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Mike Church Show 050916 Seg. 1-2-The Burger Queen Meets Washington’s Wartime Luxury

Mandeville, LA – Burger Queen and the Washington Shadow State. – Today is the deadline for North Carolina to respond to the Obama [in]Justice Department's demand for compliance in regards to HB2.  The federal government's Title IX was placed specifically in the Civil Rights Act BECAUSE of gender: to designate men and women (two separate and distinct genders) as equal.  Now, Obama has ordered his henchmen to remove gender entirely??  And so we are told: just because you're born one way doesn't mean you have to stay that way.  This is quite remarkable.  Don't you think it's time that the corporate world gets with the program??  Businesses that have gender-specific names and titles should show some equality– e.g., Burger Queen, Mr. Buttersworth syrup, Jane Deer, etc ad nauseum.  See how ridiculous this is?  When will it stop?  You cannot change a gender.  It is an abomination.  We should call it what it is.  The fact that you have to pass legislative acts to protect the separation of genders is insane.  We must ditch the heresy of pluralism.

What is driving the pride of the LGBTQ?  This is a desperate plea for acknowledgement and those that need our prayers.  Why is it so important for Beelzebub to get rid of gender?  It mitigates THREE Commandments: Honor thy father & mother, Thou shalt not commit adultery, & Thou shalt not covet your neighbor's wife.  The more holy you become, the more Beelzebub will come after you.  Mike reads from John Horvat II at Crisis Magazine: “The so-called bathroom wars have nothing to do with bathrooms but are all about war. The push to allow a person to use the bathroom of his or her choice is merely the latest phase of the sexual revolution.”  Caller Randy in Texas reflects on his time abroad and how it compares to the current state of the US.

Mike has guest Kelley Vlahos on to discuss her piece (How Wartime Washington Lives in Luxury) that covers Michael Lofgren's book.  Mike has been talking about it for years.  Washington DC has created a professional class of private sector employees that feed off the federal government.  The wealth is obscene.  “There is a lot more money and perverse incentives”, especially since 9/11.  War is necessary to fund this shadow state; it is tragic and diabolical that the blood of our sons, uncles, fathers, and nephews has become a part of this necessity.  We are a classist society; there is aristocracy in Washington.

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