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The Mike Church Show World HQ

Dudestrodamus Predicted NRA Would Cede Second Amendment To Congress After Incorporation

Mandeville, LA -Mike Church’s daily Pile of Prep, chock full of Founding Fathers, Christmas Spirit Second Amendment – to be abused by Congress with NRA help now – goodness and other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. It was in 1833, for the frst time in the history of the country, that it was solemnly asserted and argued, that the Constitution of the ‘United States was not a compact between the States. This new doctrine… put forth, by … Mr. Daniel Webster in “the greatest intellectual effort of his life” – Albert Bledsoe “Was Jefferson Davis a Traitor” (This is also the CENTRAL point & theme of Mike’s “What Lincoln Killed-EPISODE I”)

Modern libs make the process of controlling guns and people using them sound like a slam dunk process that’s easy as plugging a toaster in an outlet yet using the same logic government has failed to stop traffic fatalities, plane crashes, theft and stock fraud and… you get the picture

Gentleman of Virtue: How to reclaim the art of Practical Wisdom which will require patience, scholarly study and gentlemanliness

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The “Blame the Tea Party” movement continues picking up steam as steam rolling Democrats just cannot get enough one party tyranny to ever make themselves happy

DeceptiCONNED: The usual “bomb brown people-American Exceptionalism” crowd aims their guns at Chuck Hagel before he can become Defense Secretary

Star Trek may not have delivered the warp drive of relationships with one eyed extra-terrestrials but it has given us the technological future adults of the 60’s could only have dreamed of BUT is The Future still a bright spot or a dread?

S.E. ‘s Cupp runneth over against secession while an avalanche of history and knowledge which is evidently unknowable and impertinent as the TV hostess lay into “Republican…petulant child[ren]… who are choosing to deal with this loss [to Obama] by threatening to leave the country” – Actually Ms. Cupp, we are PLANNING to form NEW Unions more perfect than the current corrupt and imbecilic one (see TV news hosts for prima facie evidence). BTW S.E., it was the “Radical Republican” party that took the American tradition of secession and criminalized it in 1861

“American Exceptionalism” cannot explain the madmen who choose mass murder because of some allegedly ingrained need to “evolve” and be “diverse”. As Mark Steyn has written “multiculturalism is actually no culture at all since you may not promote any one culture over the other”

You, fair reader, knew the story of the Bath Township bombing of 1927 a full day before search engines picked up my post and began comparing it to Newtown

I Hate Being Right All The Time: I told you that the NRA would wind up making sandwiches with Congress once they surrendered the second Amendment to Incorporation and lo and behold, it has happened alreay

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  1. Wil

    Re: NRA
    I became a member of the NRA, expiring in 2014, before I attended [Mr.] Church every day and of my own accord realized its narrow-minded incorporationist agenda. All other rights and liberties be damned, use the 2nd Amendment to trample the sovereignty of the States and reinforce the ahistorical understanding of the national government. I shall not renew my membership and I shall expose to those around me true nature of this monster. How can an organization presumably for the cause of liberty, endorse Harry Reid?!

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