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The New Conservative Victory Strategy – Don’t Aspire To Victory!

The warmest and coolest sweatshirt of the Christmas season!
The warmest and coolest sweatshirt of the Christmas season!

Conservative victory, it’s all the rage…

Mandeville, LA –  I have been talking a lot on the SiriusXM radio show about the gentle persuasion being used by some conservatives to move their [r]epublican friends into a position of neutrality then into partial surrender to the Left. This comes in the form of op-eds like this one from David Frum “Why it’s time to start talking about REFORMING not repealing ObamaCare.

“Obamacare is a fact— a malfunctioning fact, like so much of the rest of the American healthcare system, yet a fact all the same. Its beneficiaries are rapidly coalescing into a vested interest, as the pharmaceutical companies and hospital insurance corporations and other providers are vested interests. Policy cannot realistically be made by dismissing such interests. They have gained something they will think is worth protecting. They will have the votes to protect it. If reform is needed, and it is, they will have to be offered something better. Repeal is a fantasy. Reform is the task ahead. “

Daniel McCarthy is more thoughtful in his approach to weaning “conservatives” off of their sauce which he claims came about as reactionary NOT philosophically.

Being out of power once again, the right can afford to be entrepreneurial, to rethink its premises as well as to criticize its opponents’. Indeed, the shared assumptions of both parties—neoliberalism, militarism, and social atomism—are those that most need reconsideration. The Tea Party’s insurgency has at least cleared the way for some Republicans to attempt this: The present moment may be as much a turning point as the Roosevelt-Truman and Carter eras were. If so, this time conservatives should define themselves not as the party of reaction, but as a party with a positive philosophy of government—a philosophy to shape the age.

While I agree that a positive philosophy of governing is needed I do not concur (and I am not sure McCarthy does either) that it’s starting point is the $3.8 TRILLION headed hydra. Thus I offer the following 5 minute discussion of the topic, hopefully to continue the debate and provide some entertainment.

Why not ask “conservatives” to just become liberals and enjoy the ride?


While you’re here, why not enjoy a sample from my Anthology collection, the previously unreleased “Takin’ Care of Liberals.”

Takin’ Care Of Liberals



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