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The Spirit of '76 - Writing & Ratifying the U.S Constitution. Mike's most popular film, it will be your favorite too
The Spirit of ’76 – Writing & Ratifying the U.S Constitution. Mike’s most popular film, it will be your favorite too

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, The errors of Modernity will ALL be on display while Pope Francis visits ‘Muricah, most notably the Church’s enemies, and they are legion, will appear as “Catholics” and “Christians” seeking every opportunity to drag ‘Muricah even deeper into the errors she has followed Russia into. Regardless of denomination Christians should be praying for this diabolical effort to fail because like it or not, the Papacy is still the most visible, most public example of Christianity on earth. This is what Patrick j Buchanan wrote of (see below) and what Solange Hertz writes of in “Star Spangled Heresy”. “The popular scientific writer Roger Burlingame coined the phrase, “America was discovered; the United States was invented.” He meant only to make a distinction between a principle and its application, but the eyes of faith see deeper than that: America is the creation of Almighty God and can indeed only be discovered, whereas the United States, being merely a political contrivance, can qualify only as a human invention. Mistaking one for the other has disastrous consequences, for contrivances may fall apart without warning, as the United States nearly did during its so-called Civil War and may do now by internal collapse.” –  Solange Hertz, Star Spangled Heresy


DeceptCONNED, WE LOVE WAR YEAH, YEAH, YEAH – Big War is big talk because it is Big money for the “conservatives” who rely on the war machine to provide jobs in their districts and “voters” are only too happy to go along for the lethal ride

DeceptiCONNED IIBoehner Quit Because “Conservatives” Demanded “Conservatism” From Congress which the super-state Congress simply cannot deliver.

MBD – Why Conservative Hate Boehner“The fact that Boehner’s impending departure is an applause line at conservative gatherings, however, is reflective of the Republican leadership crisis. Large parts of the base do not trust the party’s leaders, do not believe they have GOP voters’ best interests or conservative principles at heart, and would mourn their leaving office about as much when Barack Obama’s presidency is over.”

DeceptiCONNED FINI? – I have been telling anyone who would listen that Christian Conservatives needed to divorce their abusive spouse-The GOP-for years. Now comes W James Antle III, pronouncing the “Christian Conservative” ala Ronald Reagan, as officially dead.

FLASHBACK MIKECHURCH.COM ARCHIVES – Christian Conservatives Must File For Divorce From Abusive Bride: The GOP

TRUMPZILLA TO GOD, I BUY THINGS, YOU JUST MAKE THEM – CBN broadcaster asks Trump about God, the answer is not surprising

SHOUT YOUR SONS LIFE!This writer responds to the diabolical #ShoutYourAbortion messages the misguided, sinful souls shreik across “mainstream media” with #ShoutMySonsLife. Facing circumstances similar to the ones faced by the raw goods suppliers to Planned Parenthood’s Gurney Baby Butcher Shoppes, Lori Sanders, who claimed to be “pro-choice” at the time, now thanks God for the Grace of bearing her son. Reminds me of another Mother who often ShoutsHerSons Life but is all too often ignored or thought to be non-existent.

MAMMOGRAMS? WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING MAMMOGRAMS – Hundreds of women phone Planned Parenthood clinics asking to schedule mammograms only to be told the “health care” provider doesn’t provide those services.

THE MUSLIM KID DIDN’T BUILD THAT – I stayed out of the Muslim kid brings detonation device to school fray because I didn’t know enough about it and something just didn’t seem right. We now know that the “innocent kid” is indeed a “Muslim activist” and for kickers, he did NOT build the clock (science project) in question, spurring a movement of “Ahmed Truthers”

BUT THE PARROT PRESS CORPS STILL PROTECTS AHMED FROM “NERD RAGE” BIGOTS – The geeks that WOULD know how to build Ahmed’s device, prove that the one built by the alleged-Muslim-wunderkind was constructed by taking the guts out of old clock radios. Of course the judgement porn media cannot but resist to proclaim the geeks in pursuit of scientific truth as “Nerd Ragers”

NERD RAGE ON PARADE – Step by step deconstruction then construction of Ahmed’s “clock” by the Nerd Rage geeks

YOU DIDN’T BUT GOD DID BUIL THAT – Here’s a nice list with photos of the churches Pope Francis will visit while touring ‘Muricah

