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Subsidiarity and Solidarity

There can be NO Christian society without BOTH of these.
People practice it even less!
The lack of subsidiarity and solidarity can be devastating.
HEADLINE: Subsidiarity and Solidarity – Not Necessarily What You Think They Are by Msgr. Charles Pope (from 2012)

Mike gives example of solidarity  with the Crusade Channel and a listener to another person he knows. Joining the 2 to help BOTH out.
EXAMPLE: The young apprentice at a welding job –
Instead lead by example and hope that people want to stay with the one that has shown the open door.
According to Church teaching – Subsidiarity – “but the human person is and ought to be the principle, the subject and the end of all social institutions.”
Top down solutions – problems handled at the lowest level possible.
Back at the Old Station in the Old Country, we used to say little [r] repbulicanism.
QUESTION: How do you solve a simple problem?
From the Mike Church Show Chatroom: There are three components of Catholic Social Justice: Authority, Solidarity and Subsidiarity. Solidarity, is simply the idea that there is a common good that must be kept in mind in all of economic activity. It is best to understand the concept in a dynamic relationship with the other two, Authority and Subsidiarity. It is not, strictly speaking, an economic concept, but rather how a society should be organized.
The principle of solidarity – for pure profit and selfish gain, he must say no. (in Mike’s example)
Solidarity: It is less restrictive and more proscriptive. In short we are to see everyone as our brother or sister and be prepared to stand with them for a more just social order. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
“In all cases we are called to know and love our brethren more.”
“Solidarity implies above all else, a relationship. It is more than writing checks or making occasional protests. It is coming to know others and sharing their hardships as well as their joys. It is also sharing our hardships and joys with others.”
Everyone wants to share the ‘joys’ with you but they are unwilling to share in the sorrows.
This is a MAJOR issue with our current society.
“Catholics do well to exercise care in their use, and to grow in a deeper understanding that Catholicism is not easily reduced to simple one-liners.”

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