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Mike's famous rendition of the famous Bne Franklin etching has delighted thousands who have the shirt-Order yours today in sizes md-4xxxx
Mike’s famous rendition of the famous Bne Franklin etching has delighted thousands who have the shirt-Order yours today in sizes md-4xxxx

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, bringing you the latest from a world gone mad.  Our Dear Leader has now started his very own war with his very own Stratego army and his own callous disregard for the rule of law, just war and the actual defense of the United States. Cheer at the peril of your children, DeceptiCONS, this will not end well. Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “But the character of the man was as yet undeveloped; the qualities were there, but they were as yet folded and sealed, to be opened and declared to the world when the man’s virtue and the times’ vice should be alike ripe” – The Christian Flower of Chivalry

Say Hello To The Military Immigration Complex – The Army doesn’t have the money to pay citizen soldiers so they will turn toward new immigrants to fill those “boots on the ground” that Obama claims are not on the ground in Syria

Judge Napolitano: Holder was a rubber stamp cheerleader for Obama’s illegal, illicit and contra-constitutional actions

James W. Antle II gives us 7 reasons why the non declaration of war from Congress is a really bad idea

What do you do when the “moderate” terrorists John McCain and company are cozying up to start complaining about Obama strikes in Syria? You get told to bomb Bashar al Assad into deposition, that’s what happens, what could possibly go wrong!?

The James Bond-like villain in the personage of Bill and Melinda Gates has just proven their diabolical heart by lobbying the Catholic School leaders to join Nancy Pelosi and Gates’ campaign to force-feed Common Core to Catholics by propagandazing them ion Catholic media. I’ve never been a believer in the New World Order global conspiracy but the creepy Gates twins and their Common Core brain-washing give me pause to consider it. Wanna know WHY, the Gates’ must attack the Catholic Schools? Well, last year 130 Catholic scholars issued a letter that informed their teachers and administrators of what was at stake and WHY they shouldn’t consider the diabolical (meaning “of Satan”) Gates’ plot.

“Promoters of Common Core say that it is designed to make America’s children “college and career ready.” We instead judge Common Core to be a recipe for standardized workforce preparation. Common Core shortchanges the central goals of all sound education and surely those of Catholic education: to grow in the virtues necessary to know, love, and serve the Lord, to mature into a responsible, flourishing adult, and to contribute as a citizen to the process of responsible democratic self-government.” Catholic Scholars Letter to faculty

There is enough “conservative media” these days that you can avoid the indoctrination camps known as the “liberal media” in places like where we find the most glowing, radiant praise of Eric Holder’s magnanimous and flawless tenure as America’s second greatest civil rights crusader. Trust me folks, do NOT click this link unless you have some receptacle nearby to throw up in.

You can read Congress’s lame excuse for an “authorization” of the Syrian debacle here, search for the terms “declare war” or “in a state of war” or just plain old “war” and the only reference you’ll find is in the proper noun form of “The War Powers act”

MBD: Michael Brendan Dougherty writes what needs to be written: The U.S. A. is just too big to be a “democracy” in any meaningful sense of the word

While you’re at it, see if the name “Khorasan” appears in the “affiliated groups” bibliography because they are now our SECOND mission in Syria. Obama and the war-hawks cheering him are going to re-create South Vietnam all over again. For all we know there actually IS a group called HYDRA next on the expansion list. From CBS News:

” ‘We’ve been watching this group closely for sometime,’ Mayville said. ‘We believe the Khorasan group was nearing the execution phase of an attack either in Europe or the homeland. We know that the Khorasan group has attempted to recruit Westerners to serve as operatives or to infiltrate back into their homelands.’ ” You BELIEVE they were going to strike EUROPE and American lives, treasure and reputation had to be wagered. Let’s weigh the “believe” part of this heresy against step 1 of Augustine’s Jus ad bellum:

1. Just cause — The war must confront an unquestioned danger. “The damage inflicted by the aggressor or the nation or community of nations must be lasting, grave and certain,” asserts the Catechism. [emphasis mine- MC]

As a matter of fact, Obama henchman Susan Rice actually asked Congress to repeal the Iraq AUMF because it was no longer valid or of use

Obama does not control the “Masters of the Universe” by hosting meetings in the White House and determining the fate of millions, who are NOT Americans

Meanwhile U.S. socialists vote to (in the Senate) to authorize “vetted groups” to partake of our MIC and enjoy the spoils of a $600 BILLION never-ending war department

The US Military as “the biggest NGO on the planet” being used to fight ebola etc is a gross perversion of military power that was never intended and should not be intended for “humanitarian purposes”. General Boykin agrees and tells WND why

The Imaginative Conservative – The social and religious revival of the 1950’s in the United States PROVES that what Chris Ferrara & I talked about on Constitution Day can be accomplished if Christian men and women apply our energies and prayer to the effort. But, as the 1950’s also show, that effort must be sustained or the results will be the lecherous culture we are immersed in today, on steroids.