WHO’S AFRAID OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD? THE U.S SENATE, THAT’S WHO – After the Senate fails to smack-down funding for the diabolical activities of murdering the soon to crawl/walk/live among US, the Senate now takes up a The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act which would require the high priests of human sacrifice at Planned Parenthood to play doctor and pretend like they have actually taken an oath to “first do no harm”

DeceptiCONNED CHEESEHEADSGovernor Scott Walker drops out of the GOP panem et circunses (bread and circuses), winnowing the field of candidates that GOP voters don’t want to support down to 15

OH HAPPY DAY! I KILLED MY BABY AT PLANNED PARENTHOOD! Anyone who has “, an incredibly positive experience” while having Planned Parenthood murder their soon to be born child via abortion and is still walking the streets to pro-create and then kill again, is a menace to civilization, yet that is the latest “rage” at the online home for the fallen: Buzz Feed. I refuse to link to the piece because these people need prayers, not clicks or comments. Here is a sample…“Hi guys! Like a year ago I had an abortion at the Planned Parenthood on Madison Ave, and I remember this experience with a nearly inexpressible level of gratitude. I would tell you all about the exceptional level of care I received from every single woman at the clinic on that day….”. The worst part if the woman who made this diabolical claim “Amelia Bonow” no longer has this post on her Twitter page, every repost of it I can find is an image file (not text) and she is now wearing a mask like she’s in the Prayer Protection Program. This looks like Planned Parenthood propaganda to me making it as evil as the original thought of “shouting abortions”.

2106 DecptiCONNED. TENTH AMENDMENT PROPONENTS NEED NOT APPLY– Robert Tracinski likes Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio’s “foreign policy answers” from last Wednesday’s debate that he proclaims them the ying and yang of the GOP contest. If the particular “answers” given stir up Tracinski this much imagine his glee when the polls show that Carli & Marco’s plotting to annihilate Iran in even gorier and grander fashion contest has flag wavers happier than they’ve been since Hillary took out Ghadaffi (until bin Ghazi that is). For extra credit in the Nominalists Know Best contest, Tracinski then proclaims Senator Rand Paul to have “no focus” and an “undeveloped message” as if 224 years of 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th Amendment history need focus groups and media hacks to make their use AND defense, “legitimate”.

FLAT EARTHER’S NO MORE – The latest attempt to prove God is a hoax created by Moses, David, Jesus and St Thomas More gets embarrassed in its rush to press as the alleged discovery of  “inflation” of gravitational forces that “proves” the Big Bang fails to prove anything other than the deniers of creation have failed since Copernicus to prove their “theories”. This is a great time to watch Galileo Was Wrong Pt I & II today!

BIG BROTHER IS A BIG LOSER – ‘Muricans no longer have faith in the monster they helped create called government and a 60 year long survey from Pew shows the decline. My take on this is the decline parallels the loss of Faith in actual Faith because the American System IS a religion and it has not delivered salvation

MAN I HATE BEING RIGHT ALL THE TIME – becomes the first “mainstream media outlet” to start the pedophile promotion derby. Just as we have predicted, pedophiles are the next sexual perversion we must surrender our bigoted opposition to. This piece is a masterpiece of manipulation for importing the “I’m not a monster, I just have a problem” mantra. The piece even introduces us to the group Pedophiles for Virtue.

COMMON CORED BY ENTERPRISING DAD – Try writing a check out using Common Core math formulas and you’ll get this check written by a frustrated parent opposed to but now dealing with Common Core. It is truly amazing that “public schools” continue to not reflect the choices and values of “the public” that funds them.

DeceptiCOMMIED – 25 years after the USSR collapsed the best place to find USSR style politics and politicians is in the GOP and in the greenroom at Faux News.

THE FAITH OF OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WAS NO FAIT AT ALLA new book challenges the notion that America’s Founding Fathers were devout Christians and performs the signal task of showing that many of them were hostile to Orthodox Christianity.

THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS IIBradley Birzer reminds us that some of the Founders experienced religious discrimination before the revolution, most notable, Declaration of Independence signer Charles Carroll of Carrollton

iCarly Fiorina, Latest DeceptiCON Flavor of The WeekFiorina is now first runner up to Trumpzilla as the race to be the most unRepublican Republican continues to produce the bread and circuses atmosphere ‘Murican voters seem to think behooves the Presidency.

