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[r]epublican Challenge #1 – Fathers In 25 Minutes You Can Change The World

[r]epublican Challenge #1

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Mandeville, LA – To my brothers who are fathers and to my sisters who are married to fathers, the time has come to stop our neurotic bellyaching over the rotten features of our politics and the rotten culture that creates the politicians.

UPDATE 07:59 p.m., MondayLooks like 11,225 of you [Facebook Fans] are having a “case of the ‘moowondays’ “; there was but 1 taker on my [r]epublican Challenge #1, issued below and to 4,932 on my “[Facebook] Friend” list next door; to 19, 913 on the Twitter feed and on the World Wide Web. Of course how can lousy appeals to the Virtues of Fatherhood compete with new MTV shows featuring wonderfully parented siblings, induced to incest, for Time Warner riches….. *sigh* Oh, look, a squirrel!

I CHALLENGE EACH OF YOU: Spend 25 minutes watching and listening to this Father’s Day monologue and become inspired to do what is needed to own up to our responsibility to shape the future by doing a better job of what God put us on this Earth to do: Be good Fathers and get our wives and children to heaven.

Instructions to accept Mike’s Challenge: Watch/listen to the video then leave your “Challenge accepted/completed with comments below.

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34 Responses
  1. jacartella

    I accept the challenge, sir. Thank you for posting this. I need to revisit this video from time to time – it was very powerful and I wish that more of our priests would give this kind of sermon.

  2. David Gephart

    Thanks for bringing this challenge to all of us, Mr. Church. It is something that is touched upon at the church I attend but isn’t emphasized nearly often nor strongly enough. Of course I have accepted the challenge and I will fight with all the strength and determination that Almighty God has blessed me with to ensure that my 2 sons are raised to become respectful, God fearing young gentlemen and that they would hand down what they have learned from me to their children.

  3. Alex Challmes

    Accepted. Actually the challenge was accepted 21 months ago when wife told me she was pregnant. Of all the thoughts going through my head, the biggest fear was wondering if I could rise to the occasion. Mason (named after George Mason) turned 1 two weeks ago and the fear of raising him to be a man is still with me. Thank you for this video.

  4. Craig Silverman

    Dear Mike,    

    So often we are all witness wayward fathers too quick to judge and too slow to reflect. Too quick to demand compliance and too slow to explain the justifications of humility, grace, and sanctity necessary for that compliance. I am not their Lord and I do not judge them for this transgression although I weep in empathy with that child for the want of guidance, boundaries, and articulated structure. Listening to this sermon, for me, was as though a warm blanket of validation from GD had settled on my spirit. Reminding me of ideas forgotten, not yet tried, or presently utilized. My daughter receives in me and my wife our time, attention, and is spoken to as an adult. She may not fully understand now but the foundation will provide her a ‘fortress of solitude’ from which she may glean wisdom from in the future. Challenge accepted and a most Noble effort Mike.


    Craig Silverman

  5. Jason

    Mr. Church, I caught but a second of your mentioning of this challenge on air this morning, but something kept gnawing on me to go to your website and figure out what it was. I have three boys who I consider gifts directly from the Almighty, though my actions sometimes fall short. This video was a stark reminder of where I need to improve as a father as well as a needed encouragement that I cannot be a perfect father. Thankfully, we all have a perfect Father already. Thanks for sharing and thanks for refocusing me!! God bless.

  6. David Shelton

    I am first, a child of God; second, a devoted husband and father of four; third, a grandfather of 2 little sweethearts. My God entrusted me with 3 gifts: faith, hope, and love. I say “entrusted” because these gifts, and their rewards, must be guarded against corruption, and shared by instruction and example with my family. They are the brilliance of the light, the thanks of each prayer, and the foundation of eternity.
    On the subject of my 4-year old grandson, my son and I were recently discussing “education”. It quickly became apparent to me that my son was focused on the “industry of public education”. I reminded him that education involves the soul as well as the body and mind, and that my grandchildren belonged to him through God, not the “education industry”: that he was charged by God to instruct the virtues instructed by Jesus, and that these instruction are Devine and superior to all that Man can imagine (except for calculus, which not even The Lord understands…couldn’t resist).
    Our discussion of “God’s foundation” and life-long education continues…
    As for Fatherhood, faith armors me to lead, hope feeds my resolve, and love guides my active conviction. I accept God’s challenge in all that I do.
    P.S. Thank you for being on “the wall”, particularly because some how you got the early morning duty…Thank Heaven for On Demand!

