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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – The ultimate responsibility of the citizen is to protect his property and, by extension, to protect property of those that surround him in his sovereign state, wherever his geography may be.  That’s why you are a citizen and why you swear allegiance to a geographic or sovereign state.  That’s the purpose of being a citizen.  It’s not to buy things.  It’s not to show up here or there.  It is to be the first line of defense.  What is the point of having a state if you can’t defend it?  Check out today’s audio and transcript for the rest…


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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let’s try somebody who’s on message here.  This is Bill in Oklahoma.  Hello, Bill, how are you?

Caller Bill:  Good, Mike, good morning.

Mike:  It was a good morning.

Caller Bill:  Yes, it’s kind of an interesting discussion this morning.  Getting back to the police officers that cornered the ex-cop, the murderer, and them burning the cabin down, clearing the airspace overhead so probably they could see what was going on.  In the Bill of Rights, we’re all — even though he’s a murderer and none of us condone it, he still has due process.  I think we all knew, once they got him in that cabin, he wasn’t coming out of there alive, burning it down or whatever they had to do.  They had no interest in taking him alive, which probably saved them a lot of money.  It also comes back to the point that you had two other vehicles shot up by the police officers.  They shot those two women and I think there was another truck they actually shot.  Nothing is said about that on the mainstream media.  That’s like murder.  What are they doing to the officers that did that?  You would think they would have to be threatened in some way to pull a gun and shoot up a vehicle, but they didn’t even know this cop wasn’t in there.

Mike:  I have a question.  Were these police officers trained to do that?  Is this what they train you to do in academy?  You think you’ve got the perp in a car so you unload ten clips of 9 mm on them or whatever you’re packing?

Caller Bill:  Exactly.

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Mike:  We, in the 21st century, are so obsessed with the rule of man and of law enforcement and everything can be solved if we just had the right law enforcement officer and the right law enforcement policy, the right kind of weapons, and just turn the knob of police presence to the right degree, the right amount of people off the streets that may have, sometime in the near future, have driven after having drank or imbibed alcoholic beverages — there’s a one in 16 bazillion chance they may get into an accident.  There’s little proof whatsoever that they wouldn’t have gotten into the accident had they not been drinking anyways.  We ought to have all this law and all this law enforcement.  We wonder why it goes crazy sometimes.

Caller Bill:  What really gets me is you have the mainstream — I hate to call it the mainstream media because that’s just what it’s turned into.  When that young man went up there and shot those children in that school, all we heard about is what kind of gun did he have?  He had a 9 mm.  He had a Bushmaster assault rifle.  None of it is brought up when they find out it’s somebody, from what I understand and what I’ve read, he leaned a little left, this cop.  You hear none of that brought up now.  It’s such hypocrisy.  I can’t believe the American people cannot see through this.

Mike:  Can I point something out that Andrew brought up?  This is a brilliant point you’ve made.  You brought up that law in France with the burkas, right?  That’s on the books.  What is France?

AG:  Sovereign nation.

Mike:  That’s right.  Is that law isolated?

AG:  To the people of France.

Mike:  If I am a burka wearer, do I go to France or do I choose the Latin proverb “When in Rome, do as Romans do”?  When in France, do as French do.  Do I have the right to intrude into a sovereign territory, into a sovereign people’s space and insult and choose to disobey their law because I am obeying a higher religious order, or do I just decide not to go there?  I vote with my feet.  I don’t need to go to your stupid restaurant or stupid store in Paris.  I’ll go to one in Spain or Portugal or Belgium.  I’ll go to one in Denmark or Sweden or Austria.  My point is, that discriminatory policy and who’s to say whether or not it’s a good one or not, that policy is limited to that sovereign sphere.  If that’s how those people want to operate, fine.  Let them operate like that, as long as they don’t decide to invade my sovereign country and force that law on me or invade our country because they don’t like our law and think we ought to have a similar one, then that’s their prerogative.