This Protestant writer hopes that Pope Francis “connects with him” and other Protestants during his visit because religion has been shamed into being the topic that dare not speak its name. “Central to the story of my own conversion is a truth that I think has become the most abiding theme of Pope Francis’s pontificate: Materialism is a major impediment to evangelization.”

Patrick J Buchanan, DeceptiCONS Want a Syrian War The World Will Regret – Buchanan asks the appropriate question “who wins if Damascus falls?” A question that would have drawn stammering and stuttering in the Reagan Library on Wednesday night. “This is neocon nonsense. Those giving us this advice are the same “cakewalk war” crowd who told us how Iraq would become a democratic model for the Middle East once Saddam Hussein was overthrown and how Moammar Gadhafi’s demise would mean the rise of a pro-Western Libya. When have these people ever been right?”

iCARLY For The Win? Hardly… – The Media have all told me that Carli Fiorina handily won Wednesday night’s GOP debate and for extra credit bloodied the nose of Trumpzilla. This because “she gave the best answers on….” and therein lies the fallacy. The QUESTIONS asked were more suited for a relaunch of The Dating Game than an intellectual joust to determine the next leader of “the free planet.” Fiorina’s Planned Parenthood/baby-body-part butchers challenge to Joey B. & Slick Hilly was forceful enough but where was the principe mores to back the rhetoric up?

DeceptiCONNED By DeceptiCON Media? Why “right wing” versions of Saul Alinsky cannot reverse what Alinsky-ites began and now continue by breeding and expanding mob of what Kevin Gutzman calls “Gruber voters”. Folks, if the “Right” doesn’t pick up the wide open field of the philosophical applied to the political (began with the study of Philosophia Perrennis) then the fate of “the movement” will be the same as the fate of the “movement” that opposed the Jacobins in the French Revolution, who were….? Yeah, that’s right, I can’t answer the question either because I know what they were NOT.

The les miserables of The Little Sisters of The Poor vs Dear Leader -The Little Sisters who are nuns and care for the elderly are being compelled to buy contraceptions by the ObamaCare commandants and the case has now arrived BACK at the desk of allegedly Catholic Chief Justice John Roberts. Will Roberts go Pelosi and claim Augustine would suppress the Little Sisters faith?

Must Not See GOP TV, The Review – The punditocracy is all abuzz that Carly Fiorina smacked Trump down, took him out as frontrunner et cetera but a review of Fiorina’s actual answers, to me says something different. The first question of the night was “would you trust Donald Trump with the nuclear launch codes”? After the foreign policy question round, I would not trust Fiorina with those codes or as Madeline Albright said “we’ve got this great army so we might as well use it.”

The Reagan Rule on Title XBen Domenich on the details of the Reagan Rule as it was called and what Title X says about funding abortion services through Title X of the Civil Rights Act (Gee, How’d THAT get in there?)

MBDThe essay piece the rabid, bellicose, war-hawk GOP candidates should have read BEFORE the “debate” detailing the value of the Mid-East dictators (now deceased, thanks to ‘Muricah) when it came to protecting Christian populations and keeping radical jihadis ala the caravan raiders of Mohammed, herding goats and raiding… caravans

TRUMPZILLA ON THE ROPES? – Two Days ago, Marc Halperin asked “Can Trump Be Stopped?” After last night I would say that yes, Trump will be stopped, by Jebediah, just as I predicted 2 years ago.

Must NOT See, GOP TV, Starring Trumpzilla and… Well Who Cares? – Congratulations DeceptiCONS, you have demanded and now succeeded in turning the primary process, itself a reform that sprang from electoral shenanigans, into a “reality TV Show” called the Trump Show. The losers are thought to be illegal aliens and crooked politicians but the real losers are those that will be governed by Clown King politics. “Strong demand for advertising time during the CNN debate has sent prices for a 30-second spot soaring into the $150,000-$200,000 range. Advertising on the main debate with the 11 top polling candidates is sold out, although there are only four commercial breaks in the telecast, compared with the 15 typical during three hours of CNN’s prime time. This is a television series that Trump has launched,” said Joe Peyronnin, a former TV news executive and associate journalism professor at Hofstra University in Hemptstead, N.Y. “The Republicans hope it gets canceled. In the meantime, it’s got everybody’s attention.”

DeceptiCONNED DEBATED? – Will debate “moderator” Hugh Hewitt inject enough bellicosity to make tonight a war-hawk, bomb ’em if they move, free for all? Will the Military Industrial Complex be watching with high hopes for increased profits from more wars, led by Republicans? Probably….