  7. mforgette

    So true. Sometime common sense is not so common. My children, 2 girls, are grown now (27 and 30) and they indeed show my sense of values. It’s something to behold as we get older, to see the fruits of your labor turn out as you always hoped for. I now am focused on the grandchildren to help with their quest for “common sense and good values”. It doesn’t take a village to raise good kids…just the will to do it right.

  8. Keith Bergstresser

    Challenge accepted. On a side note, Mike, when I started listening, it reminded me of something my church put out in the mid 90s called Family: A Proclamation to the World. The difference is that the document my church released is focused mainly on the parents/husbands and wives. I loved this clip.

  9. Samuel G.

    Accepted! My daughter is 8 months old and God willing #2 will be on the way soon. I am fortunate enough to have a Godly father who raised me witb a logical and spiritual mind. Thank God for him and for you Mr. Church, keep up the good fight sir. God Bless!

  10. CJ

    Great video, Mike. Challenge accepted. Father of a 14-month old daughter here and always looking for advice, guidance, etc. I value every minute with her and find myself worrying about the future that lays ahead for her – both the mess our ‘representatives’ are leaving us and also with a society that seems to get more rude and crude as time goes by.

    I just cannot fathom those men who willingly abandon their children. I understand sometimes outside factors play a role (work, military, divorce, etc.) but no man should willingly discard/forget their children. I have seen it happen with friends/acquaintances, but bothers me even more now that I have a little one.

    I hope my little one grows up to have Faith, a strong sense of right and wrong, good manners, a strong work ethic, and a good sense of humor. I feel that today’s youth cannot lose with that combination.

    1. TheKingDude

      CJ, that is great to hear! Please forward the challenge to as many as you think are in need of it. Father Wolfe, who gave that sermon, can help all of us get our bearings straight in raising children to pursue sanctifying grace. It is most important though, especially for girls, when they are young. I think your daughter has a great life ahead of her with a humble and responsible father like you.

  11. Clay F Broyles

    Accepted and lived. To God be the glory. Thanks to you sir for all your work and dedication, bless you and you are a blessing for me, in Christ’s name.

  12. Hart Merriam

    75-65-45 – I knew the stats were bad, but had not idea they were that bad. I have raised my two boys in much the way that Priest describes. I was fortunate to spend many, many hours, days, and weekends with my sons experiencing Scouting. You learn integrity, reverence, loyalty, service, many of the ideals you espouse on your show. My sons are not perfect, but I believe they will bring up their kids in much the same manner. I love them to death and I tell them regularly. Dads don’t tell their kids “I Love You” enough.

    I am involved with a Men’s Ministry at church. I will share this video with every young father I meet. I will recommend the two books highlighted in the video. I will mentor those that are willing to be mentored. That is my commitment to attempting to address 75-65-45.

    God Bless!

  13. jrn125


    Challenge is accepted and each day I look at how I can be a better father and husband. Thanks to you along with my uncovered or revitalized passion for history and civics I have you to be grateful to for wanting more for the children I am helping raise with the assistance of my wonderful wife.

    Your scholarly approach to the many facets of life you share on your show and sage advice have helped, along with God, make me a better person, patriot, friend, brother, son, husband, Christian and father. I am nowhere close to where I believe God wants me to be but so much further ahead in my journey to being that person God intended simply because I found your show a few years ago.

    Thank you sir.

    1. TheKingDude

      A life spent becoming “a better person, patriot, friend, brother, son, husband, Christian and father” is a well-lived life, what else is there other than pursuing a religious order? Thanks for posting.

