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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Obama The Genius: The GM bailout was a political calculation that is paying HUGE dividends in OH as 64% of Ohio parasites believe “it was an overall good thing for the state”; of course the other 48 states that subsidized it with their children’s futures may not agree (this is why corporatism lasts until it becomes tyrannical)

Scott Galupo: Describing Michelle Malkin as a “loyal foot soldier” to Romney and a”concerned pragmatist” is as ridiculous as describing David Frum as “conservative”

The rush to pin Romney’s loss on SOMEONE is a silly exercise in political narcissism i.e. “I might actually do something about all this tyranny around me if I didn’t like to see my byline at Real Clear Politics so much”

WHAT is a conservative? AmConMag’s Rod Dreher has some thoughts that I largely agree with AND he channels Russell Kirk’s Ten Conservative Things very effectively for our time, the gift and blessing of Kirk continues to excite and guide us doesn’t it?

All of DeceptiCONIA seems determined to break Obama’s allegedly “glass jaw” on foreign policy, believing that Mr & Mrs Honey Boo Boo are sitting on porches, cleaning rifles out in hope sthey get to use them in the deserts of Iran & Syria

BUT, Pat Buchanan says it is time to end OUR aggression in the Middle East, bring the troops home and stop our “missionary” expeditions

Jack Hunter agrees that endless war and BILLIONS thrown at the Middle East have only made things worse and us poorer

If you needed a reason to NOT votes for Obama try this one on: He has been endorsed by the stripped naked Material Tramp Madonna

Remember “MySpace”!? (That’s ok, not many other people do either) well it has been purchased by Justin Timberlake and is set to relaunch – the demo looks really interesting to if you like Justin Timberlake that is

Dear Leader talks tough at the UN Conference, bellowing on about what MUST be done to stop those insane Iranians

Reason number 3,666,666,666 why FLOTUS should be abolished as an office: What in the world does the White House being built by slaves have to do with anything?

VIDEO: Michelle Obama’s CBC Speech (containing “white house built by slaves” comments)


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