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The Mike Church Show Episode 412: Nuking Hiroshima Was Wrong in 1945 And Its Still Wrong Today

Mandeville, LA – Hiroshima-The Lethal Myth That Gave Rise To “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Kill, Kill, Kill” ‘Muricah – Yesterday was the 72nd anniversary of the ‘Murican bombing of Hiroshima, an act of unjust war that killed over 100,000 Japanese civilians. We have been told by the DeceptiCON warfare staters ever since that the bombing was a just act because it spared the lives of millions of ‘Muricans AND Japanese. This is the end result of a propaganda campaign that exists to this day and has even enlisted Roman Catholic priests in its promotion. Peter van Buren corrects the narrative and correctly explains that it is the myth of Hiroshima’s “just” bombing that influences us to be the war-like people we are today, “American foreign policy thus proceeded under a grim calculus that parses acts of violence to conclude some are morally justified simply based on who holds the knife, with much of the history of the next 70 some years a series of immoral acts allegedly servicing, albeit destructively and imperfectly, the moral imperative of saving lives by killing.” So dropping bombs on wedding parties in Afghanistan or funerals in Yemen is totally justified because ‘Muricah earned that moral authority with the bombings of Hiroshima.

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