in the credits as an Executive Producer! Plus, you will receive a signed, numbered, limited edition of the 3 CD set when it comes out. We already have 50 Executive Producers but our goal is a total of 500 Executive Producers, so Join Us! Click Here and invest $100 to be a part of history in the learning.  Still have questions or want more details please feel free to comment below, or email me: ! Yours to count on, Mike Church Synopsis of the AUDIO CD project (just reminding everyone interested that this is an AUDIO only feature NOT film or DVD) Synopsis – What Lincoln Killed, Episode 1: Compacts Dissolved This audio feature will be produced in the same manner that I produced the original Road to Independence radio docudrama, which debuted on July the 4th, 2007 and The Fame of Our Fathers, which followed and debuted on Black Friday 2008, and then The Spirit of ’76, which debuted on Constitution Day, September 17th. The reason I chose audio for this is because audio is, number one, what I have been doing for the last 20 years.  I’m really familiar with it and knowledgeable and skilled enough at it that I can do a lot of the work myself.  We can do most of the work at the Founding Father Films Studio where the radio studio is.  Number two, it’s quicker to do.  If we decide to do Episode 2 and Episode 3, then we don’t have to wait as long, marshal as many resources together.  We can crank them out pretty quick.  I can actually imagine that we could get Episode 2, at the least, out before the end of the year, if not all three of them. The synopsis of the story basically is we pick up shortly after the Constitution has been ratified and the trouble begins.  The nationalists begin to assert themselves, with Hamilton’s bank bill and an early test of the taxing power.  First there was a whiskey tax and then there was a carriage tax.  The story picks up with John Taylor of Caroline protesting mightily the carriage tax and the reasons why he says the carriage tax is unconstitutional and why the State of Virginia and its citizens shouldn’t have to pay it.  We see early reestablishment of what was known to be, which was that the states were sovereign and they had some say so over the Constitution. Then as we go through the timeline from the beginning of the 1790’s to the end of the 1790’s, we learn a little bit about the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions and who actually wrote them.  It’s a great story that no one has really ever told, and why specifically they were written.  That’s in the feature.  Then we fast forward to around 1814 or so and lo and behold, we find that there’s a bunch of Northern states that want to secede, that’s right, Northern states.  We tell that story. All the while we’re telling this story, we’re reemphasizing the point that at every instance, whether it’s the carriage tax, whether it’s Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, whether it is the War of 1812 and the 1814 Hartford Convention, states and statesmen assert the sovereignty of the states as unquestionable.  It’s natural.  It is what it is and no one questions it, nor does anyone question whether or not a state can leave the union.  They do question whether or not they should and whether or not the union should prevail in all cases, but it’s rarely intimated, that the states have anything but the authority to withdraw, because they created the general government under the Constitution to start with. That’s the basic storyline.  Part 1 takes us all the way to the first real big sign of trouble.  I don’t want to give away who it is, but he is a very famous Southern quasi-founder who most people will probably not believe was the source, or should I say the muse, the inspiration, for what Lincoln thought about the states and the perpetuity.  I also mention, in What Lincoln Killed, Episode 1: Compacts Dissolved, we’re breaking some new ground here.  This is not your father’s, not even Mike Church’s docudrama as we have previously done them.  Even though I always put humor and good-natured fun into the scripts, or I try to, this is all new territory here.  There is a lot of humor here.  Not only is there a lot of humor, but it’s good, political satire humor.  It fits. To put this feature’s theme in one sentence it is: the Founders meet Mel Brooks.  I think that not only will listeners learn a lot and be inspired to rediscover their state’s sovereignty and their rights under the Constitution, but I also think people are just going to laugh their behinds off. That’s the synopsis for What Lincoln Killed, Episode 1: Compacts Dissolved. – Mike Church, 08 June, 2012

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72 Responses
  1. TheKingDude

    Michael, We are tallying up the final figures now but I want to thank all who are now “Executive Producers” of the WLK project. I plan to rebroadcast the feature in FULL STEREO QUALITY at my [r]epublican radio station right here, all weekend long. The digital download goes on sale this afternoon as well. Then I will begin writing EPISODE II which we will release just in time for Christmas! Thanks to all who support rekindling “The Spirit of ’76” as THAT is what Lincoln killed!

