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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Anthology_Book_Cover_FEATUREDMandeville, LA – Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of the latest on the John Kerry led deal with the Iranians with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “The assemblies of cantons, then, elect for the districts; those of districts for circles; and those of circles for the national assemblies. Some of these highest councils, too, are in a considerable degree self-elected, the regency partially, the judiciary entirely, and some are for life. Whenever, therefore, an esprit de corps, or of party, gets possession of them, which experience shows to be inevitable, there are no means of breaking it up, for they will never elect but those of their own spirit” – Thomas Jefferson to TO P. S. DUPONT DE NEMOURS, 1816

Marco Rubio ascends to the NeoCon Acropolis, the American Enterprise Institute stage to do his best John Bolton impersonation and warn Republicans that America not ruling the world by conquest and spying is a recipe for Armageddon.

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H.L. Mencken is worth reading on many topics but especially on Gettsyburg, you will find his entire critique of Lincoln’s “Gospel” beginning on page 173

The biography of Albert Gallatin is worth knowing and this “American Statesman” book on him is a good start

John Taylor of Caroline was the most influential [r]epublican voice of his day and his work remains as  necessary reading. This essay by the great Joseph Stromberg, first published in 1982, explains Taylor’s [r]epublicanism and libertarian thought, unlike any other American of his time

S.J. Quinn’s The History of Fredericksburg, VA is a most thrilling historical walk through 18th & 19th century American history &b includes episodes from 1776, 1798 and 1861

One of the most accomplished yet little know Founder AND Christian Gentlemen was John Randolph of Roanoke, I am researching him for reference and for a good volume on his life to republish, this one is rare and good


W. James Antle III – What the Iranian deal means to the national GOP: 10 years of foreign policy irrelevance or alliance with libs to wage war

[r]epublican_bottle_coolerRon Paul wants to know if Hamid Karzai, being the puppet dictator he is, can actually save us from our own bellicosity

CS Lewis was a complex man and his writings on Christianity and even more complex field of study

More CS Lewis: Gracy Olmstead on the great writer’s Christia influence “Without Lewis, Tolkein doesn’t write Lord of the Rings”

Larison: The very short lived Cheney Dynasty. I never thought the world or Montana for that matter needed another practitioner of foreign policy bellicosity

John “Rambo” Kerry inks deal to keep Iran from enriching uranium to the chagrin of Netenyahu and the usual Progressive internationalists and DeceptiCON suspects

The WaPo has details on the Iran deal, video surveillance and other monitoring of their uranium sites

Pearls of wisdom from Prof. Clyde Wilson for a Monday

Patrick J Buchanan: ObamaCare has made the “L word”, liberalism, a taboo again, as it was after Johnson and Carter

Henry_detail_ChristmasGive Chris Christie another title: President of the RGA (Republican Governors Association), what’s next, President of the JBS? (look it up)

DeceptiCONNED: The usual GOP suspects circle the bomb Iran wagons and demand that Congress INCREASE sanctions now that the Iranians are about to break

What will the Israel “lobby” do after the Kerry deal with Iran? Is a Mid-East war now inevitable? That’s what some writers think

Some in the Israeli military and Intel say that a deal, ANY deal with Iran, is a good thing for Israel and the world

Going “beyond blunt individualism” with other people’s money – Paul Ryan – is NOTa Libertarian thing to do. But it IS a sign that the Plunderers have to find new allies in their quest to continue the $3.9 TRILLION wealth transfer Mordor on the Potomac engineers every year. Do NOT fall for this neo “compassionate conservatism” folks

Those not serious about [r]epublicanism or the function of the formerly federal, now national government, foolishly cheerlead the 50 vote standard for the U.S. Senate. If “majority rule” is the actual hallmark of free people, then shouldn’t a “majority” of the States, via their Senators have to act with approbation on Congressional acts? Meaning, it should take the votes of 26 STATE delegations to pass an act, a 1-1 vote is a negative, only a 2-0 vote is a positive

Flyovers and flag waving by the NFL is fake patriotism that is jingoist at its best and deadly at its worst

George Will on the incredible shrinking and stumbling Obama Presidency, all brought on by my favorite boogeyman of our “enlightenment:”: hubris

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