Trumpzilla as Commander In Chief-Operating Officer – Donald Trump delivered an address on his foreign policy “vision” that was very short of “vision” and “foreign policy”

Here Comes the French Revolution Without The Grey Poupon – 1/3 of “conservative” ‘Muricans see a military coup in their future and they aren’t worried about it. With the “war, war, war, kill, kill, kill foreign policy of the DecptiCONS now bearing their deadly fruit, it is time to start reading up on what the Vendee did wrong during the French “coup” that saw 250,000 slaughtered.

GOD DIDN’T PLAN THIS PARENTHOOD – The 10th video from the Center For Medical progress has been released and features Planned Parenthood executives acknowledging that to put a harvesting baby-body-parts in writing as a “policy” would just provide fodder for the “New York Times”. Watch the casual discussion of the process of procuring a dead babies eyes and “gonads” as if the discussion was over chicken livers.

Mordor On The Potomac’s “Conservatives” Coddle Planned Parenthood – What is the GOP plan to deal with the push to “defund” (a nominalism that implies funding is required) Planned Parenthood? Ummm, that’s easy, there IS NO PLAN.

European nations now see the threat of the Hijra that Andrew Bieszad spoke of on yesterday’s show and will speak on again today. What should emerge from all these events in the Mid-East is that the “New World Order” was actually ordered by the Serpent, in the Old World, through Islam and though it failed – see Vienna and LePanto – it is now back with a vengeance for a third attempt at Rome

Dr. Ben Carson & Humility of Heart – Has the GOP candidate read Fr. de Bergamo’s classic that I am currently reviving for modern audiences? DC McAllister thinks so…

MBD – Pope Francis’ “nullification reforms” amount to anathema to the Church and if they are taken and implemented in any serious way, the pledge Our Lord made to those who reverently and singularly venerate the Credo, will have to survive the greatest threat she has faced since the days of Augustine and the Donatists. “Francis deliberately conflates reasons to question the validity of vows undertaken with instances of failure to live up to them. This is ludicrous. And if the pope’s attitude is adopted in any serious way, it amounts to a dramatic reversal of the Church’s traditional position on marriage, which presumes the validity of first marriages made inside the Church or outside it. If churchmen, including the pope, really believed that half of any of the other sacraments performed by the Church were invalid, it would immediately be recognized as one of the gravest crises in the history of the faith. No other sacrament is held to standards like the one Francis proposes for the vocation that most Catholics have to the married life.”

GALILEO WAS WRONG, BACK TO SCHOOL MUST HEAR RADIO! – Today’s Special Guest, Robert Sungenis, gives us a 90 minute long presentation on WHY Galileo Was Wrong, the ground-breaking film series that finally challenges the “settled science” of Heliocentrism that never was confirmed. “Galileo Was Wrong reveals in spectacular graphics and painstaking research that the true scientific evidence not only puts Earth in a central location in the universe, but shows that it enjoys the unique privilege of being the only motionless body around which everything else revolves.” Listen to the 70 minute recap of this presentation and soon to come video with the all new Founders Pass Media Player

Darwin Was Wrong Pt I – Chris Ferrara reveals the story of a Jesuit monk who was actually making genetic discoveries in the physical world and not using the fallacious “hypothetical” that the sorcerer Charles Darwin used to explain “evolution”.

PREP BETTER: Read the document that contains all 82 of President Reagan’s vetoes from his first year in Office, 1982, Founders Pass required. Not a member? sign-up now and get 50% off your first year, while this promotion lasts

READ: James Madison’s speech to the Congress of 2 February, 1791, opposing the creation of the National Bank (Hamilton’s scheme) for reasons that [r]epublicans should learn, memorize and be able to repeat

Listen to Mike Church’s take on the CIA’s torture scandal “Our Lady of Guadalupe Ended Aztec Torture-The CIA & “Conservatives” Brought It Back”

Read Mike Church’s essay – God and Man at Richmond-Challenging the status quo of “separation of Church and State”


FOUNDERS PASS MEMBERS: PREP BETTER HAS BEEN UPDATED!  Learn how the Republican Party “evolved” from states rights promoters to states rights opponents between 1860 and 1874

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Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem, Good judges seek to increase (amplify) their jurisdiction

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