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articlev-detailMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“This lawsuit is trying to get in front of a federal magistrate to tell the Education Department that it can’t change the definition of gender.  I would say, if we want to pursue this from a federalism or a constitutional point of view, that only Congress could change the definition and put it into the Title IX code as a legitimate act of Congress.  We all know that the Education Department was created by fiat by Jimmy Carter with an assist from Congressman Newt Gingrich in 1978.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Make clear your intentions.  We intend to leave this legitimate authority that is acting illegitimately because it imperils ours, our children’s, our grandchildren’s, and our great grandchildren’s souls.  We intend to make clear the path is to separate from you maniacs and to not acknowledge your illegitimate laws, like the bathroom laws in North Carolina.  Folks, I was playing with the idea of taking Monday off.  I’m not going to simply because Monday is the day that North Carolina has to answer the Injustice Department’s demands that HB2, the so-called bathroom bill, has to be repealed.  Fasting and prayer are recommended here.

Why fasting and prayer?  Dr. Michael George loves to tell the story of a day of fasting and prayer that was declared, I believe March 23, 1776, by the Continental Congress.  They said: Look, we’ve got some serious problems with the legitimate authority of the British crown acting illegitimately and stuff.  We declare a day of fasting and prayer to meditate upon what to do about it.  What did they do about it?  On July 4, 1776, they said: See ya!  We’re gone!  What preceded independence?  Fasting and prayer over independence.


A group of 51 families whose children attend a high school in Illinois filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday, attempting to reverse a policy that allows a transgender student to use girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and other sex-specific facilities.

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Mike:  I have a question for the audience.  This particular instance here, this is a young man whose mind is disordered who’s been encouraged to pursue his transgenderism, and thus has demanded access to the little girls’ room at his high school.  We have to let him do this because it’s just his choice.  It’s a free country.  Please, we must allow these children to be all that they can be, to be themselves.  Here’s my question.  What if one of these young men says: Wait a minute, I’ve been watching a lot of porn at night.  I’ve kind of taken a fancy to flagellating myself.  Adults, you can figure that out.  I’d like to flagellate myself in the girls’ bathroom.  I can’t help it because this urge is so strong.  Besides, it’s just me being me.  Please, you have to let me do it.  Who’s going to stop him?  These nutjobs, I guarantee you the same people are going: Well, he’s just flagellating himself.  He’s not hurting anyone.  [mocking] “Mike, there’s no evidence that . . . .”  What do you mean there’s no evidence?  What’s the evidence to the contrary, for heaven’s sake?


“It’s an organic group of parents and students who came together and said, ‘We have to do something about this—we can’t just roll over and allow the federal government to force our school to commingle the sexes in locker rooms,’” said Jeremy Tedesco, a lawyer representing the families.

The suit, which challenges the Education Department’s authority to redefine the term sex –

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Mike:  Ladies and gentlemen, this is nominalism at its most heretical best.  What the Education Department of the United States is attempting to do is to say that the truth of the reality that God creates you and me as male and female, or, let me get the order right, as female and male because I said you and me.  That’s the reality of it.  An edict by the Education Department to say: We just overruled God.  No, he doesn’t create males and females.  It’s up to us to decide.  Does it get any more clear.  Ladies and gentlemen, the government of the United States is denying gender as assigned at birth.  You really think that there is something to conserve or salvage here?  Again, let me repeat what I said at 8:04 this morning.  It is over.  It’s over.  Conform your mind to the reality.  It’s over.  We need to get out while we can.  Don’t be surprised to find out, when these people get really hopped up, that the passport offices are only going to be open on certain days.  Then the passport offices are only going to be open for certain people.


