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Popes Pius X, XI And XII Would Vote To Deny Hillary-Satan The Presidency, Will You?

Do Catholics have a duty to vote against the Hillary/Satan ticket this November? Pope Pius X, XI and XII say “yes”.

by Mike Church

UPDATE, 19 October, 2016: New polling shows that Roman Catholics, in vast numbers, are about to commit acts of Mortal Sin and co-operate withe the evil that is Mrs. Clinton. The responsibility for the ensuing holocaust lies squarely on the souls of the USCCB and Prelates who have refused their duty to explain what THREE POPES, in the last century, have plainly and inerrantly taught about this. PLEASE share the following with all your Catholic friends and family members, Mrs. Clinton cannot win the White House without their votes. This is an in-progress scandal of epic-diabolical proportions.


mikechurchMandeville, LA – After the latest WikiLeak revelations, what other choice IS THERE for Catholics but to oppose Hillary & Podesta et al by helping elect the alternative? Before you unleash a Howitzer barrage against the “falsity of this being a binary choice” (which I acknowledge) let me explain. Given the stakes, the logic that someone other than Trump stops Clinton/Hades is illogical but admittedly possible. If you want to gain a Pyrrhic victory by chasing the “non-binary” status of the contest, please proceed. I write here in the first person and have no pretension those without Good Will, will follow. Now, what is at stake? For starters, look at who Trump’s enemies have become:

•NY Times and all of major-market broadcast/print media.
•The Democrat National Party.
•The Republican Party.
•The United Nations.
•George Soros.
•Planned Parenthood (will spend $30 MILLION in NC FL & OH to cancel out Susan B Anthony List efforts).
•The USCCB who have refused their mandatory denouncement of Clinton/Satan and have instead accepted $202 MILLION in bribes from Obama.

Planned Parenthood is pridefully telling all who will listen that like the Sorcerer Sarumon in LOTR, an Orc army of little demon activists has been raised for the effort to keep killing babies:

“Planned Parenthood is mounting one of the largest door-to-door field campaigns of the 2016 election, working to persuade millions of voters to defeat the extremist, anti-abortion ticket of Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Its army of hundreds of paid staff and thousands of volunteers could tip the balance in as many as half-a-dozen swing states, where the Trump campaign barely counts field offices, much less a sophisticated ground game.”

This just reinforces what should be a well known fact: Mrs. Clinton is in the employ of Mammon and working tirelessly for the ruin of millions of souls who will commit the mortal sin of fornication needed to bring about pregnancies that can then be turned to abortions. At the internationally televised DNC she elevated to celebrity status, women who boasted of how they killed their babies. On numerous TV interviews, she has repeated with glee her “support for Roe v Wade” and then padded that crown of pitchforks with the cruelty of stating that until a fully gestated child, escapes their mother’s womb, “they have no constitutional rights under our legal system.” Here she is on The View, promising to seek near-birth abortions and defend them under Roe.

The Church’s teaching on this is as clear as can be and makes Mrs Clinton and her menacing presidency an enemy of the Church. We have that on good authority, on 10 March, 1948 Pope Pius XII ordered the Bishops in Italy, then fighting to escape communism:

“It is your right and duty to draw the attention of the faithful to the extraordinary importance of the coming elections and to the moral responsibility which follows from it for those who have the right to vote. In the present circumstances it is strictly obligatory for whoever has the right, man or woman, to take part in the elections.

He who abstains, particularly through indolence or cowardice commits thereby a grave sin, a mortal offense.

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Then there is the now confirmed revelation, thanks to Wikileaks, that the DNC and the Clinton campaign have tried to infiltrate then corrupt the Catholic Church since 2005. They have formed Catholic front groups for this purpose and are doing so to ply the Bishops to accept Hillary/Satan’s teaching on marriage, abortion, contraception and women priests. Sandy Newman, a Jew who is the founder of Voices for Progress wrote to Podesta:

“There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic Church.” Podesta, Hillary/Satan’s campaign chairman wrote back to Newman, assuring him the infiltration and corruption had already begun: “We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this. But I think it lacks the leadership to do so now. Likewise Catholics United. Like most Spring movements, I think this one will have to be bottom up,”

If that doesn’t make the entire Democrat Party, the DNC, the Clinton campaign, enemies to The Faith then what does? Pope Leo XIII, in Sapientiae christianae issued this maxim:

“In short, where the Church does not forbid taking part in public affairs, it is fit and proper to give support to men of acknowledged worth and who pledge themselves to serve well in the Catholic cause and in no way may it be allowed to prefer them such individuals as are hostile to religion.”


What this means is, at the least, a Catholic may not assist Mrs Clinton or any of the enemies of The Church identified and confirmed above. Some will stretch Leo’s maxim to read that it does not require a vote for Trump. This would be true if the intention of the hostile party were not known and if there was no correct intention known from another candidate. But we do know what Trump’s intention is when it comes to the teaching on abortion; and by the way, the enemy knows Trump’s intention too (see above). Pope Pius X in a letter sent to the Catholics of Spain, admonished them against not voting in the upcoming election because the Church and the state were in danger – periclitante religione aut republica – if the outcome benefitted evil. Catholics will wait in vain for Pope Francis or an American Bishop to issue such an edict but I believe the evidence shows that they should. Thus, not voting strategically, for the express purpose of stopping Clinton/Satan 2016, remains an interpretation. How ironic that the confusion caused by a lack of exerted ecclesiastic authority, may doom American Catholics to be ruled by the fruit of Protestantism, itself a product of the rejection of The Ecclesiastic Authority, the American Civil Religion.

But what of the duty a Catholic has to always bring Catholicity to their vocations both public and private, civil and personal. Surely there is a duty to protect human life from abortions wherever possible and from the debt obligations Mrs Clinton’s stated spending intentions will place upon at least 3 generations requires some action, right? While speaking to University Students of Catholic Action, in 1924, Pope Pius XI said the following:

“When politics lays hands upon the altar, then religion and the Church, and the Pope who represents her, not only are within their rights, but are doing their duty if they give guidance and direction; and Catholics have the right to demand these and the duty of following them.”

Any HONEST appraisal of THIS particular election contest, extinguishes the flame of “this is just another -most important election ever” because this one actually will affect tens of millions of souls, a few million who will pay with their lives.

We need to subdue our pride that we’re right about secession etc and deal with the very real, very evil threat right in front of us. Defeating the Clinton/Satan cabal is an imperative.

I am all in.

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