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Monday Pile of Prep

Is_Davis_A_Traitor_front_coverMandeville, LA  – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of GOP’s latest brain dead idea: A BIGGER Pentagon as Atlas Shrugs plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “The splendid maintenance of the President, and of the members of both houses, and the salaries and fees of the swarm of officers and dependants of the government, will cost this continent immense sums. Double sets of collectors will double the expenses; to those are to be added oppressive excisemen and custom-house officers. Sir, the people have an hereditary hatred to custom-house officers.”– Patrick Henry, 7 June, 1788 VA Ratifying Convention

Read a FREE Chapter of “Is Davis A Traitor” Edited with commentary by Mike Church – This book is THE greatest work on the Constitution  and the right of secession ever writte

DeceptiCONS gone wild: “Conservatives” lose it over Pres. Obama’s statement that he is a black man, made at the Morehouse College commencement

How could the racial writings of former Heritage fellow Jason Richwine have escaped scrutiny from our media overlords for so long? Because the media has no concern for substantive discussion or journalism any longer

The “American Pravda” piece that describes the “powder keg” media world we live in and how it keeps the American Regime, fat, happy and in power. “For decades, I have closely read the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and one or two other major newspapers every morning, supplemented by a wide variety of weekly or monthly opinion magazines. Their biases in certain areas had always been apparent to me. But I felt confident that by comparing and contrasting the claims of these different publications and applying some common sense, I could obtain a reasonably accurate version of reality. I was mistaken.”

If you don’t take the official NRA, second amendment is universal and enforceable across the entire universe, THE NRA will turn its political assault weapon on you

What a Weiner! Anthony Weiner’s wife paid by Mrs Clinton at State Dept while she was “on maternity leave“, funny, that didn’t stop her from working for Bill and pocketing big $$, nice, corrupt work if you can find it

Big turn: Libs at AP turn on Obama Administration after AP subpoena story breaks and it is digested as what it is: a UNIVERSAL, BI-PARTISAN threat to what remains of our free civilization

Tea Party taking advantage of moment-

DeceptiLIBTARDIANS – Now, the heirs of Woodrow Wilson and Leo Strauss-NeoCONS-that are allegedly “liberals” begin “Isolationist” temper tantrum while Obama refuses to be dragged into a war with Syria. Question: Why doesn’t Boehner rally his caucus to declare a war on Suria and FORCE Obama to play CIC?

#FirstWorldProblem apparently is being a “1 percenter”, having kids, visiting Disney and  having to wait in line for rides. Solution to this “FirstWorldProblem? Hire a handicapped kid to pose as your own

Even broken clocks are right, as Bloomberg says something that finally makes sense, encouraging youngsters to become plumbers instead of plumbing student loan debt

DeceptiSCANDLED-Peggy Noonan goes unhinged, says Andrew Sullivan as “Gate” fever possesses the “Right”

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