The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Mike Church Show 060616 Seg 3-4: The Sanctity of Surgical Drone Strikes

Mandeville, LA – The story of a woman drone operator (Tina) is shared, via Laurie Calhoun's blog (We Kill Because We Can).  When a government is acting in sinful error, you have a duty to oppose it.  Soldiers have been told for years that the wars they are fighting are JUST.  How do you think man has become so good at killing?  Who is behind it?  Concluding from Calhoun: “Ironically, if any analogy between Nazi Germany and the drone program holds it is that a bureaucratic institution of homicide is being run by the likes of Adolf Eichmann all over again precisely and only because of the willingness of people like you, Tina, to follow their orders to kill unarmed persons who could not possibly harm you, even in principle, because they have no idea who or where you are.”

Mike reads from headlines.  The world has gone stark raving mad! Where did the Founders intend to redefine gender? The transgender crowd is Nazi-isng us! They're abolishing the natural order, the spiritual order. And then what? It is man's order. The legislature has no authority to tell us that we have no gender!  Until we restore the authority of Almighty God, this will not end.  Is secession a viable option? Mike shares his insight.

We're obsessed with out civil religion today. Jake Tapper on CNN asked Trump 23 times if his comment was racist, and Mike shares the clip.  What is the point of all this?  We have a very warped view of racism today.

The civil religion of 'Muricah can be traced back to Saint Lincoln himself. It is more important for the civil religion to dominate than for THE Religion to dominate.  Pursuing virtue is difficult.  We just want to pursue get-along-ness.  Mike reads a letter to Chris Ferrara from Bishop Athanasius Schneider regarding Amoris Laetitia, and relates it to the civil religion.  Why is this attack  against civilization happening?  Because Beelzebub hates us.  We live in dark times.

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