– in Title IX of U.S. law to include gender identity and to enforce it against schools, is the first of its kind, Tedesco told The Daily Signal who have qualified for passports.  Be smart about this.  Go to the state department via the post office and get yourself a passport tomorrow.  Go today.  They’re open.  Don’t put it off.  [mocking] “Mike, now you’re scaring people.  You’re just being ridiculous.”  No, I’m not.  This is a prudent move.  It’s a prudent maneuver.  Go and get a passport, get your children passports today.  Besides, they actually are legal identification.  I social security card is not; a passport is.  You can use a passport in Scotland.  Trust me, I’ve done it.  You can use a passport in Chile.  You can use a passport to get to Panama.  You can use a passport to get to Australia.  We can use passports to get to the French Polynesian islands if that’s where we have to go.  You can’t get there without them.

Ryan is here on the Crusade Channel on Free Phone Friday.  Ryan, you’re on the Mike Church Show on the Crusade Channel, part of the Veritas Radio Network.  How are you doing?

Caller Ryan:  I’m doing well, sir.  Thanks for having me.

Mike:  I would like to say that this is Ryan, our first-ever Crusader Founders Pass member, who is not only so generous with his wealth and becoming a crusader.  He has written a testimonial to explain why he did it.  He has now called the program to further explain why or to talk about today’s subject.  Let me personally thank you, Ryan.

Caller Ryan:  You’re worth it, Mike.

Mike:  I don’t know about that, but thank you, brother.  I appreciate it.

Caller Ryan:  I want to correct one thing.  You said that I was generous in sharing my wealth.  It’s not mine.  You see, I’m a Roman Catholic, too, although with the current head of the Church, I’m hoping God promotes him sooner rather than later.

Mike:  You’re not alone.

Caller Ryan:  I pray for his heavenly ascension daily.  In all seriousness, it’s not my wealth.  All the blessings I have I have through God and through the blood of Jesus

Mike:  Amen.

keep_calm_join_crusadesCaller Ryan:  You said something earlier today that just moved me to call.  It involved the concept of a, I guess you could say a just form of government.  If you read – I know you have.  The listeners, some of them are going to get this and some of them are going to need your erudite words on this.  If you read the Declaration of Independence, it’s very clear that the founders were invoking the rights that were given to them by God.  If God cannot even assign to us simple things like gender, then that means that God can’t give us rights, which means the government gives us rights.  That’s the current line that Mordor on the Potomac is feeding all of us.  If you look at the preamble to the Constitution, even that uses the phrase “to secure the blessings of liberty.”  How can something be a blessing unless it is ordained by God?  That, to me, speaks volumes.  When you start moving a country in a Godless direction, you’re not going to have liberty.  Whatever rights you do have are fiat rights.  Much like we have fiat currency, you’re going to have fiat rights.   If the government doesn’t like that right, it’s not the right of the day, guess what?  You get a new one today because that’s the way it is.  It is a wholesale departure from, as you like to put it, reality.  It just scares the heck out of me.

Mike:  If the Education Department can change the definition of sex, which is what they – they’ve done it.  They’re not trying to do it; they’ve already done it.  This lawsuit is trying to get in front of a federal magistrate to tell the Education Department that it can’t change the definition of gender.  I would say, if we want to pursue this from a federalism or a constitutional point of view, that only Congress could change the definition and put it into the Title IX code as a legitimate act of Congress.  We all know that the Education Department was created by fiat by Jimmy Carter with an assist from Congressman Newt Gingrich in 1978.  Congress actually could have a say-so in this.

Somebody needs to ask the question – while you’re all out there obsessing over Paul Ryan not endorsing Donald Trump, as if that matters a hill of beans, somebody needs to ask the question: What else is Ryan’s Congress not doing?  Why isn’t Ryan’s Congress telling the Injustice Department the Education Department: If you persist in tormenting the State of North Carolina, we will yank your funding and pass acts – you know this.  You’re an attorney.  Under the alleged system of checks and balances, what branch of the federal monstrosity is supposed to check the Justice Department or the Article III judiciary?

Caller Ryan:  That’s the problem.  I would actually tell you that as the Constitution is written, there are inadequate checks and balances.  From my perspective, the proper check on an overbearing federal agency from any department, whether it’s a judicial agency, which to me a court is an agency, the proper check for that would be the states.  If you look at the 19th Amendment –

Mike:  That’s right.  That’s the whole argument of nullification and interposition.

