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The Mike Church Show World HQ
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Order Your “Conservative-The Real thing” T-shirt today!

Mandeville, LA  – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the latest Rand Paul vs McCain plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “Our task, in other words, is now less political than cultural — an education of the sympathies, which requires from us virtues (such as imagination, creativity, and a respect for high culture) that have a diminishing place in the world of politics.” – Roger Scruton

DeceptiCONNED: The NRA will sue to reverse Maryland gun control act but Maryland is acting like a [r]epublican, sovereign-state should as Incorporationistas rejoice. Even though most readers will oppose this act as I do, and for good reason, but the course of action is not to force Maryland to incorporate the second amendment

Bride of Chucky: Schumer promises immigration bill by Independence Day

Rand Paul delivers bold speech at Reagan Library event

McCain’s new Syrian rebel “buddies” prime Western media with propaganda designed to evoke our sympathies e.g. “…those nasty Iranians and Russians are helping the ‘government’ forces with technology”

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Told you so: Remember, now that the Boy Scouts “settled” their debate with gay rights leaders there weren’t going to be anymore controversies yet Boy Scouts show up in UNIFORM at a Utah “gay pride” parade

Is_Davis_A_Traitor_front_coverMitt Romney to host Romneypalooza with Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Paul Ryan attending his “Experts and Enthusiasts” though what these experts are enthusiastic about remains a mystery

Last Train to Brokesville: Social Security acutaries claim there is but 3 years worth of OPM for SS to spend on “trust fund” benefits…but if there IS a “trust fund” shouldn’t it have all the money paid into it, in it? Now, where did I put that definition of “Ponzi…?”

Roger Scruton hammers the point I have been hammering: Our struggle is not a political one, at least not wholly, it is instead a cultural and spiritual one

Is the Tea Party’s “swing to the right” going to spell doom for the GOP in 2014? L.A. Time writers seem to think so but I have a question: why is the Tea Party a monolithic  party dweller to start with? Aren’t parties part of the problem?

AmconMag writer wonders whether he is “conservative” and concludes he doesn’t really care if he is. His journey to this conclusion is worth reading

Larison: The benefits of NOT being a mega hawk interventionist are worth Rand Paul’s pursuit

Megyn Kelly: Socialist (see my earlier editorial on Fox News’ gal queda leader in chief) unloads on Lou Dobbs and Eric Erickson for mumbling things about the increasing number of women breadwinners


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