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The Mike Church Show World HQ

John-Taylor_Front_CoverMandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, bringing you the latest from a world gone mad. The Free Phone Friday edition wraps up the week with provocative discussions about John Locke and his continuing influence on our debauched excuse for a culture. Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “It requires strong and plain proof to authorize us to say, that a nation once sovereign has ceased to be so. And yet Judge Story requires us to, believe this of the colonies, although he acknowledges that he cannot tell, with any degree of confidence or precision, when, how, or to what extent the sovereignty, which they acquired by declaring their independence, was surrendered. According to him, the colonies are to be presumed to have yielded this sovereignty to a government established by themselves for a special and temporary purpose, which existed only at their will, and by their aid and support; whose powers were wholly undefined, and for the most part exercised by usurpation on its part, and legitimated only by the acquiescence of those who appointed it;” – Judge Abel Upshur, Review of Story’s Commentaries on the Constitution

America is a Judicial Dictatorship by Patrick J Buchanan [finally] reaches the same conclusion about the American System of government that I have reached: The State has become a secular religion itself, acknowledges no authority over itself and is force feeding a secular humanism to an all too willing public

The governor of CT is pursuing an all out assault on home schooling, masked as a “safety precaution”. If there is one thing the secular, the State is God crowd despises it is home-schooling and home-schooling parents. This is because those parents are defying the authority wielded by the public school monopoly

So a nurse in full protective gear gets ebola but its not airborne!?

Ron Paul: What the ebola outbreak needs is liberty in the afflicted countries (including THIS ONE) and a Congressional authorization

Tens of millions of dollars worth of missiles and airstrikes were directed against the world’s greatest evil in the history of evil…Khorasan, yet the terror-goat herding masterminds-managed to escape unscathed and ready to reign terror over the entire planet. So says “unnamed” and “anonymous…Pentagon sources”. Gee, could the script to start WWIII have gone any better for the bad guys and their feckless media shills?

What happens at the end of empire? Well, consumerism and nervous confidence which is actually no confidence at all (in government) occur. Welcome to the end of empire

The French welfare state is broke and can’t borrow anymore OPM to float it so what does it do!? Pretends that IT has decided it’s time to “stop living beyond our means”. If the second biggest, commie sympathizer state on earth (the U.S. is #1) has blown the whistle on its survival, what fate awaits the American elite buyoued by the welfare/corporatists/MIC class when 25-40% of their theft is cut?

John Locke is worshipped by nearly all libertarians and most conservatives, mainly because he revolted against “the divine right of kings” unleashing the torrent of radical autonomy we are possessed of today that is called “the enlightenment”. Bruce Frohnne, pace Chris Ferrara, dissents at TIC. “As with much of Locke’s writing on toleration, his practical point is worth endorsing. True conversion does not take place at the point of a knife. Still, to argue that the experience of going to church, particularly with one’s family and neighbors, will not open one’s mind and soul to the religious message being promoted goes against common sense. To dismiss tradition, whether intellectually or as a source of religious habits, is to deny the very nature of reality and the human purpose. It also is to undermine the bases of religion.As with much of Locke’s writing on toleration, his practical point is worth endorsing. True conversion does not take place at the point of a knife. Still, to argue that the experience of going to church, particularly with one’s family and neighbors, will not open one’s mind and soul to the religious message being promoted goes against common sense. To dismiss tradition, whether intellectually or as a source of religious habits, is to deny the very nature of reality and the human purpose. It also is to undermine the bases of religion.”


The Catholic bigots in the press will delight in the prospect that Pope Francis has led the current Synod on the family to this point of an unwarranted crisis. The idea that Holy Mother Church is wrong and the sinful miscreants (unrepentant) calling themselves Catholics are correct is offensive to those who take their God and his Church’s teachings reverently, laity AND clergy. If The Church won’t hold the line on the family and Life then why will anyone else?

Meanwhile, the Nine fake-Gods in black robes (the SCOTUS) decline to hear a “gay marriage” case appeal and instead opt for no action meaning lower court tyranny, striking down legitimate Constitution Amendments. Now, pray tell, what force or government will stop the “gay marriage” juggernaut and what will happen when certain churches and certain priests REFUSE to perform the ceremonies? Will they get the cake baker, photographer, inn-keeper treatment and be forced to comply? What will happen when they refuse? Prison camps for the traditionally devout? A martyrdom is coming our way folks, prepare yourselves

Godless Constitution strikes again: The Church of LDS mails it in, proclaims the “courts have spoken” on “gay marriage” as Beazelbub, Lucifer and Satan won black-robe inspired converts across the wasteland that is North America

Meanwhile the Papal “Synod” presents Catholics with a heaven sent opportunity to officially notify the planet that it’s defense of sacramental marriage will become an immovable object to the state. This includes correcting the previous heresy on divorce, co-habitationb and shoring up the rampart against homosexual “marriage”

What happens when a “Christian College” decides to defend its policy against homosexuality on ITS campus? It gets a letter from the accreditation board basically giving the school ONE year to can its beliefs or lose access to federal student loans, certified test scores and diplomas etc. BUT don’t worry, Christianity and homosexual bullies can exist side by side and happily too (right, get in line for that oceanfront property in Kansas I’m selling). H/T Rod Dreher

The dual threat to humanity, McCain and Graham, write an Op-Ed to the WSJ begging Americans to give them a blank check to take out Syria’s Assad. Folks, this was the goal all along of the military campaign, ginned up against “ISIS” as that scenario now looks like the next step for Obama and the latest “regime change” operation this country has waged in the Middle East. And we have the sovereign “right” to do this because why?

