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Mike Church Show Episode 297: All Hail Emperor “Judge” Robart, The President You DIDN’T Elect

Mandeville, LA – Segment 1:  So its OK For Washington State To Nullify Trump’s Election? – For over a decade, ratified Constitution defenders have held the high, historical ground that the Federal Government can be legally opposed when it exceeds its authority, we call this “Nullification”. Whenever we have made this claim, regardless of the tyranny opposed, we have been called every typical epithet in the book including “racist, bigot, homophobe” and for good measure “nazi” and “slave owner”. Now comes Washington State mobilizing its entire government to oppose what they say are egregious abuses of federal power being taken by the Trump Administration. The WaPo even gives the state heroic headlines and basically sides with them as legitimate protector’s of their citizens and by proxy all the rest of us rubes. Washington’s governor, Jay Inslee, went so far as to compare the Trump travel ban as being of the same color as the internment of Japanese citizens during WWII, neglecting to mention that action was taken by a Progressive who fomented caustic racism against Asians as part of his war propaganda.

Segment 2: All Hail His Excellency, Emperor Robart I, Keeper Of The Immigrant Flame – The Wall Street Journal, the WaPo, the NY Times and the rest of the usual suspects in Has-Been Media™ are certain that Federal Judges have the power to issue nationwide edicts from their “benches” then have them carried out by the legal peasantry. Someone notify the storm troopers on Hoth. In an unprecedented legal move, Judge James L Robart of Seattle Washington. Robart, without bothering to cite any Constitutional precedent but instead relied on two previous Federal Court cases, claims to have halted implementation of President Trump’s Executive Order on immigrant travel into the United States from his perch to the Ice World of Hoth and back. Congress has the ultimate authority to rectify this situation by either passing an immigration bill that contains Trump’s ban or by ordering the Article III Judiciary to stop hearing cases brought against the Trump Administration as they should have done after Roe V Wade, Obergfeldt and dozens of other federal judiciary acts.

Segment 3 :Goodella The Hun Is Booed On Superbowl Trophy Stage – Speaking of tyrants, the Commissioner of The NFL, Roger Goodell, has left a trail of dashed hopes and fan outage in his tenure; see the persecution of the New Orleans Saints for “Bounty Gate” for an example. Then there is the years long “deflate gate” waged against the New England Patriots, last night, when trying to present the Lombardi Trophy to Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Goodell was booed so loudly that he could not be heard over the roar. If you are a Saints fan, you were probably booing along with the crowd, I know I was, in between chuckles.


The Mike Church Show Episode 297: The Greatest Story Never Told: On and Off the Field

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