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The Mike Church Show Episode 302 Podcast: The Walking Dead Promotes Restoring The Order

Mandeville, LA – The Walking Dead: How Zombies & Tyrant Libs Try And Destroy The Proper Order – If you haven’t watched the Walking Dead TV show, you could spend a couple weekends catching up on Netflix before diving into this last season which is filled with what I can only characterize as a defense of tradition! Note that über bad-guy tyrant’s last act of society wide tyranny was what? A gun registration program that led to gun confiscation! Dead also refused to take the cheap shot of placing gay men in positions to make statements with their homosexuality instead portraying at least one of them as valuable for their contributions to the clan while NOT sexually acting. Then there is the character Morgan who I have been cataloguing in his campaign for life. Yes, pro-life!

Today is World Radio Day Or More Appropriately, World Noise Day – I’m not sure what World Radio Day is all about today but Bishop James recalls that Aldus Huxley wrote about the “Age of Noise” 70 years ago and he was writing about radio. This before “Rock-N-Roll”, soft core porn on Country Music and loudmouths screaming war on talk-radio. Bishop Conley tells us what World Radio Day could be.

The Sound of Trump Music – Singer Joy Villa showed up at the Grammy Awards clad in a “Make America Great Again” dress AND sporting a Sacred Heart of Jesus-styled purse. Ain’t ‘Muricah great?

The Mike Church Show Episode 302: The Walking Dead Promotes Restoring The Order

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