Speaking of Lindsay Graham, he is the best thing the Dumbocrats have going for them in 2016 and beyond

So you still think that being cool and all inclusive by accepting “gay marriage” as something previous generations mistakenly, check it, SHAMEFULLY, opposed, doesn’t lead to other moral taboos being laid waste to? Explain this NY Times headline then. Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime”

This map of NFL fan allegiance shows that there ARE regional alliances (say it FEDERATIONS!) possible

My VIDEO/AUDIO commentary on the St Charles Parish FEMALE teachers who had group sex with a 16 year old student

Bacevich: Even if (and that is a very BIG IF) the “war” that isn’t a war against ISIS is successful all it does is guarantee campaign number 15 (this is 14) and 15 guarantees 16 et cetera

SECESSION: Shhhh, don’t tell the experts but now Catalonians want the world (and Spain) to recognize their independence and if that requires a ballot initiative then so be it

Kevin Gutzman offers two cheers for the Obama administration and their elimination of “so help me God” in military oaths

I try and be as accommodating and gentle as I can when talking with Novus Ordo Catholics and Protestant Christians about matters of faith and the powder keg issue of Sola Sciptura – by scripture alone. One Peter Five gives a thought provoking overview of the subject

Spyin’ Eyes: We can thank Ronald Reagan’s EO 12333 for the current evil that is the NSA’s ubiquitous “right” to spy on any American soul conducting business provided the NSA creeps “suspect” the business MAY involve foreigners

DeceptiCONNED: Meanwhile, the DeceptiCON website Weekly Standard’s editor, tweets out that if you disagree with Ted Cruz you are a member of ISIS

Did Dear Leader MaObama plan his “strategy” based on 10k ISIS of 30k ISIS. What if there is 60k when our 485 “non-booted-non-combat” troops arrive? Will we double the order and send 1k? So the mission is but 1 day old and it has already doubled in size

PREP BETTER: Download the original text file of Ronald Reagan’s E.O. 12333 in this week’s Prep Better section for Founders Pass Members. Not a member? Signup today for .17¢ per day.

Read Patrick Henry American Statesman Today-Revived from an 1887 out of print classic, Edited by Mike Church
Read Patrick Henry American Statesman Today-Revived from an 1887 out of print classic, Edited by Mike Church

How would Patrick Henry handle our problems of ObamaCare & never-ending wars? Read a FREE chapter preview of Mike Church’s “Patrick Henry-American Statesman” for the Liberty or Death Patriot’s life-story

When the price of bacon goes parabolic, brought on by conditions the Federal Leviathan says cannot exist so long as they are on the job, it may get the attention of the apathetic hoi polloi

Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  Deus in adjutorium meum intende, Domine ad adjuvandum me festina“. Incline unto my aid O God, O Lord make haste to help me.

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4 Responses
  1. Emmitt

    Called into your show today in regard to the author (didn’t catch his name) who was pontificating how Western Civilization has gone down since abandoning God and Christian Principles. I offered up Stephen Pinker’s Book “The better angels of our nature – why Violence has decreased” as a counter argument to what he was saying. You cut me off before I could enter into a debate on the subject, but after you dropped my call he basically said “Oh, Pinker’s book is total garbage and his assertions are without merit”. I would challenge you to get Mr. Pinker on your show and let him explain the meticulous research he did and why violence has gone down, not up since the late 1900’s. I’m a conservative / libertarian voter and agree with Mr. Church on many subjects of personal liberty, limited government, and fiscal responsibility, but on the subject of “we need more religion and God in our government” I can’t see how he could agree with the author. Which religion? Which interpretation of that religion? Which person inside of that particular interpretation will we use to govern in the “spirit” of God that we use to make decisions? None of that makes sense if people are free and government is to be limited to its original purpose under the constitution.

    1. TheKingDude

      First of all, in between the time I “cut you off” and the end of the segment/show there was but 1 minute 30 seconds remaining to wrap up the program. I have no interest in your guest suggestion but thank you for suggesting it.

      1. Emmitt

        I guess a guest who has actually done research and provided the sources to be examined and challenged wouldn’t fit in with your show. That sounds about right.

        1. TheKingDude

          The work Chris Ferrara cites IS from source documents and is a work heralded for its thoroughness. Trying to guilt trip someone into considering moons being made of green cheese is not only rude it is intellectually insulting. If you value your source, stick to it and preach on. I’ve read NOTHING that supports your and your author’s claims. If I did, I would (will) retract this statement and adapt the Truth. Thanks for keeping the dialogue open.

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