Caller Ryan:  Yes, but it goes even further.  Where the founding fathers – first of all, the founding fathers made mistakes.  You’ve talked about this before.  I completely agree.  If they hadn’t made mistakes, the Bill of Rights would have been in the Constitution and they wouldn’t have been the first ten amendments.  The Tenth Amendment has zero enforcement mechanism described in it.  My governor, Greg Abbott – not a perfect guy but I think he’s right on this issue – has proposed an Article V Convention to allow the sitting governors to convene and, through some level of majority, whether it’s a simple majority or a super majority, overrule or override certain federal judicial, executive, or legislative acts.  That, to me, would be a true fourth branch of government that allows extraordinary but still constitutional checks on federal power.  I will tell you right now, if there’s an overreaching of the executive branch, Congress has to control the purse strings to defund it, but this Congress won’t do that.  They don’t have the fortitude to do it.  If the courts were made up of good men and women, of truly wise individuals, i.e., Book of Judges wise, they could also curtail this monstrosity.


You said nullification.

I will say there’s one more thing that the states could do: weaponization.  I don’t mean that in a military sense.  They could basically make being a federal employee, for example, in the State of North Carolina or the State of Texas, really uncomfortable.  It is well within a governor’s power to simply say: All right, attorney general, what I’d like you to do is start a task force.  I want you to root out every single federal employee that’s in this state who is also a felon, or has engaged in felonious activity.  Start pursuing them, any and all actions.  Then from private citizens, we’re the fifth branch.  Voting is one form of the fifth branch, but we are a fifth branch.  Maybe I’m over-litigious, but for those people that are blessed with wealth or steady streams of income otherwise, I would say feel more than free to launch class action after class action after class action against government agencies.  They’ve got a budget.  At some point that money runs dry until it’s re-appropriated.  If you’ve buried them in litigation, at some point they’re going to get the picture that things have to change, otherwise they don’t get their performance bonuses at the end of the year.

Veritas_Radio_home_4Have you tried the all new Veritas Radio Network yet?  You can listen to the Mike Church Show LIVE weekdays 8-11 CST.   The show is easier to access than ever before.  But Veritas Radio isn’t JUST Mike Church, try the exclusive shows by Brother Andre: ReConquest, David Simpson’s True Money, The Mark Kreslins Show, My Story of America with Michael T George, Reverse Deception with Gregory Carpenter and The Constitution Hour with Kevin Gutzman.  Help us continue our search for TRUTH by signing up for a Founders Pass Membership today!

Mike:  I’m sure that you know Dr. Charles Murray.  Dr. Charles Murray appeared on the old station in the old country to promote his latest book.  I don’t have it here in front of me.  I know the gist of the book, which was exactly what you just proposed.  Murray said that people, like with this bathroom insanity, when something like this comes up, what needs to happen is – like those 51 people in Illinois that banded together – there needs to be group upon group upon group that are doing this pro bono, or there needs to be people, if they have the riches of the wealth to do it, to fund this opposition.  Sue the agencies.  Sue them, sue them, sue them, sue them, so that they have to spend all of their time and all of their resources defending their actions.  If the Education Department were sued, in other words, by 5,000 concerned parent groups in America, they can’t just dismiss all of the suits.  They’d have to respond to them.  Murray’s theory is, if you do this, you kneecap their ability to continue the tyranny.

Caller Ryan:  That’s exactly right.  The book is titled By the People: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission.  I’ve read it.  One last thing.  I want you and the listeners to think about this.  If people did start becoming litigious against the government, that’s a form of political contribution.  Not to a party – you don’t get a tax deduction for this, but you’re doing it because it’s the right thing.  If state governments began to weaponize themselves against the personnel of these agencies, the agencies would find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.  On the one hand, they have to defend all these lawsuits.  On the other hand, the states are basically criminalizing their employees, or finding criminal actions that their employees are engaging in, and putting them under felony indictment if possible, which in many cases would render them ineligible for federal employment.  Therefore, they’re going to have a staffing problem.  If you think the government can continue functioning at that level, it can’t.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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