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“Truth is sacred; and if you tell the truth too often nobody will believe it.”-Chesterton
07 December 2017

Veritas et Sapientia – #MeToo’ers Could Use The Manly Virtues of Saint Terese

Mandeville, LA – “If I’m not loved, that’s just too bad! I tell the whole truth, and if anyone doesn’t wish to know the truth, let her not come looking for me. We should never allow kindness to degenerate into weakness. When we have scolded someone with just reason, we must leave the matter there, without allowing ourselves to be touched to the point of tormenting ourselves for having caused pain or at seeing one suffer and cry. To run after the afflicted one, to console her, does more harm than good. Leaving her to herself forces her to have recourse to God, in order to see her faults and humble herself.” – The Story of A Soul, Saint Terese of Lisieux

Saint Terese is the focus of our “Have Yourself a Terry Little Christmas” promotion.

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