Incorporationistas strike again, in a Texas middle school that has a plaque on it’s wall, honoring the “Year of Our Lord” the school was built in. The town has thus far refused to cover the sign. Pray.

The word “conservative” has become an adjective that has more commercial meaning then it does any significant political or moral one. “The word conservatism has been so much relativized that its meaning and import are now shorn of noetic and dialectical validity. Even those who are steadfastly loyal to conservative principles and ideas are uneasy and defensive when applying and defending them. It is becoming painfully obvious that conservatism as a word has lost its compelling power, its definition confined, exponentially, to prefixes, ellipses, brackets, and adjectival equivocations…”

Real Gentleman do not deny their Lord’s Cross and bear it with reverence to Him and disregard for mankind, ironically, the latter is who benefits from the act

DeceptiCONNED: Meanwhile, the DeceptiCON website Weekly Standard’s editor, tweets out that if you disagree with Ted Cruz you are a member of ISIS

Did Dear Leader MaObama plan his “strategy” based on 10k ISIS of 30k ISIS. What if there is 60k when our 485 “non-booted-non-combat” troops arrive? Will we double the order and send 1k? So the mission is but 1 day old and it has already doubled in size

God would not be a fan of Salvador Dali
Chris Ferrara’s book has become the subject of many conversations on the Mike Church Show of late

Incorporationistas Strike Again: Arkansas State Football is told to rip-off the Crucifix decals with recently deceased team members numbers on them from their helmets for allegedly violating “separation of Church & State”. All it took was for 1 atheist or Muslim attorney with a conservative talk-radio bred view of the Bill of Rights applying to the known universe since the days of Noah and BAM – Reminders to pray for the souls of the dead are now ILLEGAL when attached to ANYTHING that is performed on or partially paid for by “state money”. Liberty, The God That Failed, now has an attitude.

Article V debate held in VA concludes not to conclude anything. Recall the Article V Amendment Convention  symposium held at the XM studios in April 2010, you can READ the entire proceedings transcript here

Remember the Giffords? The couple from upstate New York, framed by radical lesbians for “discrimination” because they would not commit mortal isn and host a “gay wedding” IN their own home? Well they have decided to get out of the hosting wedding ceremony business as a result but I wonder how long it will be before some more radicals decide to compel them to reopen their ceremony business on the grounds that accommodating “receptions” for “gays” requires accommodating the event that PRECEDES the reception. Don’t laugh, these people, do not rest until people like the Giffords have been shamed into renouncing their faith or financial ruin (in their chosen field)

Black Mass update: OK City’s “Mass” is still opposed by many with petitions now bearing 70,000 signatures against the “service” however, just WHERE is the Church Militant on this? if this blasphemy is to take place there should be an army of Catholics outside the “service” praying to Our Lady & St Michael to bring the event to a close

Not satisfied with defining “marriages” and “civil unions”, “transgendered” and other “emerging sexualities” the State of CA now wades into defining exactly what is and what is not “consensual sex” which is funny considering backers of this insanity were the same hippie pagans demanding that “government stay out of my bedroom” all those years ago.


PREP BETTER: Download the original text file of Ronald Reagan’s E.O. 12333 in this week’s Prep Better section for Founders Pass Members. Not a member? Signup today for .17¢ per day.

If you have taken my [r]epublican Challenge #1 (for Fathers) then you probably have a good handle on what to do when confronted with situations that can easily lead into violent, parental, episodes. This FL dad confronted one such episode and dealt with it heroically (yay) only to use the event to a gain a shameful advantage.

An oldie but goodie from Joe Sobran on the Right of Secession as the ultimate and final check against an oppressive Central Government, namely the one in the style of the (sic) United State of America

Read Patrick Henry American Statesman Today-Revived from an 1887 out of print classic, Edited by Mike Church
Read Patrick Henry American Statesman Today-Revived from an 1887 out of print classic, Edited by Mike Church

How would Patrick Henry handle our problems of ObamaCare & never-ending wars? Read a FREE chapter preview of Mike Church’s “Patrick Henry-American Statesman” for the Liberty or Death Patriot’s life-story

When the price of bacon goes parabolic, brought on by conditions the Federal Leviathan says cannot exist so long as they are on the job, it may get the attention of the apathetic hoi polloi

Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Did you know that in 1865, 7,000 Confederation citizens sailed to Brazil and set up a community there and are STILL there today? Hmmmm, maybe there IS still a place to seek refuge from Obama’s Leviathan

Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Et Libertas set pectus purim et fermium gestate; alias res obnoxiosae note in obscura latent.” Liberty is having a pure and dauntless heart; all else is slavery and hidden darkness

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