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Monday Pile of Prep

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Order Your “Conservative-The Real thing” T-shirt today

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the latest “immigration deform” nonsense which should not appeal to “conservatives” or [r]epublicans plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “[Christopher Dawson] chastised the modern university for modeling itself after the factory, producing nothing but “specialists by the thousands.” … [T]he results of such an education would only create more Nazi Germany’s and Soviet Russia’s. The human person, he claimed, had become conditioned: “his whole life is spent inside highly organized artificial units—factory, trade union, office, civil service, party—and his success or failure depends on the relations with this organization.” – Brad Birzer, Imaginative Conservative

Senator Chuckie Schumer predicts the House will defy the “will of the American People” and pass the gawd-awful “immigration reform” bill passed by the Senate

The TX Legislature opens a rare special session today to vote on an abortion measure that would ban the procedure for all cases after 20 weeks of pregnancy-“reproductive freedom” promoters promise to shout down the effort as I continue to wonder who will shout them down on behalf of soon to be born babies?

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The same “America” that produced “Honey-Booboo” has produced Rachel Jeantel, star witness for the Prosecution of George Zimmerman and foul-mouthed example of what a Godless, faithless, radically individualized society we have become

Rand Paul: One year after the SCOTUS perverted the Constitution to enable ObamaCare to proceed, Rand Paul says that ruling was wrong and is STILL wrong

Why the SCOTUS ruling on “gay marriage” harmed nothing most states have done to protect their opinions and traditions, religious and legal, on marriage

VIDEO: The United States of Soviet North America. Assange wonders why the U.S. has decided to pressure the world to turn over Edward Snowden and has now stranded him in the former home of evil, Russia, without a passport AND no convictions for any crime

Ron Paul has the Snowden debacle boiled down to a few choice words. “My understanding is that espionage means giving secret or classified information to the enemy. Since Snowden shared information with the American people, his indictment for espionage could reveal (or confirm) that the US Government views you and me as the enemy.”

90+ days remain until “ObamaCare” becomes EVERYONE’S law and everyone becomes a medical ward of the state but are our federal overlords ready for such a massive undertaking (ummm, how about no)

Will there be a “student loan patch” from Congress to “save” students from “crushing” 6.8% interest rates on their loans to continue partying and not studying at “college”?

The Senate “immigration reform bill” passed with all the usual suspects in favor of it for all the usual suspect reasons

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