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The Mike Church Show Episode 339 Podcast: The War Party Is About To Claim The Hide of President Trump

Mandeville, LA – Holy Week Blunt Truth: If “The West” Dies, Christendom Does Not Follow Her To The Grave – Leave it to Joseph Pearce to kick off Holy Week with the Truth on our perpetual moaning about the “death of The West” and the human armageddon it will instigate. When viewed with eyes not drunk on Fox News, soft core porn (broadcast TV) and the latest worship of “gay pride” on Bravo et al, “the West” is on life support because Westerners are now in nearly complete denial of the source of “the West’s” beauty: The Permanent Things. “The secular fundamentalist “West” is decaying because it is decadent, and it is dying because it has embraced the culture of death. What will be left when the secularist “West” is dead will be the Permanent Things. Christianity is alive and well, and thriving and growing, in Africa, Asia, China–and yes, even in resurrected embryonic form in Europe and other parts of the “West.” Europe and the “West” might be committing collective suicide, but Christendom is always new, as it is always old, because it is the Permanent Thing.” [emphasis mine-M.C.] Let’s take the annual, solemn observance of Holy Week as a starting place to defend that Permanency!

Buchanan: The War Party Is About To Claim The Hide of President Trump – “Yay, Iraq War Planners!” – Buchanan not only asks this piece’s title question but then provides that if the answer is yes, Trump will lose a significant part of the base that elected him. So into the stewing carnage of American foreign policy excess we have added the element of inexperience and machismo, some of us prayed that Trump had demonstrated enough disgust at our nation building efforts that he would at the least proceed with caution. Apparently, we got hosed or as Ross Douthat puts it“If you were expecting Trump to actually govern as a paleoconservative, to eschew the use of force absent some immediate threat to the American homeland, to pull U.S. troops out of all their far-flung bases and leave entangling alliances behind, then the strikes against Bashar al-Assad are the latest evidence that you got played.” Played, hosed, had, conned, it’s what our democratic process and civil religion yields.

The Mike Church Show Episode 339: The War Party Is About To Claim The Hide of President Trump

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