  2. Michael Amowitz

    First time I’ve seen this link, KD, but I did get the email last week. I threw in $100 then, and hopefully it got through. Bill at grass muscle tells me it did. Hope you have your 50+, Mike!

  3. Valerie Protopapas

    I will certainly put whatever small talent I have at your disposal. I have maintained a series on the War of Secession in The Southern Cavalry Review, the newsletter of The Stuart-Mosby Historical Society of which I am the editor. The first installment was the first issue of the 2010/2011 membership year (July/August) and we recently sent out the first issue of the 2012/2013 year which continues the series. I can make these available to you if you are interested. Since I have done a few articles myself, you can get to see my competency as a writer.

  4. TheKingDude

    Aownens: I think the committed account is actually over 50. Still, had I said 5,000 one wonders where the endeavor would be. We are grateful for every person committed to seeing tho project through to completion!

  5. aowens258

    I counted 48 affirmations to contribute to this worth while project yet only 9 have commited, am I missing something.

    1. TheKingDude

      Actually there IS a scene where Vampires are mentioned. You will have to listen or purchase a copy to hear its comical use!

  6. TheKingDude

    Check Your e-mails, the link to complete your $100 donation is in a letter from me along with the prospectus which contains additional levels of support and investment opportunities.

  7. ginna walsh

    Happy to contribute $100. Listen to you on the way to work every morning, and met you at the Patriots’ Saloon in NYC before the Tea Party two years ago. Thanks for all you do.

  8. Andrew Luder

    Mitter Church, I would love to help support the exposing of the ficticious story that has been fed to us by the “winners” of The War of Northern Aggression”. If I am not too late, please send me the info, and I will send the some federal reserve script your way. BTW, enjoyed your take on Rand’s endorsement of Romney. I still don’t know what to do, I want Ron, and the thought of voting for Romney makes me throw up a little, so now I will excuse myself so Sam Adams can wash the taste out

  9. molonlabeusa

    OK, I’m in.
    I am taken with the “little r” avatar. Would you consider producing a button, lapel pin, or round sticker that is identical? It’s the little “r” without being confused with the those big “R” bumblers.

    1. TheKingDude

      We will be putting this item in the product chain next week, stand by to pick up a gold-leaf autographed version from yours truly!

  10. TheKingDude

    The response has been tremendous so far, thank you for your enthusiasm and support. I will be sending a mass email on Monday with a prospectus and instructions for volunteering $100 and or investing up to $5 in the project.

  11. Hamp Dews


    Count me in. It is high time that the truth be known about “Honest Abe” and his murderous clique. Please send along donation information.

  12. Bill Evans

    Have a dude # from a while back though i haven’t listened in a while. Let me know how I can expose the sham Lincoln worship. Big fan of Dr. DiLorenzo.

  13. Mike Berry

    King Dude,

    I’d love to help out. Where else can someone help spread the word about Mr. Lincoln for the cost of a trip to Deanie’s.

  14. tjw1954

    Count me in Mr. Church x 10. Whatever you need to keep this going.
    Please send me the details and I will forward the money.
    PS I have heard a hundred times on your show….”what can we do?” Well here it is folks. Send in money to keep our voice alive.
    God bless

  15. Joe


    Count me in! Keep up the good work. I appreciate all you do to educate the listeners about what REALLY happened during the founding of this nation.

    For my kids (and grandkids to be), thanks!

  16. Paul Scalisi

    Times are tough, but this is important. Would you take a donation on a smaller scale? Let us know, Mike. We all want to help get the word out.

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