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Monday Government Shutdown Follies-This Is Not Some Damn Game

Order the AUDIOBOOK version of this,voiced by Mike Church!
Order the AUDIOBOOK version of this,voiced by Mike Church!

Mandeville, LA –  Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the Government Shutdown Factoids you don’t get in other media with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125.  “If on the other hand he [the hman the Devil is trying to tempt] is aware that horrors may be in store for him and is praying for the virtues, wherewith to meet them,  and meanwhile concerning himself with the Present because there, ad there alone, all duty, all grace, all knowledge, and all pleasure dwell, his state is very undesirable and should be attacked at once.” – Screwtape, from the ScrewTape Letters, C.S. Lewis

Patrick J Buchanan wants to know why Obama and Reid are so gung-ho to cause as much “pain” as possible with the “government shutdown” against the people they claim their government is the only hop on earth for?

Today’s Guest: Stephen Klugewicz from Franklins Opus presents the Great American History & Civics Test, Pt II – test your historical smarts here

Video: Boehner complains “THis isn’t some damn game” while Tea Partiers in the House start to grumble about “compromise” in upcoming debt ceiling debate. Where are all those “conservatives” we’ve heard howl about “shrinking the size & scope of government”!?

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U.S. falls to #17 in “Economic Freedom” in the world out of 152 countries surveyed. Why would Hong Kong and the UK have more economic freedom than the U.S.!? Find out here

Get Mike's "Road to Independence-Directors Edition" while supplies last
Get Mike’s “Road to Independence-Directors Edition” while supplies last

Government as God has led to humanism i.e. Man as God, this has occurred because of man’s pursuit of “liberty” which, today, is another way of saying “freedom from sin”. The New Paganism essay puts a bead on this and explains it all

Government Shutdown Factoid #79 – Park Rangers have been told to make “life difficult” for anyone wishing to visit a “national park” including Mount Vernon which is not owned by the Feds (thank God). Meanwhile 57 Democrats have bolted their party ranks to vote for funding various agencies in the House

Government Shutdown Factoid #52 – Federal overlord goons threaten local anglers in Tampa Bay with”citations” if they are caught fishing in the holy waters allegedly “owned” by the Federal Government and thus “managed” by federal “officials” in yet another example of what surrendering [r]epublican control of resources for some highway funds and “free” airport security is a dumb idea. Says Ch 9 in Tampa “We contacted a number of local guides who make their living fishing in Mosquito Lagoon. No one wanted to go on camera for fear of reprisals.”

Government Shutdown Factoid #8Government now practically claims dominion over God b y banning Catholic priests from saying Mass on military bases even if they volunteer – lawyer for the archdiocese sides WITH the Feds

Government Shutdown Factoid #107The President does NOT have authority to “raise the debt ceiling” because the 14th Amendment says the debt is legitimate

Clyde Wilson: The enormity of the crimes committed by The State when compared to “crimes” committed by citizens in self defense make you wonder why this abuse goes unpunished AND mostly unnoticed…mostly

Tragedy: 4 U.S. servicemen are now dead after an IED attack in Southern Afghanistan in a “war” that has no strategic purpose yet shows no sign of permanently ending

An event worthy of your consideration especially if you homeschool: How to teach latin in the Modern era!

The original “conservative” Edmund Burke, gets a new look from MP Jesse Norman who concludes that the villain in our day is…wait for it…the economists! Where have I heard that before?

Boehner flips the tables on Obama, saying a default will occur if the President doesn’t “negotiate” with GOP House on “spending cuts and no tax increases”

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The 51st State movement in CO is alive and well and racing up support by the thousands of Coloradans. Secession is on the table folks and we should do all the encouraging and helping we can to make it happen, legally and peacefully

Our brave men and women in TSA uniform can spot blue haired grannies as potential terrorists, 13 year old girls in need of pat-downs but somehow missed a 9 year old boy who snuck on a flight to Las Vegas!

SpyFare confessions: NSA Chief admits only 1 or 2 terror plots were averted by mass wiretapping of cellphones

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