  14. Joe G.

    Mr. Church. As my two boys have become men and moved out I am somewhat late for the challenge. ..however…that is a fantastic service you have presented and I believe any real MAN should accept this challenge. I WILL instead continue to support, encourage, and do all I can for my adult sons and also to be a good grandpa to their children, which in many respects is nearly as important as the role of the parents. I encourage the older people like myself to be involved with their grandchildren so they not only have good parenting but see that it IS a tradition in their families. Now if only another hundred million men would accept your challenge we would pretty much eliminate the “gubmint” problem within a generation. If MEN were busy doing what they SHOULD be doing the corruption would be gone. Thanks again for all you do for us.

  15. Stmykearchangel

    Challenge accepted, my wife and I are adopting a son, he will be born 2-3 weeks. I’ve listened to this Priest numerous times and he always has an excellent sermon and with my little one coming soon this hits home. I’m also very blessed to have a traditional Catholic parish nearby.

    1. TheKingDude

      Adoption is such a wonderful answer to the abortion mill. Catholic teaching touches on the conditions of committing sin and how a remote occasion is still sinful, meaning if your actions cause someone to engage in mortal sin you bear some responsibility. In agreeing to an adoption you have helped PREVENT a mortal sin, murder, and are making more of a positive difference than you may know. Thanks for posting, send us pics of the baby!

  16. Robert Leach

    Accepted. I am eternally grateful for your stand as a Christian. As a father of two so far, I am constantly searching for God’s guidance. Thank you for being a voice of truth.

    Kelly Leach

  17. Hugh Williamson

    Your Noble Challenge is embraced with renewed enthusiasm! I strongly encourage men to listen/read more of Steve Woods’ material on Christian Fatherhood: He is first man that Father quotes from in his homily.
    This is the most important issue on Earth. Christian Fatherhood is more powerful than any policy or program.
    Viva Cristo Rey!

  18. Scott

    Accepted and completed. I heard you several years ago mention the job of a father and husband for the first time and it really resonated with me even though at that time I didn’t have any children (but had made mistakes in my marriage, which I still daily remember and try to make amends for). I now have a 3 year old son and my wife is expecting a girl the day after Thanksgiving; I’m completely dedicated to being the best husband and father I can be so thank you very much for posting this sermon – reminders never hurt!

  19. David Bosma

    Challenge accepted. It is our job to love our wives as Christ loved the church. In striving to do so our children will see Christ in us.
    I fearfully pray everyday for God’s help in being that example for my wife and children. As well as those others who may see it as well. Thank you Miter Church. This is why I listen to you in the morning.

  20. Jack Insley

    Wow! I have accepted your challenge! Thank you! I find I have a great deal of work to do to get my job done right! Thank you for the reminder and the help. I am challenged to be more Godly and prayerful as a good model for my son. I will pass your challenge along to my friends and colleagues.

  21. BK Griffith

    As a man who has raised two step children to the best of my known ability, I accept this to aid my journey of being a better man for what has been gifted me, two wonderful grandsons.

  22. Steve

    Mike, this is far too deep for the masses…even your masses.

    I have heard this sermon before. It’s terrific. I would take it even a step further…if you send your child to others ( ie the State) for their education….you aren’t being their for your child.

    Homeschooling can change the world.

  23. jason mayfield

    King Dude, Brotherfromanothermotherus, Teacher,

    Challenge accepted. I also took the liberty to pass this challenge to another fine young gentleman who is struggling with his faith and role as a father. Thank you for the help in reminding me of my primary purpose.

    As for my own path; last year I was teaching my eleven year old step-daughter to prepare and cook dinner while she was reading the entire Gospel of St. Mathew aloud. I hope this year to do the same with more of the Good Book. Hopefully the seed will take and she will become a good cook.

    jason mayfield
    a member of the little A[r]my

    1. TheKingDude

      Good, the challenge needs to be taken on like it is The Hunger Games. The numbers we should heed: 75, 65, 45 the African American, Hispanic and White women’s rate of giving illegitimate birth in 2010. Where are all the young, responsible men?!

      1. John waters

        I’m not a father yet, however I’m am working on a good solid game plan to do just that. Your a fantastic role model, neighbor and and one hell of a patriot for christ. I accept your challenge till the day I lay breathless at my savios feet.

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