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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Mike Church Show 060916 Seg 1-2: The “Try It Before You Buy It” Crowd Is Running The Asylum Now

Mandeville, LA – Is there anything to be hopeful for today? In these times there is a dearth of hope. Why is hope not on the mind of the Christian faithful? Despair is a sin; it occurs when we believe WE are in control and that WE are running the show. What could be more fulfilling than giving all control up to the Almighty, and keep hope alive? We must always keep hope alive.

How did a boy win a girl's track meet race?? This is error; a denial of the order! It should NOT be met with accolade and approbation! What we are dealing with, across the board, is a suppression of the natural order. If you suppress the natural order, then order becomes entirely subjective: order is in the eye, mouth, and pen of the beholder! If you think the Beck Option–getting back to the Constitution– is going to stop this, you must not be paying attention to politics, to culture, to our moral life, to our religious life. Mike shares a story of Fidel Castro, who replaced the natural order with his own order. How did that work out for Cuba? Should we be surprised now that youth today want to “try it before they buy it” with their gender?

Eric in Baton Rouge speaks with Mike regarding the issue of the morning. Mike moves to a piece on the Federalist blog: Trans Theory Is a War Against Reality: “Trans theory starts in the mind, not in the body, and by virtue of its essential subjectivity, is unfalsifiable.” What is a 'universal' in philosophy? How does it apply to this discussion? Anyone who denies a universal is impervious to evidence. Caller Emily weighs in and the discussion turns to Pope Leo XIII's prophecy about the future apostasy in the Church.

Michael Brendan Dougherty's recent commentary on the upcoming election is briefly mentioned. Are you one of the distraught over the potential presidential candidates? Mike's perspective is that Trump may be the best prospective candidate since Goldwater. Hope still remains.

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