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The Mike Church Show World HQ

DECEPTICONNED-And so it begins, Romney Ron Paul’s plan would “cost a lot of people their jobs”

DECEPTICONNED: And so it begins: Romney begins the long, predictable process of informing the country that deficit spending “grows the economy” and Ron Paul’s plan would “cost a lot of people their jobs” ” “My job is to get America back on track to have a balanced budget. Now I’m not going to cut $1 trillion in the first year” The Paul “Restore America” plan is here

“My job is to get America back on track to have a balanced budget. Now I’m not going to cut $1 trillion in the first year” – Mitt Romney to Ron Paul supporters in Cleveland, OH

Tis Official: NC seizes its sovereign rights under 10th Amendment (it had them BEFORE 10th) and votes to outlaw same sex marriages, we can hear the countdown for lawsuits to stop enforcement, heard by powerless Federal judge in 5,4,3,2….

Hopeless: USPO is losing $25 MILLION per day but wait, the USPO isn’t to blame-the nitwits in Congress will not ALLOW the closing of rural offices or laying off of unionized Postal Workers

3700 Post Offices Identified for closure by USPO-Congress refuses, Bill hasn’t even reached the Republican led floor

Slick Hilly dons librarian glasses, leaves Oil of Olay, Maybelline and Revlon unused then shows up “au natural” at presser to answer questions about her dishevelment

Larison: Why CAN’T Republicans run as [r]epublicans on foreign policy? Well like most things, its Ronald Reagan’s fault

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Blogger wonders what I wonder: Republicans, why so angry and macho all the time?

Dick Lugarasaurus goes down in flames to Tea Party upstart Mourdock, now let us see if Mourdock is a McCain/Graham or a Paul/Lee

DeceptiCONS & Libtardians both wrong on extending student loan interest rates: SELL the loans to a LOAN company and let THEM set the rate (it’s called a loans “market”)

NRO’s Trinko: Here is WHAT Ron Paul’s campaign is up to-getting enough state delegations to be nominated from the convention floor in August (he needs 5 states for 1st ballot)

Wow, you mean to tell me the Panty Bomber Pt II was actually a SPY and not a member of an invasion/occupying force of 180,000 soldiers!?

Idiocracy: Elizabeth Warren-the double agent for the Cherokee nation and the SEC-turns out to be a descendant of the militia that started the Trail of Tears!

Why are Europeans going for all these fake “austerity measures” that really turn out to be throwing bailout paper at central banks and corrupt governments? (this is going to end ugly)

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