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The Mike Church Show World HQ

The Mike Church Show Episode 409 Podcast: How Trump’s Team ‘Muricah Will Need To Draft Your Kid

Mandeville, LA – We’re ALL Charlie Gard Now – The Vatican under Pope Francis is becoming an arm of the secular, anti-human EU and nothing illustrates this better than the Vatican’s response to baby Charlie Gard’s inhuman treatment by the UK and the that prevailing attitude required for membership in the EU. Put another way, had the UK actually “Brexit-ed” then we might have seen them also exit from the state-imposed value judgements on who lives and who dies in the mdeical care system. Maureen Malarkey points this out AND wonders where our Congress’s, much ballyhooed, crocodile tears, sympathy for Gard was, in dealing with the U.S. Vets who die of their ailments before they can even be admitted to V.A. hospitals Congress

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