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Pile of Prep-Rebel Flags Don’t Commit Murder, Atheist Morons Do

Mike Church's own blend, hand rolled in the U.S.
Mike Church’s own blend, hand rolled in the U.S.

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, Welcome to’s Pile of Prep, all the materials used to prepare the Mike Church show. The sophistry of our age is now in full view with the vilification of the rebel flag playing ersatz justice for the diabolical mass murder in Charleston SC. Wherefore,” to use the words of Our Predecessor, “if human society is to be healed, only a return to Christian life and institutions will heal it.’ For this alone can provide effective remedy for that excessive care for passing things that is the origin of all vices; and this alone can draw away men’s eyes, fascinated by and wholly fixed on the changing things of the world, and raise them toward Heaven. Who would deny that human society is in most urgent need of this cure now? Minds of all, it is true, are affected almost solely by temporal upheavals, disasters, and calamities. But if we examine things critically with Christian eyes, as we should, what are all these compared with the loss of souls? Yet it is not rash by any means to say that the whole scheme of social and economic life is now such as to put in the way of vast numbers of mankind most serious obstacles which prevent them from caring for the one thing necessary; namely, their eternal salvation” – Pope Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno


Kkklan_no_rebel_flagsLook at all these Rebel flags flying at this pro-KKKlan Rally in Mordor on the Potomac (Washington DC for the uninitiated). I think we should definitely BAN this flag and it’s pledge of allegiance too, right folks? OHHHH! and speaking of inconvenient Truths, perhaps we should also review the intention of the authors of The Pledge of Allegiance. I remember reading somewhere that the National Socialist Party of Germany, the one Frances Bellamy promoted with his “pledge” may have committed some pretty nasty acts against actual humans (flags don’t kill, atheist morons with guns and 21st century morals do).

DeceptiCONNED: Governor Haley of SC throws in with the angry mob demanding the final cleansing of the Southern heritage from the state of SC

Now the GOP is ordered to lead the crusade to purge the Rebel Battle Flag from wherever it exists because people my be hurt by madmen who will wave it and its symbol of “treason”. This a historical, imbecilic and ill-informed point of view can only gain ground in a land so devoid of the discipline that telling accurate history requires and where philosophy has been gagged and bound, lest it rise to point the obvious contradictions out to those who are horrified by mass murder unless it occurs in clinics where babies are the victims

Neo-Nutzis are to blame for “racism” NOT Shakespeare or Southerners born and dead 120 years ago. Joseph Pearce wonders if those who began WWI are still responsible-3 generations later-to those who lost life and limb in that war?

Over 1 million Catholics gather in Rome for a pro-family, non-transgendered view of schools, rally. Of course a mob of 5,000 in Charleston has hogged all the headlines with their faux outrage over died pieces of fabric called flags.

The heresy that is Americanism as manifested by “St Lincoln” and his worker’s party mentality is the subject of many new works beyond Liberty The God That Failed including a new book called “Star Spangled Heresy”

Reason # 74,104 I am Catholic: There is but ONE infallible teacher and teaching, to accept anything else as Doctrine is to not accept Doctrine

DeceptiCONNED: The American “global war on terror” has gone so well that we have managed to increase terrorism since 9-11 by 87,000 % (not an exaggeration)

Why a Federative System of government contains the genius needed to self govern. A speech to the Young Mens Society of Lynchburg in 1828

Rod Dreher thinks the Confederate Flag should only be displayed in museums and is embarrassed that one of his neighbors flies one outside his house. That the flag has been used by the most vile people for the most vile purposes is not at issue. That a Protestant-inspired institution of slavery endured and became part of our law and heritage is what’s really at issue here and what Dreher and others will not deal with much less admit. The sanctity of all human life that manifested itself through slavery and now through abortion and homosexuality is at the root of this issue, not some dyed piece of fabric called a Confederate flag.

I might be asked to back up the above claim and then defend the Catholic Church from the oft-repeated charge that Catholics promoted and exacerbated slavery in Europe and then North America. that there were some Catholics that owned slaves is not at issue, there were. that the Church permitted and endorsed the practice is NOT TRUE and can be proven by a review of the historical record and the official doctrine os Saints including Aquinas and Popes beginning with Eugene the IV

David French thinks the flag should remain flying where it is flown despite the imbeciles who use it for obscenity, I concur

FLASHBACK: Professor Clyde Wilson sets the record straight on the history of the Confederacy

Mass Murder = Mass Media Opportunists – If broadcasters and writers are so enamored with aiding and praying with the 9 shooting victims families of the Charleston demon then they should do so without logos, cameras and microphones and forego the “domestic white terrorism” charges and the like but that would require True Charity (the love of God through Man kind) and integrity or ethics and where are you going to find those today?

Father’s Day Challenge From Mike: Gentlemen, become the Priest, Philosopher and King of your household and community. Mike explains why with a little help from G.K. Chesterton


Father’s Day Duties for the Catholic and soon to be Catholic convert Fathers, Pt I, Pt II and Pt III

Mordorians Defend Iraq III because that is what is required of Mordorians to get their Mordoria ID cards. It matters not what history or facts of the past you bring to the “debate”, the “‘Murica has got to take leadership” commandants always win because the reporting on such things is dependent on that win.

Abortion on The Decline: The Atlantic’s Emma Green wonders why fewer young women are obtaining abortions and after an exhaustive review of every available secular explanation cannot bring herself to the possibility that millions of daily prayers, uncountable on-site rosaries said at and for clinics and the power of the Holy Spirit. Here’s to acknowledging this as the reason and thanking God for answered prayers (sorry Garth Brooks) us.

Prep Better! Read the 1896 act Resolution of the Senate & House regarding the importation of “Alien Friends” for the Tennessee Worlds Fair of 1896!

The history of the “Fairness Doctrine” shows that even IF the FCC is successful in ignoring the courts and defying Congress there will always be room for the hope of  a future appeal succeeding

PREP BETTER: Read the document that contains all 82 of President Reagan’s vetoes from his first year in Office, 1982, Founders Pass required. Not a member? sign-up now and get 50% off your first year, while this promotion lasts

READ: James Madison’s speech to the Congress of 2 February, 1791, opposing the creation of the National Bank (Hamilton’s scheme) for reasons that [r]epublicans should learn, memorize and be able to repeat

Listen to Mike Church’s take on the CIA’s torture scandal “Our Lady of Guadalupe Ended Aztec Torture-The CIA & “Conservatives” Brought It Back”

Read Mike Church’s essay – God and Man at Richmond-Challenging the status quo of “separation of Church and State”


FOUNDERS PASS MEMBERS: PREP BETTER HAS BEEN UPDATED!  Learn how the Republican Party “evolved” from states rights promoters to states rights opponents between 1860 and 1874

PREP BETTER: Download the original text file of Ronald Reagan’s E.O. 12333 in this week’s Prep Better section for Founders Pass Members. Not a member? Signup today for .17¢ per day.

How would Patrick Henry handle our problems of ObamaCare & never-ending wars? Read a FREE chapter preview of Mike Church’s “Patrick Henry-American Statesman” for the Liberty or Death Patriot’s life-story

Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem, Good judges seek to increase (amplify) their jurisdiction

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