Bill, you just made the point about the sheriff of that town in Connecticut, that he may have been a lefty.  He lives in Connecticut.  There’s a very good chance he’s a lefty.  He is in Connecticut.  That’s the majority rule thing to be.  If he wants to be anti-weapon, then that’s his prerogative.  If the State of Connecticut wishes to ban every firearm they have inside their sovereign space, so be it.  Good luck with that when Mordor turns militaristic against you and you’ve disarmed yourself, because that’s the true purpose of having armed men with private weaponry.  It’s so that if called upon, you can have a militia action.  This idea that we have to rely on and we’ve always relied on that we should rely on government for all our defense — I underscore the word all — is flawed.  This deprives the citizen of our ultimate freaking responsibility.

The ultimate responsibility of the citizen is to protect his property and, by extension, to protect property of those that surround him in his sovereign state, wherever his geography may be.  That’s why you are a citizen and why you swear allegiance to a geographic or sovereign state.  That’s the purpose of being a citizen.  It’s not to buy things.  It’s not to show up here or there.  It is to be the first line of defense.  What is the point of having a state if you can’t defend it?  If you read ancient history, if you read Greek and Roman history, this is explained over and over and over again.  Of course there are some men that think because they have a better militia that they ought to go use it against their neighbors.  We would frown upon that.  History also shows that that does not work out so well for those that think like that and do that.  The purpose of citizenship, this is the reason why you’re a citizen.  First it’s your own personal protection, protection of yourself and your family, and then by extension the protection of your state from outside invaders, from wherever it is they may come.

We have totally lost that.  It is gone.  It does not exist.  If you think like that today, if you think that’s the purpose of your citizenship and that’s what you ought to do as a citizen, and that you wish to be called upon, you hope your state will call upon you to exercise that most supreme of all citizen responsibilities, then you’re some sort of a weirdo, you’re deranged, you’re a whacko, you’re a threat to other people.  Let me see if I understand this: 20th century dogma now carried by extension into the 21st century says that if you think what I just said is correct, you are one of those militia nut jobs we need to keep our Homeland Insecurity people’s eyes trained on.  We’ve got to watch you, bucko.  You’re the threat to humanity.

Just think about that for just a moment.  Men today that are armed and the ones always talked about as being the ones you have to watch, 99.999999 percent of them are armed because they believe a tyrannical government seeks to do them and their family, their city and their state, harm.  There may be outside agents operating under another government that seek to do them harm.  They’ve done what citizens, what frugal and responsible citizens throughout the ages have always done.  They have taken steps and implemented measures to defend themselves — note the operative words “to defend themselves — by definition, keeping the firearm in the home, in the gun safe.  So what if you build a bunker out back of your house?  Who’s to say you’re not the smartest person in the neighborhood?  There’s a Twilight Zone episode about that.  Bill, I thank you for sending us down that road.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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2 Responses
  1. When the Japanese attacked Pearl harbor thinking that our mainland was next and that if everything went right they would be able to take their destruction onto the mainland all the way to the Mississippi before anyone would make a stand. I read that the Japanese found out that year in 1941 that there were over 600,000 Deer licenses sold. Did that have an effect on the outcome of this country being part of Japan? I think our line of defense was made clear.

  2. bert

    Mr. Church,

    Do we not live under the “illusion” of property rights? Whether your land or home is paid for or not, we are always just a missed tax bill away from losing any and all real property. would that notion not make us just a Nation of “renters”? Which, would in effect remove one of the tenants of “sovereignty”?

    Could it be that we are nothing more than “serfs” since it is impossible for us to actually and truly “own” real property?

    I know this may sound “tinfoil hat-ish”, but without an honest reform of our current tax code, can we truly consider ourselves sovereign when in reality we are nothing more than renters; renting at the pleasure of the makers and collectors of our taxes?

    Thank you for your dedication to educating those of us that know deep down that “what is, ought not be”.


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